BY: ELIJAH JONES               

                There’s a new sheriff in town in the Beginner Box Stock Class. The first four races of the season the talk was all about Aiden Larimer who won four in a row to kick off the season. A new driver though has burst onto the scene in the last two races and is now a sure contender in the Championship fight after back to back wins.

                That driver is Carson Stephens. Stephens was the Main Event winner during Points Race #5, then picked up the big win during our two-week break at the Chowchilla Barnburner Kart Nationals. We returned to action last Saturday night for Points Race #6 and Carson Stephens still hasn’t missed a beat in his #77C kart. The Main Event began with newcomer Chayce Smith jumping out front on the opening lap in his #42C kart. He would only lead the opening lap before Braiden Mckenzie would take over the top spot in the #04 kart. McKenzie looked to be well in charge of the race until a Lap 10 mishap would cost him the race lead. From there Carson Stephens would take over the top spot. He was not alone however, as Aiden Larimer finally got his kart rolling after an off night. Larimer applied the pressure in the closing laps and as the two drivers saw the white flag they were side by side for the race lead. The two drivers battled it out on the final lap and at the drop of the checkered flag it was the #77C of Carson Stephens picking up his second straight win by a nose over Larimer. The margin of victory was a slim .027 seconds. Jaxon Coughlin continues to have a great season as well in his #84 kart. Coughlin finished right behind the leaders in the third position. The #57 of Jacob Nuxoll would cross the line in the fourth spot while the #4K of Koen Irvin rounded out the top five in fifth.

In total 21 different drivers signed into the pit area for Points Race #6 in the Beginner Box Class. In Time Trials it was Chevy Schroer scoring yet another Fast Time in his Panthera Motorsports #29 kart with a lap time of 10.976 seconds.

Heat Race competition would see the #7P of Grant Proctor score the win in Heat Race #1. Heat Race #2 was claimed by the #7C of Corbin Seay. The “Spiderman” themed #3T of Tyler Carlson topped Heat Race #3. While the fourth and final Heat Race was claimed by the “Incredible Hulk” themed #42C of Chayce Smith.

Trophy Dash competition saw Austin Anderson score his first Trophy Dash Victory of the season in his Party Dreams #2 kart. Anderson’s family has a long history in dirt track racing, and he is already looking to write another chapter in his family’s legacy.

Through six points races, Aiden Larimer still shows the way in the Points Standings. Can he rebound though after a disappointing points night? Will Carson Stephens extend his win streak to three in a row with the Red Bluff Outlaws? We will have to wait and find out during Points Race #7.  

BOX STOCK POINTS RACE #6               

                The Box Stock Class continues to be one of the most competitive classes each and every week despite averaging the smallest car count of the five divisions. In six races this season we have now seen six different winners. Not only have we seen six different winners, but for each of those winners it was their first career Box Stock win with the Red Bluff Outlaws.

                The Box Stock A-Main Event got underway with the #80 kart of Alan Pyszora jumping out to the early lead. Pyszora missed the first couple of races with us in Red Bluff but since he has arrived on the scene we have seen great speed out of his kart. It was not enough this week however to hold off the #25 kart of Seth Standley. Standley would charge to the race lead on Lap 3 and never looked back as he went on to lead the remaining 22 laps en route to his first ever victory with the Red Bluff Outlaws. Rylinn Renaud had his best performance of the season as he pressured the #25 kart of Standley throughout the closing laps of the race and came up just short of his first win of the season. The #88T of Tyler Fox would cross the stripe in the third position. With the Medieval Motorsports #49 kart of Tater Reich in fourth. Luke Hayes would come into the night as the Points Leader but a fifth place effort in the Main Event was not enough to hang on to that top spot.

In total 16 different drivers signed into the pit area for Points Race #6 in the Box Stock Class. In Time Trials it was Alan Pyszora scoring the Fast Time in his #80 kart with a lap time of 9.870 seconds. As stated above, we have seen a lot of speed out of this young driver and he will continue to be a threat for race wins in the weeks to come.

