Last week’s race was intense. As I recall, the next to last points race of the season always is, and the points are tight, you could tell that almost every driver on track was fighting to gain those all important points.

The night moved along at a fast pace.  The Beginner Box drove onto the track at 1pm to start their first qualifying session and all heat races and lower mains were completed by 4:55pm.

Only ten drivers showed up, in the Beginner Box Division, to qualify in the twelfth point’s race of the season.

Qualifying fast time of 11.244 was Clinton Andrego, the point’s leader.  Second through sixth was: Alexander Stepps, Makenna Gannon, Conner Mewhirter, Connor Grasty, and Tater Reich.  The dash was clean from start to finish with Tater Reich getting the win. Andrego started in the third row and moved his way up through the pack to finish second. Gannon finished third, Mewhirter fourth, Stepps fifth, and sixth was Grasty.

In heat one Chevy Schroer started on the pole and outside of him was Austin Anderson.  Connor Grasty and Makenna Gannon were in row two, and Clinton Andrego was in row three.  On lap one, coming out of turn four, Grasty got the lead. Before lap two was completed Andrego had moved his way up to second.  By lap four Andrego was battling Grasty for the lead, however, Grasty was able to hold on and get the win.  Finishing order behind him was Andrego, Schroer, Gannon, and Anderson.

In heat two Reed Whitney started on the pole, with Nathan Griffin to his outside.  In row two, Tater Reich, and Conner Mewhirter.  In row three, Alexander Stepps. Griffin got the lead out of turn one but coming out of turn four Mewhirter took the opportunity to get the lead with a slight bobble by Griffin. Reich and Griffin battled for a couple of laps for the second position with Reich coming out the victor.  Mewhirter moved his way through the field and got the win. Reich was second, Griffin was third, Stepps was fourth, and Whitney was fifth.

Reed Whitney brought the drivers to the green in the A Main, in the Beginner Box class, and to his outside was Chevy Schroer.  Rows two through five starters were: Nathan Griffin, Austin Anderson, Tater Reich, Connor Grasty, Conner Mewhirter, Makenna Gannon, Alexander Stepps, and Clinton Andrego.

On lap one Griffin got into the back of Whitney causing him to lose three positions. Coming out of turn three Whitney, Stepps, and Andrego brought out the caution.  Several laps later, Whitney spun out of turn two, bringing out the second caution. Anderson spun out of turn two with a few laps left, for the final caution.  Tater Reich got the win.  Finishing order behind Reich was: Mewhirter, Gannon, Andrego, Grasty, Stepps, Whitney, Schroer, Griffin, and Anderson.

Qualifying first with a time of 9.827 in the Box Stock Class was Raymond Baldez. The other trophy dash qualifiers were: Preston Carr, Trace Adams, Carson Raudman, Brody Armtrout, and Tyler Matheny.  Tyler Matheny brought the drivers to the green with Brody Armtrout to his outside.  As they passed the start/finish line Armtrout took the lead and led the race from the green to the checkered. Carr was second, Matheny third, Baldez was fourth, Raudman fifth, and Adams was sixth.

In heat one Alan Pyszora and Carson Souza started on the front row. Carson Raudman and Raymond Baldez were in row two. Rylinn Renaud and Trevor Grimes in row three and in row four was Emily Ing.

When Pyszora and Souza brought the drivers out of turn four Souza got the lead and held it until the drop of the checkered flag. Pyszora and Baldez battled for second and on the last lap coming out of turn four Baldez was able to make a clean pass around Pyszora for second. Behind Pyszora for fourth was Raudman, fifth was Renaud, sixth was Grimes, and seventh was Ing.

Maximos Mittry and Chance Grasty would bring the drivers out of turn four in heat two. Brody Armtrout and Preston Carr were in row two and in row three was Jace Lafferty and Carly Holmes.

Mittry and Carr battled lap after lap.  Carr was able to catch Mittry in the turns but wasn’t strong enough to pass on the straightaway’s.  Coming out of turn four, and to the white flag, Mittry got up high and it looked as if Carr was going to make the pass but wasn’t able to quite get around him, with Mittry getting the win and Carr coming in second.  Armtrout was third, Lafferty fourth, Grasty fifth, and sixth was Holmes.

