Outlaw Karts by Gary Jacob..Red Bluff, CA…Jan 7…After timing in 17th quick and running second in his heat race, new Open Outlaw kart racer Derek O'Bannon raced to the A Main feature win Saturday night as the Red Bluff Indoor Winter Season opened the 2006 portion of their schedule after a two week break for the holidays. Tyler McCain ran second, but gained little ground on point leader Tyler Wolf as Wolf finished third. Wolf holds a 25 point lead on T McCain as he tried to follow up his Cycleland championship with a Red Bluff title. Pete Johnston was fourth. After being third quick, second in the dash and third in his heat, Keith Bloom Jr got the win he wanted in the Open Intermediate A Main. The second ranked driver also gained little ground on the point leader as Mason Moore ran second and still holds a 21 point lead over Bloom. Jake Park finished third ahead of Andrew Cumpton. Third ranked Thomas Bruckenstein won the Intermediate A Main and the very tight three way duel for that title finds 10th place finisher Brian Southers with just a 5 point lead on third place finisher Colby Copeland and an 11 point margin on Bruckenstein. Kyle Larson got another chance to race his 250 as he subbed for Oregon's Dylan Pemberton and finished second behind Bruckenstein after earlier winning the dash. Cycleland Pro Box Stock champion Casey McClain also stayed in title contention in the Box Stocks with a near perfect night. He turned quick time, ran second to point leader Kellcy Bell in the dash, second to Mason Millard in his heat and won the feature action. Previous race winner Cameron Bartlett was second in the main event ahead of Jake Morgan and Tyler Seavey. With a 5th place run, K Bell emerged with a 9 point lead on Bartlett and 18 ahead of 14th place finisher Logan Seavey. McClain is fourth, 25 points behind the leader. Chico's Bryce Acquistapace got his second Beginner Box Stock A Main win. Point runnerup Chase Majdic ran second ahead of Jesse James Colwell. Richie Carrel was fourth and came out of the night just 7 points ahead of Majdic. Third ranked Devin Lee ran fifth and stands just 34 points out of the lead. Paul Baker's season got off to a late start, but he continues to make up for lost time as he raced to another feature win in the F200 class. Defending champion Kevin Acosta was second and Braedon Enos used a third place run to close within 9 points of point leader Alyssa Hogan. Hogan was 6th in the 10 kart field.  Microsoft officials were on hand to provide hats to the Dash winners that said "Microsoft Real Heros Grass Roots Motorsports Sponosorship Program" and Impact Racing gave racing shoes to the A Main event winners.

           Brett Miller was fastest of the 50 Open Outlaws with a 8.408 clocking. That easily paced the 8.626 for Michael Tarter. A work commitment forced Johnston to miss time trials, but the busy Larson put him in the dash by clocking in at 8.629 as a sub. David Fowler returned for the first time this season and ranked fourth ahead of Beau Perkins and Wolf. Perkins won the dash from the front row over Johnston and last starting B Miller. As always, the take two format for the five heat races provided for intense action. Female ace Reyna Krueger won heat 1 over Wolf and B Miller. T McCain outraced O'Bannon and M Tarter in heat 2. The new indoor track in Medford has kept Chadd Noland away from the Red Bluff action this winter, but he returned to win heat 3 over Kevin Sharrah and Daniel Becker. Michael Hubert III outraced Sean Becker and Justin Grant in heat 4. S Becker had to use a sub in the A Main as he left to attend the Golden State Challenge Series Awards Banquet where he picked up his championship hardware. S Becker's brother in law Scott Burgess won heat 5 ahead of Brent Hamilton and Oregon's Joe Weststeyn. Brandon Aldred was forced to start his night in the E Main, which he won ahead of Kevin Gaines and Kevin Juvenal. Oregon's Jason Mendenhall captured the D Main in front of the flying Aldred, David Tarter, Juvenal and Nic Helwig. The C Main found Bubba Hill on top as Steven Gannon ran second ahead of Cody Braund, Tyler Ritcheson and Michael Helwig. Fourteen karts dueled for those final five A Main starting slots in the B Main and M Tarter out dueled B Miller for that win. Johnston, Gannon  and dash winner Perkins also transferred. Just missing were Steven Rogers and J Weststeyn. O'Bannon held off the furious challenges of T McCain and Wolf to gain the A Main win. Johnston ran fourth ahead of 15th starting Perkins, M Hubert III, Hamilton, Krueger and Noland. Karl Pavlik Jr wheeled the S Becker kart and finished 14th. B Miller's 11th place run left him 43 points behind Wolf.