Heat Race competition saw the #17M of Evan Gularte pick up the win in Heat Race #1. The second Heat Race was dominated by the Race City Injector #16 kart of Rylinn Renaud. Renaud would win by nearly half a lap in the short 8 lap heat race. The third and final Heat Race was claimed by the Mike’s Appliance #53 kart of Arron Slightom, as he was able to hold off eventual Main Event winner Seth Standley.

Trophy Dash competition saw the #49 kart of Tater Reich score the victory. Reich has had a breakout season so far in 2017, he picked up his first career win in the Box Stock Class at Cycleland at the end of their season, then turned around and did the same thing in Red Bluff at the beginning of our season. Keep your eyes on this youngster as he is one of the many contenders for this year’s Championship.

Heading into Points Race #7, the Championship points battle in the Box Stock Class is blown wide open. The top six in the Points Standings are separated by just 36 markers. After Saturday night’s event Yuba City, CA driver Seth Standley has now taken over the top spot from Luke Hayes, with Hayes falling into the second position just 14 points back. Connor Grasty has excelled in Time Trials this season which has helped propel him to third in the standings, 21 markers out of the top spot. Tater Reich is actually tied with Grasty for that third spot. Fifth in the standings and 35 points back is the #16 kart of Rylinn Renaud. Any of the drivers still in the top six are legitimate contenders for this Championship.

250 INTERMEDIATE POINTS RACE #6              

                The 250 Intermediate Class so far this season has been all about who can be the most consistent night in and night out. So far one driver has stood out among the rest, while everyone else continues to have up and down nights. This week though we saw one driver pick up his first career 250 Intermediate win in dominating fashion, leading every lap of the 25 Lap Main Event.

                Connor Mewhirter is one of the drivers in the 250 Intermediate Class that we know has the speed and the talent to run up front, but always seems to fly under the radar. That changed on Saturday night in a big way as he started up front and absolutely dominated the 250 Main Event. He was not really challenged at all throughout the race until the closing laps when Blake Carrick came bursting into the picture. Carrick started deeper in the field and had to work his way to the front. A late race restart would nearly work to his advantage as he got a great jump and actually had the lead into the first turn with two laps remaining. Mewhirter’s kart though was too strong on the bottom of the race track and Carrick just couldn’t quite get the run he needed on the top side to complete the pass. At the end of the 25 Lapper Mewhirter would cross under the Checkered Flag for his first career 250 Intermediate Victory in the Old Skool Barbershop #14 kart. Carrick would settle for the runner up position. “The Bully” Brody Armtrout had a solid showing on Saturday night as he piloted his machine to a third place finish. Landon Brooks hasn’t had quite the season he had hoped for so far this winter, but was able to put together a top five effort, with his RS Morris Construction #60L kart crossing the line in the fourth spot. The #49 of Skylar Cole would round out the top five.

In total 24 different drivers signed into the pit area for Points Race #6 in the 250 Intermediate Class. In Time Trials it was the Gary Perkins Racing #35 of Carsen Perkins scoring the Fast Time with a lap time of 8.608 seconds.

Heat Race competition saw Connor Mewhirter pick up the victory in Heat Race #1. Heat Race #2 was claimed by defending Cycleland Speedway Open Track Champion Landon Brooks in his #60L kart. Heat Race #3 saw the #27T of Tyler Matheny score the win. While Hunter Mason scored her first Heat Race win of the season in her #13X kart.

Trophy Dash action saw the #8C of Anissa Curtice pull in to Victory Lane. The driver from Eureka, CA has had a great 2017 season not only in outlaw karts but also in her Legend Car at the Redwood Acres Raceway.

Heading into Points Race #7, the Championship points race still shows the RFC Karts #01 of Carson Sousa atop the charts despite a disappointing Main Event last Saturday night. He currently holds a 37 point advantage over the #46 of Preston Carr. Carsen Perkins is third in the standings, 50 markers back of the leader in his #35 kart. While Tanner Pettit and Connor Mewhirter round out the current top five in the Points Standings. We are sure to see even more moving and shaking after this weeks Points Race #7.

OPEN POINTS RACE #6               

                The Open Class at the Red Bluff Outlaws jumped into the spotlight this week after last week’s crazy Main Event. With so much talent in the field everyone expected to see one of the best races of the season, and while we can’t say it was the best race of the year, it definitely has been the most talked about race so far this season.