Evan Gunderson and Hunter Mason brought heat three to the green flag.  Tyler Matheny and Trace Adams started in row two, and Tyler Fox and Sara Ramich started in row three.

As the drivers rounded turn four Gunderson and Adams got into the back of Mason so the drivers were unable to take the green, calling for a complete restart. From there the race was caution free with Adams getting the win.  Second through sixth was: Matheny, Mason, Fox, Gunderson, and Ramich.

The drivers who started in the B Main were: Chance Grasty and Evan Gunderson on the front row. Rylinn Renaud and Trevor Grimes in the second row, Carly Holmes and Sara Ramich in row three, and Emily Ing in row four.

Several laps into the race Gunderson got into the side of Ramich coming out of turn three.  Ramich spun bringing out the only caution of the race.  Ramich left the track and didn’t return.  The drivers who would transfer into the A Main were: Rylinn Renaud, Chance Grasty, Trevor Grimes, and Carly Holmes.

The line-up for the A Main was: Tyler Matheny, Brody Armtrout, Carson Raudman, Trace Adams, Preston Carr, Raymond Baldez, Carson Souza, Hunter Mason, Alan Pyszora, Maximos Mittry, Jace Lafferty, Tyler Fox, and the B Main transferees.

The first caution came when Armtrout and Raudman got up into the outside wall coming out of turn two.  Adams got out of sorts as he tried to avoid the incident and lost eight valuable positions. With only a few laps left Souza had finally worked his way up through the field to take the lead from Matheny.  A lap later on the backstretch Souza, Lafferty, Grasty, Matheny, and Adams all got together bringing out the caution.  Fox, Matheny, and Lafferty all entered the hot pits for repairs, and were able to return to racing action. Carr took over the lead with that incident. On the last lap Renaud would take the lead coming out of turn three and lead the drivers to the checkered for his first A Main win as a Box Stock driver.  Second through sixteenth was: Carr, Baldez, Mason, Holmes, Raudman, Grimes, Adams, Souza, Mittry, Armtrout, Grasty, Matheny, Fox, Pyszora, and Lafferty.

For the first time this season, Mason Smith clocked in at 8.685, for fast time in the 250/Intermediate class.  Second through sixth was: Skyler Cole, Tanner Carrick, Kyle Woodcock, Kaiden Butler, and Brock Butterfield.  Butterfield and Butler would bring the drivers out of turn four to the green.  Coming out of turn four Butler got sideways gathering Butterfield, with Carrick getting into him.  Butler had to be taken off the track on the hook; he had a flat right rear tire. Carrick took the lead, winning the dash. Second through sixth was: Cole, Woodcock, Smith, Butterfield, and Butler.

Starting order for Heat one in the 250’s was: Bennett Gooch, III, Lexi Raudman, Kyle Woodcock, Mason Smith, Colby Fox, Anissa Curtice, Matt Robinson, and Jaidan Curfman-Levy.  The heat was caution free with Gooch winning it from the pole.  Second through eighth was: Raudman, Woodcock, Smith, Fox, Robinson, Curfman-Levy, and Curtice.

Solmon Fogde and Tanner Pettit brought the field around to the green in heat two. Kaiden Butler and Skyler Cole in row two, Kinden Peacock and Blake Carrick in row three, Daniel Whitley and Savanna Cardenas in row four.

On lap one Pettit passed Fogde out of two for the lead with Carrick getting into the back of Fogde. Fogde was able to hold on and keep his position.  The race went caution free with Pettit getting the win followed by: Fogde, Carrick, Peacock, Butler, Whitley, Cole, and Cardenas.

Brendan McMaster and Carsen Perkins came out of turn four bringing the drivers to the green in heat three. Brock Butterfield and Tanner Carrick were in row two, Tanner Holmes and Enrique Jaime in row three, Dylan Holmes and Carson Maasen in row four.

Caution came out early as Perkins, D. Holmes, and Maasen got together.  Holmes went into the hot pits for repairs.  Butterfield and T. Holmes tangled.  Carrick got the win.  Second through eighth was: Perkins, T. Holmes, Butterfield, Maasen, Jaime, McMaster, and D. Holmes.