             Point leader Mason Moore was the quickest Open Intermediate as he paced a 21 kart turnout with a 8.380 lap. That easily  paced the 8.551 for Larson. Bloom ranked third at 8.586 and the dash field was rounded out by Michael Forslund, Garrett Mills and female racer Amanda Reinolds. Mills beat Bloom and Reinolds in the dash. This class transfers three karts each out of three heats and a basketball game commitment found Cumpton using Michael Hubert III as a sub. Hubert won the first heat for Cumpton ahead of Moore and Park. Derek Copeland edged Larson in heat 2 and Robert Marcos won heat 3 ahead of Kenny McArthur and Bloom. Alissa Geving raced her way into the feature with a B Main triumph ahead of Forslund, Mackena Bell, Mills, Daniel Thorson and Matthew Davis. Bloom ended the night with the A Main victory ahead of Moore, Park, Cumpton, Larson, Dillon Silverman, Mills, M Bell, Marcos, McArthur and Geving. Larson is third in points, 29 behind Moore and just 26 ahead of Mills. Silverman stands fifth.

            The Intermediate class combines the 125s and the 250s and had a solid 30 kart turnout. Max Adams was quickest at 8.683 and C Copeland ran a 8.743. Larson subbed for Pemberton with a  8.767 and the dash was rounded out by Kenny Allen, Southers and previous race winner Josh Keheley. Larson came from 4th to win the dash over Southers and C Copeland. Again, three transfers each from three heats with Nicholas Bellamy getting the first heat win over Justyn Cox and Oregon's Seth Nunes. Chase Hill edged out Bruckenstein in heat 2 with Southers third. Shane Graham also needed an early day sub due to basketball and Moore raced to the heat 3 win for him ahead of Larson and Jesse Hornbrook. Keheley had to start in the C Main and the Medford champion raced to the win ahead of Mallorie McGahan, Jeremy Andreason and Danny Andreason. C Copeland captured the B Main ahead of fast timer Adams, Allen, Tyler Taylor and the disappointed Keheley as only four transferred. Young Jacob Miller ran sixth. Bruckenstein and Larson staged another of their patented duels with Bruckenstein winning the A Main ahead of Larson, C Copeland, Cox, C Hill, Allen, Nunes and Graham. Southers was 10th behind Hornbrook. Adams lost ground in the point race with a 12th that left him 61 points out of the lead.

              McClain was the quickest of 28 Box Stocks with his 9.477 lap. He had been given a chance to wheel the Tyler Reddick kart in the previous week's race in Lakeport. His time easily beat the 9.634 for L Seavey and Tyler Seavey slipped into third with a 9.682. Eureka's Brandon White ranked fourth at 9.690 with K Bell and Morgan also making the dash grid. The quickest 11 were all in the 9's. K Bell won the dash from the front row over last starter McClain and T Seavey. Because of their clean racing, this class is allowed to start 16 karts in the A Main so four karts each transfer from three heat races. Bartlett beat McClain and David Lee in heat 1. Nevada's Mason Millard won heat 2 over Zachary Heinz and K Bell. James Edens from Santa Rosa was the heat 3 winner ahead of Nevada's Tanner Thorson and Morgan. Four more transfers come from the B Main and Wesley Dougherty beat Nevada female racer Jennifer Purcell, L Seavey and Keyler Heinze. Taylor Baker and Tony Rossi just missed the move up. McClain was impressive in his feature win as Bartlett ran second ahead of Morgan, T Seavey, K Bell, Lain Baker, Kyle Tellstrom, Edens, M Millard and Purcell. T Seavey is fifth in points, just 3 behind McClain and 26 ahead of last place finisher T Thorson.