                The night began with Time Trials for the 32 Entries in the Open Class. In an unbelievable statistic Chase Majdic set Fast Time for the second consecutive race. The crazy part about that statistic is that he turned the exact same lap time of 8.244 seconds in each of the last two races to set Fast Time. We will have to wait and see if “The Majdic Man” can make it happen again.

Heat Race competition would follow with five Heat Races upcoming each taking the top two finishers directly to the A-Main Event. Heat Race #1 was filled with drama as Tanner Holmes and Chase Majdic got together on the opening lap, nearly sending Majdic flipping in turn four. Majdic would return to the rear of the field but he wouldn’t stay there long. He quickly made his way back to the third spot and had his sights set on that second position which just so happened to be occupied by Holmes. On the final lap Logan Seavey would cruise across the line for what looked to be the victory, while Majdic threw a hail mary into the final corner, bounced off of Holmes (knocking Holmes’ chain off) and picked up the second and final transfer spot, or so he thought. After the race was concluded the winner, Seavey, did not go to the scales and was therefore docked two positions meaning that after all the drama, Majdic and Holmes both still made the show while Seavey was relegated to the B-Main. Heat Race #2 was a little less hectic. We saw the return of Daniel Becker to the Red Bluff Outlaws get off to a good start as he picked up the victory and went to the main event along with second place finisher Casey Schmitz. Heat Race #3 was another barnburner as Tanner Thorson made a surprise appearance in Red Bluff and would pick up the win over Jesse Colwell. Heat Race #4 saw Michael Call score the victory in his first race of the season, in a brand new kart. Call was subbing for his girlfriend Nicole Mendoza and did a spectacular job all night long. Tyler Seavey would also transfer directly to the main via a second place effort. Heat Race #5 was claimed by the #1C of Chase Hill. Hill has had a great start to the season and has shown no sign of slowing down. Brenna Johnson would also transfer out of the fifth and final Heat Race.

That would set the stage for the Main Events as we would kick them off with the 15 Lap C-Main Event. Maria Cofer would cross the line first transferring herself to the B-Main along with Garrett Brown, Jimmy Elledge, Bennett Gooch III, Chloe Grasty, and Richard Westesteyn.

The B-Main Event would see 16 karts start the race but only eight finish as has become kind of the norm in the Open Class. The B-Main is the last chance for these drivers to find their way into the Main Event, and that can become problematic with 16 drivers battling for only six positions in the feature. In the end Logan Seavey would pick up the B-Main win locking himself into the feature along with Amanda Moore, Jake Park, Tanner Carrick, Casey McClain, and Brian McGahan Jr.

Before the Main Event’s could hit the track though it was time for the Trophy Dash. The Trophy Dash is a lot of fun because it pits the top six qualifiers against each other in a six lap dash. With the six fastest karts on the racetrack at the same time it is sure to be exciting. Points Leader Casey McClain would come away victorious in his Factory QRC #51 kart. The driver who calls Palo Cedro, CA home already has two Main Event Wins in 2017 and was hoping to make it three wins on the season last Saturday night.

When I was first handed the lineup for the Open A-Main Event I about jumped out of my chair. Tanner Thorson and Jesse Colwell on the front row of the 25 Lap A-Main Event. I didn’t even have to look at the rest of the lineup to know we were in for a show. What we hoped would be a great show for all to see turned out to be the topic of discussion all over social media this week.