Skyler Cole and Kaiden Butler brought the field to the green in the B Main, there were twelve drivers vying for the four transfer spots.  Row two through six starting positions were: Brendan McMaster, Colby Fox, Anissa Curtice, Enrique Jaime, Matt Robinson, Daniel Whitley, Dylan Holmes, Jaiden Curfman-Levy, Savanna Cardenas, and Carsen Maasen.

Maasen got into the back of Holmes, Holmes slid into the front stretch infield bringing out the caution. Jaime got into the back of Fox, who was in third at the time, causing him to lose three positions.  Caution came out for Cole who spun out of turn two.  A lap later Cardenas and Curtice got together out of three, ending Cardenas’ night.  Robinson spun out of one, several laps later, bringing out another caution and Curtice went into the hot pits under the yellow. With the action back under way Maasen slammed into the back of Fox, hard, once again causing Fox to lose valuable positions on the track. Coming out of turn two the last caution in the race came out when Fox, Holmes, Curtice, Cole, Curfman-Levy, and McMaster piled up.  The drivers who were lucky enough to get out of that race, and transfer into the A were: Kaiden Butler, Daniel Whitley, Enrique Jaime, and Carson Maasen.

The A Main line-up was as follows: Tanner Pettit, Lexi Raudman, Brock Butterfield, Kyle Woodcock, Tanner Carrick, Mason Smith, Carsen Perkins, Solmon Fogde, Bennett Gooch, Kinden Peacock, Tanner Holmes, Blake Carrick, and then the four transferees.

Coming out of four to take the green flag Raudman came down low and got into Pettit, who got sideways, losing a position. Peacock stalled out of four coming to the green, a caution was waved.  Peacock went into the hot pits for some repairs.  He was able to return to the track in time to take the green but had to re-enter the hot pits to continue to fix the issue he was having, he wasn’t able to get back out onto the track in time to take the green.  A lap later Fogde got up into the outside wall out of two bringing out another caution. While under this caution Peacock was able to get back out on the track to attempt to finish the race.  Several laps later T. Carrick came up on the leader, Raudman, and got into the back of her but she was able to pull away, keeping the lead.  However, Carrick spun himself, losing seven positions.  Once again Raudman brought the field to the green and Maasen spun into the infield a lap later bringing out yet another caution.  Coming to the green T. Carrick came down the track out of three and got into Butterfield who spun.  With nowhere to go Butler and Whitley got into Butterfield bringing out the caution.  Back under action, a lap later, Butler spun out of two bringing out the caution, with Pettit stalling on the front stretch coming to the yellow.  Under the yellow Whitley entered the hot pits.  Yet another lap later, Maasen stalled out of two, the caution came out.  Two laps later Butler, Pettit, and Butterfield got together out of one, with Butterfield getting on his lid bringing out the red. Besides his wing being totally destroyed, his chain came off in the incident, forcing him to go to the hot pits.  The drivers on the track were told to double up for the restart and Butterfield had as of yet returned to the track.  One lap later the field was given the green and Butterfield was unable to get back out on the track to join the race.  While coming to the green Whitley stalled in turn four, and Fogde stalled out of turn four. Holmes came around turn four and while trying to avoid hitting Whitley T. Carrick had nowhere to go and he slammed into the back of Holmes.  The green flag was not displayed and the drivers stayed under caution.  Butterfield came back out onto the track and rejoined the racing action.  In the mean time Fogde had to go into the hot pits with a carburetor issue as well as an ignition problem.  Fogde was pushed out of the hot pits but his kart wouldn’t fire, ending his night.  Holmes stalled going into one bringing out a caution. Gooch and Perkins got together on the front stretch with Perkins coming to a stop bringing out the last caution of the night for these drivers.

Raudman went on to win; she led it from start to finish.  Second through sixteen was: Woodcock, T. Carrick, Smith, B. Carrick, Carson Maasen, Daniel Whitley, Tanner Pettit, Bennett Gooch, Carsen Perkins, Kaiden Butler, Enrique Jaime, Tanner Holmes, Solmon Fogde, Brock Butterfield, and Kinden Peacock.