          For the first time, Michael Call set quick time in the Beginner Box Stocks as his 11.330 lap paced a big 30 kart field. Majdic ran a 11.373 for second and Devin Lee posted a 11.406. That just nipped the 11.407 for Carrel with Brian Hubert and a returning Samantha Schultz also in the dash. Nevada's Schultz posted the dash win over Devin Lee and B Hubert. Because this class only runs 12 karts in the A Main, just two karts transfer from each heat. Brian McGahan Jr beat Colwell in heat 1 and Majdic outraced Katina Baker in heat 2. Devin Lee won heat 3 over Acquistapace and Carrel beat newcomer Justin Bradway in heat 4. Jessica Chambers won the C Main in front of Colby  Cates, Jake VanBoekel and Morgan Sandhagen. Call was forced to run the B Main and the fast timer won ahead of Zachary Rushing, Carley Dougherty, Taylor Matson and Chambers. Acquistapace had to hold off the best to gain his second A Main win as Majdic ran second ahead of Colwell, Carrel, Devin Lee and Call. K Baker was 7th ahead of Rushing and C Dougherty. With an 11th in the B Main, fourth ranked B Hubert saw his advantage slip to just 12 points over Call and 17 ahead of Colwell.

              Female racer Hogan was quickest of the ten F200s with a 10.129 lap. P Baker ran 10.318 and Acosta a 10.378. Enos ranked fourth. Enos won the dash from third ahead of Acosta and Hogan. The larger field allowed two heats and Acosta won the first ahead of Hogan with Enos outracing talented rookie Vic Hannan in heat 2. Baker won the feature honors ahead of Acosta, Enos, Cody Smith, Hannan, Hogan and Chad Humbree. Smith is just 7 points up on Hannan in their duel for third in points.

           Jan 14th is the annual Perpetual Trophy night as the A Main winners are rewarded with one year's possession of a six foot tall trophy. It is also the final January event for Red Bluff as the annual Bull Sale occupies the arena for the remainder of the month.