When the Green Flag Flew it was the #86J of Jesse Colwell who would lead the opening lap of the race. Tanner Thorson would make the pass and lead the second lap before Colwell once again took over the reigns. It was just as we hoped early on, with sliders and great battles throughout the field. About Lap 15 though is when the tides would begin to turn. Chase Majdic came charging towards the front of the field. He and Jesse Colwell have a long history of, let’s just say not getting along well. Majdic would get by Jesse in turns one and two with a little help from the right side nerf bar. Colwell didn’t seem to appreciate that much and when they got to turn three there was more contact made which resulted in both karts parked in the middle of a seven kart pileup. That turned the race lead over to the #51 of Casey McClain who after starting at the rear of the field had worked his way to the front along with the #83JR of Tanner Carrick. As we got into the closing stages of the race, Carrick was able to get by the #51 of McClain before a late race restart. The restart would come with 24 Laps completed, so the race was extended by one lap to allow for a Green, White, Checkered Finish. Carrick would get a good restart but was unable to put much of a gap between himself and McClain who was running second. McClain got through turns three and four extremely well and as the pair took the White Flag, McClain made his move to the inside of the racetrack. Carrick attempted to block the bottom but McClain was already there. Contact was made in one and two sending Carrick up over the cushion. As McClain drove away down the back straight it looked like he had clinched his third win of the season, but that was far from the end. Out of nowhere Carrick never lifted going into turn three and spun McClain, eventually causing him to flip onto his side. Both karts stopped in turn four, and Chase Hill (who had already avoided a separate crash on the back stretch) avoided the stopped karts and would cross the line first for his second career Open Main Event Win. Tanner Thorson ended up second in his return. Amanda Moore was scored in the third spot. With Michael Call and Tyler Seavey rounding out the top five after official review.

When the dust settled Casey McClain still holds an 18 point advantage over Chase Hill in the Points Standings. Tyler Seavey is third, just 22 points out of the lead. With Tanner Holmes and Amanda Moore rounding out the top five. It will be interesting to see how the drivers respond this week after all of the talk and scuttle this over the past week. One thing we can say for sure is that there will be no lack of action in the coming weeks and I am definitely looking forward to seeing how the rest of this season plays out.

SPORTSMAN POINTS RACE #6                

                The Sportsman Class in 2017 has also been somewhat of a crapshoot, as we continue to see new faces break into Victory Lane. On Saturday night we had our sixth different winner of the season, and there are still so many capable drivers who have yet to break into Victory Lane. We could potentially see a different winner in each race this season if this continues.

                The Main Event kicked off with Points Leader Kris Renaud showing the way. Piloting the Gary Perkins Racing #35, he would lead the opening 11 Laps before Duprey came onto the scene. We already know these two drivers can put on an absolute show, as a video of these two going toe to toe has gone viral on the internet over the last couple of years. They would put that battle back in the spotlight again during Points Race #6 as Renaud tried and failed to hold on to the race lead. Once Duprey got to the lead he would not be denied, and he would cruise to his second career Sportsman Main Event Victory. Zachary Kavert would come across the line in second after the #35 of Renaud faded to deep in the field late in the race. Mallorie McGahan has had a great season so far. Struggles in qualifying have kept her a little behind the eight ball in the Championship chase but her Main Event’s have been spot on. She came across the line with a third place effort. Wyatt Brown is another driver that has been plagued by qualifying woes, but brings the heat in the Main Event. Brown now has three straight top fives after failing to make the Main Event in the first two weeks of the season. Cody Smith made his first start of the year and made it a good one as he came across the line in the fifth position.

In total 32 different drivers signed into the pit area for Points Race #6 in the Sportsman Class. In Time Trials it was the Gas Point Market #1T of Donnie Ritcheson scoring Fast Time with a lap time of 8.641 seconds. Ritcheson would fail to make the Main Event after getting upside down in the B-Main, but he would go on to win the Trophy Dash after borrowing a top wing from Scott Morton. Ritcheson was very happy and very thankful in Victory Lane to be able to come out and race with the Red Bluff Outlaws.

Heat Race competition saw five individual Heat Races take place with Chad Duprey taking the Victory in Heat Race #1. Heat Race #2 saw an excellent battle between Steve Botelho and Kris Renaud. Botelho would score the win by the narrowest of margins, just .012 seconds at the stripe. Heat Race #3 saw Eric Gannon pilot his brand new throwback scheme to victory, as he paid homage to his father’s late model days. Cody Smith was victorious in Heat Race #4. With Mallorie McGahan taking home the victory in the fifth and final heat race of the night.

Heading into Points Race #7, Kris Renaud still maintains the top spot in the Points Standings. Tyler Ritcheson is still second, just 17 points out of the lead. Shawn Fogarty was the big gainer on Saturday night as he jumped from sixth to third in the standings and now sits within striking distance of the leaders just 37 points out. Darin Spencer and Mallorie McGahan currently round out the top five in the standings.