In a tight race for the championship in the Open Division qualifying would be interesting.  Grabbing the top spot with a time of 8.224 was Chase Majdic. Second through sixth was: Jesse Colwell, Tyler Seavey, Dakota Cardenas, Logan Seavey, and Morgan Sandhagen.

The dash ran caution free with L. Seavey getting the lead out of turn two on lap one.  From the sixth spot Majdic worked his way around three other drivers and moved to third but the Seavey Brothers were just a bit too fast for him.  L. Seavey won the dash with T. Seavey coming in second.  Majdic, Sandhagen, Cardenas, and Colwell finished third through sixth.

With so much on the line, points wise, the Open heats always take on a new meaning, especially, since only two drivers from each heat transfer into the A Main.

Shawn Milligan and Brenna Johnson started on the front row, Morgan Sandhagen and Chase Majdic in row two, Chase Hill and Michael Call in row three, and Richard Weststyn and Tristen Miller in row four.  Shortly after the drop of the green flag Hill got into the back of Sandhagen, turning her and dropping her two spots.  There were no cautions and the top two moving to the A Main were: Milligan and Johnson.

Tristen Spiers and Ryan Foster brought the drivers to the green in heat two.  Drivers in row two were: Maria Cofer and Jesse Colwell. Row three; Daniel Becker and Jacob Miller, Row four; Bricen James.  Becker stalled out of turn two bringing out one of two cautions.  Cofer, James, and Miller spun out of two bringing out the other caution.  The two drivers moving on to the A were: Foster and Colwell.

Brandon LaChance and Colby Copeland were on the front row in heat three. Mike Wheeler and Tyler Seavey in row two, Ren Eberhart and RJ Johnson in row three and Mallorie McGahan in row four.  Coming out of turn four Copeland got into LaChance, he lost four positions.  Caution came out for McGahan who spun in turn two; she went into the hot pits.  Her throttle cable had come off.  Seavey spun in turn two bringing out a caution.  LaChance worked his way through the field moving into second. The drivers advancing to the A Main were Copeland and LaChance.

Casey Schmitz and Jake Park sat on the front row in heat four.  Amanda Moore and Dakota Cardenas were in row two, Brian Eddy and Brian McGahan, Jr., in row three, and Sean Becker in row four. Heat four was a clean race from start to finish with Park and Schmitz moving into the A Main.

In heat five Michael Ing and Cyle Allison sat on the front row.  Taylor Nelson and Logan Seavey were in row two, Ryan Whitley and Justin Bradway in row three, and Joey Brasil in row four.  On lap one Nelson, Bradway, Ing, and Whitley got together out of turn two with Ing stalling bringing out a caution. Allison and Nelson were the only two drivers not to be affected by the caution.  All the other drivers got together and Seavey had to come to the hot pits for some repairs, after he stalled and rolled into the infield.  Seavey’s issues were enough to send him to his pits, finishing the heat last. Transferring into the A was: Allison and Ing.

In each of the lower mains six drivers would transfer into the next main.  The night started with the C Main, fifteen drivers competing for six spots.  The starting order was: Taylor Nelson, Brian Eddy, Michael Call, Jacob Miller, Brian McGahan, Jr., Richard Weststyn, Bricen James, Mallorie McGahan, Joey Brasil, Tyler Seavey, Logan Seavey, Morgan Sandhagen, Maria Cofer, and Blain Craft (sub for Sean Becker).

The first caution came when Miller spun coming out of two.  Several laps later Craft, Nelson, Weststyn, and M. McGahan spun out of turn two bringing out the caution.  Shortly after racing action was under way Weststyn, Miller, Craft, and Nelson brought out the caution again, as they spun out of turn three. Coming to this caution Eddy was leading but lost the lead when he tried to avoid the four drivers stalled in turn three, he fell back to fourth.  Another caution came out for Brasil and Craft.  Shortly thereafter, Call and Johnson got together with other drivers spinning trying to avoid the two of them.  Call and M. McGahan went to the hot pits.  McGahan had a chain issue.  The six drivers who transferred out of the C into the B were: L. Seavey, Eddy, Sandhagen, T. Seavey, Cofer, and James.

