In anticipation of the upcoming season 108 drivers towed into Red Bluff to check out the new track, and for many to get behind the wheel of a kart for the first time and drive the fabled bullring. 

To the delight of the new promoter, Ali Abbassi, and his staff there were an astounding 28 Beginner Box Stock Drivers who registered, and that was just on a Play Day !  Many of these youngsters had never been in a kart before and made the special trip to attend the 4th annual Beginner's Clinic, a 2 hour introduction to both racing, and specifically the rules and regulations of the 31 year old dirt racing series. 

This introductory course isn't only for the young drivers, but for their parents, pit crew and fans as well.  The time is divided into a group introduction which includes adults and kids. Then the kids are taken for a special tour of the actual track where they are taught what is expected during an actual race, and all about flags, hand signals and ettiqutte.  They even run a foot race to simulate how they will drive on the track.  Meanwhile the parents are instructed on some of the finer points of having a successfull and enjoyable experience in this fantastic sport.  There is a question and answer session for both groups and then each of the young participants is awarded a Certificate of Completion and gets their photo take with the Promoter.

Here's list of the Beginner's Clinic Participants

Savannah Heath #23H Adrianna Allen #32 Lexi Raudman #92
Gavin Cate #07 Tanner Petit #24P Solomon Fogde #26
Alex Amador #26L Maxx Amador #22 Nicholas Perrin #3C
Cale Cunial #22B Cole Cunial #22A Kolby Juarez #55
Jayden Varsalona #7 Stone Kleeber  #14 Carsen Perkins #35
Skyler Cole #49 Tanner Holmes #18T Payton Gebhart #7P
Jayden Bartlett #81 Blake Carrick #21B Justin McIntosh #45
Kyle Pendergrass #66 Dylan Rocha #56 Nicole Dougherty #13
David Stroud #88 Carson Maasen #86J Brayden Williams #77
Elijah Braund #75 Adrianne Harvey Thomas Pavlik
Carter Able #81    

One of the most amazing things about this sport is how it is truly a Family Activity, and in fact the sport has now spanned generations of drivers.  New to the program are the kids of racers who have raced the series for as long as the last 25 years ! – Making their debut were Carsen Perkins, son of Beau Perkins, one of the longest consecutive running drivers.  Tanner Petit, son of Jimmy Petit – former Outlaw and now Spec Sprint Champion, donned the #24 suit and kart to follow in dad's footsteps.  Also new to the sport was Brandon Williams' (Sportsman Division) Brayden.  Continuing the Pendergrass tradition of racing the Outlaws was Kyle Pendergrass who is making this his second year of racing with the series. Likewise were Lexi Raudman, Dylan Rocha, Thomas Pavlik, Gavin Cate and Elijah Braund.

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Next week the 31st running of the Indoor Winter Series will commence and the action will be spectacular.