PRESS RELEASE: Red Bluff, California, Bob & Pat Carrel of BC Promotions, announce their retirement from the Red Bluff Outlaw Sprint Kart Series.

The Red Bluff Outlaw Sprint Kart Racing series celebrated their 30th anniversary of racing at the Tehama District Fairgrounds. The Series which was founded and developed by Bob & Pat Carrel has run consecutively since 1979. Bob & Pat made their announcement to the racing body during the 2009 / 2010 awards banquet.

With an emotional and heartfelt speech, Bob related the following to their racing family, “As we celebrate here today our 30th anniversary of racing, Pat and I just would like to say how delighted we are in knowing and working with all of you over the years.

When we first started this program we never dreamt that it would grow such as it has and over the years It has been extremely gratifying to see the young racers coming through, working their way up the ranks, moving on in the racing industry to racing carriers in Nascar and other professional organizations.

"In the 30 years Pat and I have been here, we have shared many moments of joy and satisfaction interacting with you the racers and all the families that we have met over the years, we feel we have gained so many friends and have established so very many great relationships that we shall treasure forever.

"So it is with somewhat of a heavy heart, in this moment which is bitter-sweet, we are announcing that we have decided that it’s time that we step back and take time out to pursue some of the things that we want to do. We feel it’s time for new blood to embrace this racing, with young new enthusiasm and devotion to carry its torch in to the future.

"We are very happy to announce that after having spoken to our daughter Theresa and Son in-law Ali Abbassi, we have decided to appoint Ali Abbassi as the new CEO of BC Promotions, overseeing and directing all day to day business and programming of the company. We are confident that with their experience and determination, they shall maintain the excellence in our sport of racing. Pat and I will continue to help with development and consulting. We look forward to come to the races and sit beside you in the stands to cheer for our champions.”

In a brief message, Ali Abbassi addressed the racing body, expressing his respect and admiration for Bob and Pat and their insatiable appetite for excellence in performance and having made extraordinary achievement over the years, not only invented the Winged Kart concept, but also in meticulous precise development, nurturing of the racing series.

Ali Abbassi also expressed Theresa and his dedication in continuing the racing tradition of maintaining a family orientated program that is fun and rewarding for the racing family and is built on a platform of professionalism, dedication and above all integrity. For comments and questions, you can reach Ali Abbassi at 530.567.5286 or e-mail