With points on the line for Chase Majdic, who started on the pole in the B Main and   with L. Seavey transferring out of the C, it was imperative that Majdic transfer into the A. Starting to his outside was Dakota Cardenas.  In rows two through five: Mike Wheeler, Amanda Moore, Tristen Spiers, Chase Hill, Daniel Becker, Ren Eberhart, Ryan Whitley, and Justin Bradway.  The six who transferred out of the C were in rows six through eight.

After several laps of racing action Hill left the track with a blown motor.  Several laps later Cardenas spun into the outside wall out of turn one.  Eddy stalled on the front stretch at the flag stand and with nowhere to go James, and Bradway also came to a stop.  With racing action back underway Wheeler had a mechanical issue and stalled in turn one bring out the caution, once again.  He was taken off the track on the hook.  With the field back racing Cardenas went into the hot pits, ending any chance he had of moving onto the A.  The drivers who transferred into the A were: Majdic, L. Seavey, Moore, Whitley, Becker, and Cofer.

The lineup for the A Main was as follows: Jake Park on the pole with Colby Copeland on the outside.  Ryan Foster and Brenna Johnson in row two.  Jesse Colwell and Cyle Allison in row three, Shawn Milligan and Brandon LaChance in row four, Casey Schmitz and Michael Ing in row five.  Rows six through eight were for the transferees out of the B Main.

Coming to the line, in the A Main, Copeland got a jump out of turn four but Park was able to stay right on him, not losing ground.  About lap four or five Park and Copeland were coming out of turn four, with Park low and about to get the lead, Copeland drove down into Park.  Park stalled in turn four losing a lot of positions on the track, and bringing out the caution.  Ing stalled on the front stretch bringing out another caution.  Cofer went into the hot pits.  Back under the green, a lap later, Cofer and Milligan spun out of turn one bringing out the caution. Milligan went into the hot pits.  He had a left front tire go down.  Johnson got a ‘love tap’ from the driver behind her, spinning her out in turn two bringing out the caution. The final caution of the night was brought out by Colwell and Johnson who were coming out of turn three and spun.  Ing, Whitley, and Milligan got together trying to avoid them.  Winning the A Main was Copeland.  Finishing order behind him was: Becker, LaChance, Seavey, Majdic, Foster, Moore, Park, Schmitz, Johnson, Cofer, Allison, Milligan, Ing, Colwell, and Whitley.

The top six qualifiers in the Sportsman class were: James Edens with a time of 8.546. Second through sixth was: Eric Gannon, Daniel Thorson, Beau Perkins, Michael Helwig, and Cody Smith.  Smith and Helwig brought the drivers to the green and on lap two Smith and Edens spun coming out of turn two bringing out the caution.  Thorson and Helwig battled back and forth for the lead. With Thorson going low and Helwig high, Thorson got the win.

Brian Cheechov and Jared Ridge brought the drivers out of turn four in heat one in the Sportsman division.  On lap two, Beau Perkins got into Ridge on the front stretch moving up to second.  Cheechov spun coming out of four and sliding into the infield bringing out the caution.  The following lap Donnie Ritcheson and Skip Jackson tangled out of turn two bringing out the only other caution. Jackson had issues with one of his arm restraints, which had come off, and it took him several caution laps to get it back on.  James Edens added a point to his lead by getting the win.  Second through eighth was: Perkins, Ridge, Scott Morton, Ritcheson, Jackson, Darren Spencer, and Cheechov.

Mitchell Wilcox and Shawn Fogarty started on the front row in heat two. This heat was caution free, however, there was some amazing clean passing going on.  Getting the win was Wilcox. Second through eighth was: Eric Gannon, Michael Helwig, Shawn Fogarty, Mark Hamilton, Guy Young, and Jesse Iwuji.

Heat three was crazy, there were three cautions.  Coming to the green Adam Schroer got every which way but straight and stalled out of turn two. He was taken off the track on the hook. On the restart Cody Smith and Daniel Thorson brought the drives to the green. Wyatt Brown and Ken Mahoney were in row two, and Angela Rohlfs and Travis Lynch were in row three.  The following lap Brown, Smith, and Mahoney spun out of turn three bringing out the caution.  Once racing action was back underway, the drivers were coming around for the white flag lap, when Rohlfs got up high out of turn three and while she was trying to get herself back down low enough to continue Mahoney was right behind her and they both stalled bringing out another caution.  Thorson got the win with the finishing order behind him; Lynch, Brown, Smith, Rohlfs, Mahoney, and Schroer.

