WCN2013 260

The 2012/2013 season comes to a warp and marks its running in the history books. We salute our champions for the series as we are left with so many memories. Casey Hayward Jersey For many this was perhaps the most intense sensory experience they ever have. nike chaussure From the moment you walk into the race track facility you can hear it, you can smell it and most excitingly you can feel the rumble of Outlaw karts with a sound of fury and acceleration. Atlanta Hawks As so many drivers gathered from the beginning of the season, they all had one thing in common, a passion for performance and competition. Amari Cooper Alabama Crimson Tide Jersey And that was the driving force, the power behind their season long plan. So a big shout out to all the drivers who participated, the proverbial nuts behind the wheel, this has been a rich season for you all with down to the wire fights in each single race. Nike Air Huarache You all are truly a rare tire slayer extraordinaire.


Congratulation to all our champions;

No. Michael Jordan NCAA Jersey 60L RB Outlaw Beginner Box Stock Champion Landon Brooks

No. timberland for sale New Balance 515 mujer 18T RB Outlaw Box Stock Champion Tanner Holmes

No. 11 RB Outlaw 250 Int. nike roshe flyknit hombre Champion Michael Buddy Kofoid

No. Angel Pagan Jersey 23 RB Outlaw Sportsman Champion Demo Mittry

No. adidas nmd femme adidas superstar 80s homme 19 RB Outlaw Open Champion Keith Bloom/TW


For now, have a great summer racing season until we meet again in October for the 34th running or the Red Bluff Outlaws 2013/2014 Winter Series.

(Schedule will be posted soon.