Summary F200 Fast Time-Alyssa Hogan 10.129 Dash-Braedon Enos, Kevin Acosta, Hogan, Paul Baker, Vic Hannan, Cody Smith. Heat 1-Acosta, Hogan, Smith, Todd Matson, Robert Nobriga. Heat 2-Enos, Hannan, Baker, Chad Humbree, Dan Fanslee. Main-Baker, Acosta, Enos, Smith, Hannan, Hogan, Humbree, Nobriga, Fanslee, Todd Matson. Beginner Box Stock Fast Time-Michael Call 11.330 Dash-Samantha Schultz, Devin Lee, Brian Hubert, Richie Carrel, Chase Majdic, Call. Heat 1-Brian McGahan Jr, Jesse James Colwell, B Hubert, Call, Morgan Sandhagen. Heat 2-Majdic, Katina Baker,  Schultz, Cory Combs, Jake VanBoekel. Heat 3-Devin Lee, Bryce Acquistapace, Zachary Rushing, Taylor Matson, Tucker Donnelly. Heat 4-Carrel, Justin Bradway, Jarrett Gillingwater, Carley Dougherty, Jessica Chambers. C Main-Chambers, Colby Cates, VanBoekel, M Sandhagen, James Baker, Tucker Donnelly, Michael Helwig, Brad Hysell, Colton Able, Jessica Baker. B Main-Call, Rushing, C Dougherty, Taylor Matson, Chambers, J Gillingwater, Combs, VanBoekel, M Sandhagen, Schultz. A Main-Acquistapace, Majdic, Colwell, Carrel, Devin Lee, Call, K Baker, Rushing, C Dougherty, Taylor Matson, Bradway, McGahan Jr. Box Stock Fast Time-Casey McClain 9.477 Dash-Kellcy Bell, McClain, Tyler Seavey, Logan Seavey, Brandon White, Jake Morgan. Heat 1-Cameron Bartlett, McClain, David Lee, Lain Baker, Wesley Dougherty. Heat 2-Mason Millard, Zachary Heinz, K Bell, Kyle Tellstrom, Jennifer Purcell. Heat 3-James Edens, Tanner Thorson, Morgan, T Seavey, Reilly Gillingwater. B Main-W Dougherty, Purcell, L Seavey, Keyler Heinze, Taylor Baker, Tony Rossi, Alyssa Heathcoat, Tanner Thomson, Tanner Donnelly, Britney White. A Main-McClain, Bartlett, Morgan, T Seavey, K Bell, L Baker, Tellstrom, Edens, M Millard, Purcell, David Lee, W Dougherty, Heinz, L Seavey, Heinze, T Thorson. Intermediate Fast Time-Max Adams 8.683 Dash-Kyle Larson, Brian Southers, Colby Copeland, Kenny Allen, Adams, Josh Keheley. Heat 1-Nicholas Bellamy, Justyn Cox, Seth Nunes, Allen, Cameron Millard. Heat 2-Chase Hill, Thomas Bruckenstein, Southers, Jason Mittry, R J Johnson. Heat 3-Mason Moore, Larson, Jesse Hornbrook, Tyler Reddick, Jacob Miller. C Main-Keheley, Mallorie McGahan, Jeremy Andreason, Danny Andreason, Stephanie Yannazzo, Brannen Franco, Wyatt Pruitt, Jonathan Hoheisel, Garry Burdick, Will Laskowsky. B Main-C Copeland, Adams, Allen, Tyler Taylor, Keheley, J Miller, M McGahan, D Andreason, J Andreason, R J Johnson. A Main-Bruckenstein, Larson, C Copeland, Cox, C Hill, Allen, Nunes, Shane Graham, Hornbrook, Southers, N Bellamy, Adams, Taylor. Open Intermediate Fast Time-Mason Moore 8.380 Dash-Garrett Mills, Keith Bloom Jr, Amanda Reinolds, Kyle Larson, Moore, Michael Forslund. Heat 1-Michael Hubert III, Moore, Jake Park, Brad Patchen, Forslund. Heat 2-Derek Copeland, Larson, Dillon Silverman, Matthew Davis, Daniel Thorson. Heat 3-Robert Marcos, Kenny McArthur, Bloom, Reinolds, Mackena Bell. B Main-Alissa Geving, Forslund, M Bell, Garrett Mills, D Thorson, Davis, Ryan Gomes, Tyler Woods, Leana Kenyon, Nick Larsen. A Main-Bloom, Moore, Park, Andrew Cumpton, Larson, Silverman, Mills, M Bell, Marcos, McArthur, Geving, Forslund, D Copeland. Open Outlaw Fast Time-Brett Miller 8.408 Dash-Beau Perkins, Pete Johnston, B Miller, Michael Tarter, Tyler Wolf, David Fowler. Heat 1-Reyna Krueger, Wolf, B Miller, Scott Morton, Michael Helwig. Heat 2-Tyler McCain, Derek O'Bannon, M Tarter, Steven Rogers, Bubba Hill. Heat 3-Chadd Noland, Kevin Sharrah, Daniel Becker, Johnston, Cody Braund. Heat 4-Michael Hubert III, Sean Becker, Justin Grant, Greg Yannazzo, Fowler. Heat 5-Scott Burgess, Brent Hamilton, Joe Weststeyn, Perkins, Jerry Johnson. E Main-Brandon Aldred, Kevin Gaines, Kevin Juvenal, Chris Marquis, David Engstrom, Emalee Ramirez. D Main-Jason Mendenhall, Aldred, David Tarter, Juvenal, Nic Helwig, Kevin Grey, Mark Porter, Marquis, Gaines, Richard Weststeyn. C Main-B Hill, Steven Gannon, Braund, Tyler Ritcheson, M Helwig, Juvenal, Johnson, John Michael Bunch, Aldred, Dean Bare. B Main-M Tarter, B Miller, Johnston, Gannon, Perkins, Rogers, J Weststeyn, Morton, D Becker, Braund. A Main-O'Bannon, T McCain, Wolf, Johnston, Perkins, M Hubert III, Hamilton, Krueger, Noland, Burgess, B Miller, Gannon, M Tarter, Karl Pavlik Jr, Sharrah.