The B Main line-up was: Brian Cheechov and Adam Schroer on the front row.  Donnie Ritcheson and Guy Young in row two, Skip Jackson and Mark Hamilton in row three, Ken Mahoney and Darren Spencer in row four, and Jesse Iwuji and Angela Rohlfs in row five.

It is unknown why, but Cheechov and Schroer did not attempt to make the race, moving the line-up, and only eight drivers competing for the four transfer spots.

A couple of laps into the race Hamilton, Jackson, Mahoney, and Ritcheson all spun coming out of turn three bringing out the first caution.  Ritcheson had to visit the hot pits.  Several laps later Mahoney got into the rear of Rohlfs with the two of them spinning into the infield.  Rohlfs went to the rear of the field once action resumed. Hamilton spun out of turn one and with nowhere to go Rohlfs stalled, the caution was out again.  With only a couple of laps to go Mahoney spun going down into turn four bringing out the last caution of the event.  Coming to the white flag, Rohlfs spun out of three, ending any chance of her bid to transfer into the A.  The drivers who transferred into the A Main were: Spencer, Jackson, Young, and Hamilton.

The Sportsman A Main was intense, even for those of us sitting in the stands.  There is tough competition in this division and every driver is equally talented and the mains lately have shown that ‘competitive’ spirit in the drivers.

Cody Smith and Michael Helwig brought the drivers out of turn four to the green flag.  Beau Perkins and Daniel Thorson were in row two, Eric Gannon and James Edens were in row three, Jared Ridge and Shawn Fogarty in row four, Travis Lynch and Mitchell Wilcox row five, and in row six was Wyatt Brown and Scott Morton.

Two laps into the race Ridge, Smith, and Fogarty spun out of two.  Morton spun out of three coming to the caution but was able to keep his kart under control and continued.  Ridge, Spencer, Hamilton, and Jackson all spun bringing out the caution.  Jackson went to his pits, ending his night.

What should have been a caution, and very scary, was when Young slid into the infield, hit a quad, that was parked in turns three and four, then the quad rolled into one of the photographers.  After all of the karts got around turn three Young rolled back out onto the track.

Wilcox hits the outside wall out of turn four hard, flying upside down bringing out the red. Fogarty came into the hot pits once the track went yellow.  With the green in the air Helwig and Thorson were fiercely battling for first with Helwig getting into Thorson. Thorson hit the wall but was able to continue.  Gannon, Fogarty, Ridge, Hamilton, and Smith all spun coming out of turn three.  Once racing action was resumed Edens got the lead, Gannon returned to the hot pits under green.

The race got even crazier.  Gannon spun out of turn one with Smith and Thorson spinning out of turn two. Back under green Gannon stalled out of turn two, for the final caution of the night.  Coming around to the checkered flag, out of turn four Helwig and Edens were battling for first when Helwig got into the back of Edens, spinning both of them.  Karts were spinning and flying around them with Lynch getting his first win of the season.  Second through sixteenth was: Thorson, Brown, Perkins, Fogarty, Hamilton, Edens, Helwig, Young, Gannon, Smith, Ridge, Wilcox, Morton, Spencer, and Jackson.

The point’s race is too close to call, with possibly the exception of the Box Stock Division.

In the Beginner Box division, Clinton Andrego has a forty-nine point advantage over second place Conner Mewhirter. If Andrego falters at all this week and Mewhirter gets fast time, wins his heat, the trophy dash, and the A Main there is a slight chance.  Third through twelfth is: Makenna Gannon, Tater Reich, Connor Grasty, Alexander Stepps, Angelo Segura, Austin Anderson, Nathan Griffin, Chevy Schroer, Koen Irwin, and Madeline Swim.

Holding the points lead in Box Stock is Carson Sousa, with a ninety-two point advantage over Raymond Baldez, who is second in points.  Third through twelfth is: Brody Armtrout, Trace Adams, Preston Carr, Tyler Matheny, Chance Grasty, Rylinn Renaud, Carly Holmes, Tyler Fox, Carson Raudman, and Maximos Mittry.

