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Welcome to the 37th Season of the Red Bluff Outlaws. Ali, Theresa, and the staff would like to welcome everyone back and anyone who might be new to the track, welcome.

          Recapping last season’s top ten in each class, and the top five at the West Coast Nationals.

          Beginner Box: Clinton Andrego; was the track champion. Connor Mewhirter; 2nd, MaKenna Gannon; 3rd, Tater Reich; 4th, Connor Grasty; 5th, Alexander Stepps; 6th, Austin Anderson; 7th, Nathan Griffin; 8th, Chevy Schroer; 9th, and Angelo Segura; 10th.

          Box Stock: Carson Souza; was the track champion. Raymond Baldez; 2nd, Brody Armtrout; 3rd, Preston Carr; 4th, Trace Adams; 5th, Tyler Matheny; 6th, Chance Grasty; 7th, Rylinn Renaud; 8th, Carley Holmes; 9th, and Tyler Fox; 10th.

          250 Intermediate: Tanner Carrick; was the track champion, Kyle Woodcock; 2nd, Bennett Gooch; 3rd, Tanner Holmes; 4th, Mason Smith; 5th, Carsen Perkins; 6th, Lexi Raudman; 7th, Blake Carrick; 8th, Tanner Pettit; 9th, and Kaiden Butler; 10th.

          Open: Logan Seavey; track champion, Chase Majdic; 2nd, Jesse Colwell; 3rd, Casey Schmitz; 4th, Tyler Seavey; 5th, Chase Hill; 6th, Mike Wheeler; 7th, Amanda Moore; 8th, Michael Call; 9th, and Brian McGahan, Jr.; 10th.

          Sportsman: James Edens; track champion, Beau Perkins; 2nd, Michael Helwig; 3rd, Eric Gannon; 4th, Daniel Thorson; 5th, Shawn Fogarty; 6th, Wyatt Brown; 7th, Darren Spencer; 8th, Travis Lynch; 9th, and Angela Rohlfs; 10th.

          The 2015-2016 season began with the Fair Race of Champions. There were a total of 31 drivers who qualified in the Box Stock, Intermediate, and Open classes.

          Chance Grasty began his season with a win in Box Stock; Tanner Carrick won in the 250 class, and Jake Park got the win in the Open Class.

          There was plenty of excitement at the season ending, West Coast Nationals. The field was stacked, with 151drivers in five classes attempting to qualify for the coveted top 16 drivers that would race for a win in the A Main. Coming out on top were:

          Beginner Box Stock: Clinton Andrego qualified in the first position and won the trophy dash.  He was edged out of the win by Tater Reich. 2nd through 5th: Clinton Andrego, MaKenna Gannon, Jayden Billings, Connor Grasty.

          Box Stock: Carson Souza ended his season as he began it, qualifying on top. He won both of his heat races, the trophy dash and the A Main. It capped off a perfect season for the young driver. 2nd through 5th: Chance Grasty, Maximos Mittry, Brody Armtrout, and Rylinn Renaud.

          Intermediate 250: Tanner Carrick was the top qualifier out of 37 drivers. Tanner Carrick, also won both of his heats, fast dash, but with some mechanical issues finished 12th in the A Main.  The win went to Blake Carrick. 2nd through 5th: Tanner Holmes, Bennett Gooch, Brock Butterfield, and Colby Fox.

          Sportsman: Daniel Thorson qualified on the top out of 32 drivers. Fast dash was won by Tommy Brown, a driver out of Montana and James Edens got the win in the A Main. 2nd through 5th: Eric Gannon, Michael Helwig, Chad Duprey, and Mallorie McGahan.

          Open: Michael Call qualified first out of 52 drivers. Mike Wheeler took home the trophy in the Fast Dash. Jesse Colwell won the A Main. 2nd through 5th: Amanda Moore, Colby Copeland, Lucas Ashe, and Brandon LaChance.


The first point’s race, of this season, will be run on October 22, 2016.  The drivers will honor Tyler Wolf. Last season’s winners of the much desired trophy were:

Beginner Box Stock: Tater Reich

Box Stock: Preston Carr

250 Intermediate: Tanner Holmes

Open: Brandon LaChance

Sportsman: James Edens


Carson Souza and Amanda Moore dominated in their classes, with the most trophy dashes.


Other special event races this season will be The Gary Jacobs Memorial race, which will be run on December 10th and on February 11th the Red Bluff Yamaha Perpetual Trophy race will be held.  The West Coast Nationals are scheduled for March 17th, 18th, and 19th.  The Awards Ceremony will take place on March 25th

If you’re the occasional racer, mark your calendars for these important dates.

Have a great season. Drive safe, leave the drama at home and play fair!


 DeeDee LaChance

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