Greeting RBO; as the 2019-2020 Winter Championship Series season opener Race/play day is fast approaching we just wanted to drop a note to let you know our website is up to date and season pass are available on line. For those of you would like to re-assign you parking pit spots, you may do so now. And also, to remind you of some of the pertinent points to observe. A detailed play day schedule will be posted on line soon.

  • Please Join us in welcoming new promoters Brandon and Kasey Williams.
  • All pit parking can be reserved on line now and must be by October 1st. All parking not secured by then will be open to the racing body for reservation.
  • Please be sure to read the rule book in its entirety and if you have questions call 530-567-5286. For an update rules package please visit
  • Please be sure your driver is age eligible for the class you are planning to run.
  • RaceCeiver one-way communication devise will be mandatory as standard equipment for all classes excluding the Beginner Box Stock(must have them on even during qualifying)
  • Beginner Box & Box stock must have a Briggs 206 motor with the factory Briggs security seal on it to run. Event for play day no exceptions. No other sealed motors will be allowed.
  • All Beginner Box Stockers must use the green slide with slide locked carburetors.
  • All classes must meet the noise requirement of 95 dba at 100’. If in doubt have us check you on play day.
  • Box Stock and 250 classes a new weight will be established after the first race when we weigh every one. You must meet the weight listed in the rule book coming in to the first race.
  • Track spec fuel must be purchased at the track and run. Empty tank and cans out of all you other stuff and leave it at home.
  • Burris Tiers only, no exceptions even on play day.
  • Minor releases will be required from everyone under the age of 18. Also, if you are new or have not submitted your minors birth certificate please bring a copy so we can put it on file.
  • To be eligible for point standing and parking reservation you must be a licensed driver.

You all have a wonderfully blessed weekend and we’ll see you all on play day. Please call if you have any questions what so ever.

 GOD Bless

NRA, Inc. team