Tanner Carrick has a sixty-two point lead over Kyle Woodcock in the 250/Intermediate division.  Bennett Gooch is in third. Tanner Holmes, Mason Smith, Carsen Perkins, Lexi Raudman, Blake Carrick, Tanner Pettit,  Kaiden Butler, Skyler Cole, and Dawson Hammes round out the drivers from fourth through twelfth.

Until two weeks ago the Open division had the tightest point’s race.  Chase Majdic was a mere one point from taking over the lead, when he had mechanical issues two weeks in a row.  He now sits thirty-eight points behind Logan Seavey, the point’s leader.  Drivers third through twelfth are: Casey Schmitz, Jesse Colwell, Chase Hill, Tyler Seavey, Mile Wheeler, Amanda Moore, Brian McGahan, Michael Call, Dakota Cardenas, and Brenna Johnson.

James Edens has held the lead in the Sportsman Division for several weeks now; however, Beau Perkins is a mere thirteen points back.  Third place driver, Michael Helwig, and fourth place Gannon, lost points.  Daniel Thorson came into the night was a deficit of seventy-four points and left the night with a deficit of sixty-six.  Anything is possible for the top five drivers.  Sixth through tenth in points are: Shawn Fogarty, Wyatt Brown, Darren Spencer, Travis Lynch, and Angela Rohlfs.

The driver of the week is someone near and dear to my heart. This young man drove out on the track for the first time when he was nine years old.  After a few years of playing soccer, t-ball, and baseball, he and his brother decided it was time to try something different. It was the 2005-2006 season in Red Bluff when he first got into his Box Stock kart.

I inquired about the tracks, outside of Red Bluff, that he’s run and he conveyed, “I’ve run Cycleland; Lakeport; and Delbert’s in Lakeport; OMC in Idaho; Big Sky Kartway in Missoula, Montana; English Creek in Knoxville, Iowa; Millbridge in Salisbury, NC; Medford, Oregon; Roseburg, Oregon; and the Indy Indoor Invitational.”

He came in second, to his brother who won, at English Creek and second at the Indy Indoor Invitational.  At the Indy Invitational he finished fifth in his heat and had a tough field to drive through in the B Main but drove from eighth to second, getting a transfer spot into the A Main.  He started thirteenth in the A and worked his way up to second, where he finished the race.

Brandon LaChance took this season off to attend college out of the area. Yes, he is my grandson, and it’s been a very different season for me as well.  For those of us who are grandparents you’ll understand.  He made an adult decision, tough I’m sure.

Even though he decided to run a limited schedule he wanted to run the Tyler Wolf Memorial.  He came out and got the win.  In spite of not racing as often as he’d like he’s had a great season.

I asked him what his favorite win was.  He said, “Winning the Perpetual Trophy in the 250’s.”

He’d like to thank his sponsors: QRC, Frenchy’s Motor Service, and The Closet on Main, A-Lo Fabrication, Burris Racing, RPI, GMG, Predator Motors, and DeeDee LaChance Family & Corporate Travel.  Brandon would especially like to thank his dad and mom, RJ and Denise LaChance, Jimmy and the guys at QRC, and Aaron Latorell.

When he graduates from college he’d like to be a mechanical engineer and he hopes that he is able to continue racing for many years to come.  Even if on a limited schedule as he pursues a career.

This next weekend is the West Coast Nationals.  If you haven’t already done so, registration is open.  Go to for all the information you need.

Also, fast4media will be streaming live all weekend.  For your family and friends who are unable to attend but would like to watch the race they can go to: and pay a single day or a weekend package.  Single day prices are $20.00.  The weekend package is a bargain for $40.00.


As we close out the season, and I put my notepad away until next October, I want to thank everyone who took the time to talk to me and allow me to write into their world, as I wrote about their lives in the racing world.  It was a pleasure getting to know each of you.  I want to wish everyone a safe season off and hope that whatever you do this summer you’ll remember that it’s about the memories and the learning experiences.

Blessings, DeeDee LaChance, CTC