After a six week break the stars of the Beginner Box Class were back in full force as 23 of the young up and coming drivers signed into the pit area. At the end of the night though, only one would be crowned the winner. That title would once again go to the pilot of the #5 kart, Aiden Larimer. The win marks his 7th of the season and moves him up in the history books into a five way tie for fifth on the All Time Beginner Box Win List with the Red Bluff Outlaws.

                Larimer had to work extremely hard in the Main Event in order to score Win #7. Some of the other drivers in the class stepped their game up throughout the six week break and we got to see some new faces at the front of the field. Corbin Seay led his first laps of the season in his #7C kart. Seay would lead the opening 10 laps before Larimer was able to wrestle it away from him. At the conclusion of the 20 Lapper, Seay would cross the line in second for his career best finish with the Red Bluff Outlaws. Another driver picking up his career best finish was our third place finisher Mason Smith in his Interstate Batteries #18 kart. Smith put together a great night and it resulted in his first top five finish. Chevy Schroer continues to consistently be one of the fastest karts on the racetrack and it’s only a matter of time before he puts the #29 kart into victory lane. He came home in the fourth position for his fifth top five of the season. The top five was completed by the #57 kart of Jacob Nuxoll, also scoring his fifth top five of the year.

In Time Trials it was Chevy Schroer scoring yet another Fast Time in his Panthera Motorsports #29 kart with a lap time of 11.017 seconds. This marks the eighth Fast Time Award of the season for Schroer.

Heat Race competition saw four individual heat races for the youngsters. Heat Race #1 was claimed by none other than the #5 kart of Aiden Larimer. He has been stellar in the Heat Races this season as this is his eighth heat race triumph of the year. Heat Race #2 saw the #7P of Grant Proctor cross the line first. The win marked his second Heat Race win of the season. The #57 kart of Jacob Nuxoll also scored his second Heat Race win of the year by way of winning Heat Race #3. The fourth and final Heat Race saw the #7C of Corbin Seay score his third Heat Race triumph of the season.

Trophy Dash competition saw Carson Stephens pick up the victory in his #77C kart. Stephens raced the dash with a bent up top wing after he flipped in the B-Main. He was unable to transfer to the Main Event after his accident but the Trophy Dash win put a big smile on his face regardless.

Through nine points races, Aiden Larimer still shows the way in the Points Standings. Coming into the night he had a 26 point advantage, and when the Checkered Flag flew he added another 15 points to that total. That gives Larimer a 41 point advantage over Jaxon Coughlin who occupies the second spot in the standings. Chevy Schroer jumped over Austin Anderson and is now in the third spot, 68 markers out of the lead. With Anderson and Koen Irvin rounding out the top five.


 A six week break for the Box Stocks did not slow the momentum of Yuba City, CA driver Seth Standley in his Evan’s Furniture #25 kart. Standley breezed to his 4th consecutive victory as he has now put a stranglehold on the rest of the field.

                Rylinn Renaud would lead the opening lap in his unique looking #16 kart. That would come crashing down in a hurry for Renaud who spun in turn four on lap two and was never able to recover. That turned the lead over to the #25 of Standley who never looked back as he was able to clinch his fourth straight win in the Box Stock Class. After a dismal qualifying effort, the #80 of Alan Pyszora got everything going great in the Main Event as he wheeled his #80 kart to a second place finish for his fourth top five of the season. Blake Martin put together the best night of his season as he came across the line in third for his first top five finish. Rowdy Gramps has been fast all season and used his expertise to score himself a fourth place finish. One of the surprises of the night was the #2 kart of Austin Wood. This was only the third time we have seen him with the Red Bluff Outlaws and he was up front, actually racing for the lead at one point in the Main Event. He eventually fell back to finish fifth. I will be keeping my eye on this young driver as he may be one of the next to break through.

In total 14 different drivers signed into the pit area for Points Race #9 in the Box Stock Class. In Time Trials it was Seth Standley scoring his second Fast Time of the season in his #25 kart with a lap time of 9.833 seconds.

With the smaller kart count we only saw two Heat Races this week for the Box Stocks. Heat Race #1 was claimed by the Hayes Farms #9L of Luke Hayes. Hayes was extremely quick during the early part of the night and looked to be a favorite in the Main Event but a couple of accidents in the Feature cost him a shot at a good finish. Heat Race #2 saw the #21 kart of Connor Grasty finally break through for his first Heat Race Win of the season. It’s hard to believe it took until Race #9 for the youngster as he has been so fast in Time Trials. All of the eggs fell into the right basket though this week and he was able to get one in the books.

Heading into Points Race #10, the Championship points battle in the Box Stock Class continues to see an increase between first and second. Seth Standley shows the way atop the charts. He now holds a 49-point advantage over second place driver Luke Hayes. Connor Grasty sits third, 59 markers out of the top spot. We will see if Standley can extend his win streak now to five in a row during Points Race #10.


The 250 Intermediate Class has been exciting to watch this season. This year we have seen some great battles take place and there are some clear on track rivalries developing. This week’s Main Event wasn’t decided until the final lap, and one driver stood tall after the checkered flag flew. That driver was Daniel Whitley, who secured his second straight win and third overall on the season in his #57 kart. But it did not come without a little bit of drama.

                In a race where we saw the lead change hands four times at the start finish line, and probably 12 times throughout the entire track, it was sure to come down to the final lap and without a doubt it did. The opening 8 laps of the race were led by Drake Standley, older brother of Box Stock standout Seth Standley. Standley looked great out front of the field but his run would come to an end with an accident that caused him to go out of the race with a last place finish. That would turn the lead over to Nevada City, CA hotshoe Tyler Matheny. Matheny is no stranger to the front of the field this season and I would venture to say he has led the most laps of any driver not to win a race yet this year. He would lead until about Lap 13 when the handle began to go away on his kart and he would drop back. Matheny was passed first by Carsen Perkins who seemed poised to have a stellar night and gain some ground in the Points Standings as Carson Sousa who I the Points Leader had struggled early in the night. Perkins would lead it until the final lap when things would come crashing down for the veteran driver. As he crossed under the white flag he had Daniel Whitley breathing down his neck in kart #57. Whitley would make his move on the entry to turn one. He attempted to slide up in front of the #35 of Perkins but did not have him completely cleared. The right rear of Whitley’s kart went over the left front of Perkins and the rest was history. Perkins spun out in front of the field causing a big crash in turn two while Whitley was able to drive away for his third win of the year. Carson Sousa was able to salvage a second place finish in his #01 kart. A great result after a dismal start to the night. The #46 kart of Preston Carr was able to limp his beaten and battered kart home in the third position. Kaiden Butler and Tanner Pettit would round out the top five. Carsen Perkins who entered the final lap as the race leader would be relegated to  a 13th place finish.

In total 29 different drivers signed into the pit area for Points Race #9 in the 250 Intermediate Class. In Time Trials it was the #35 of Carsen Perkins setting Fast Time with a lap time of 8.766 seconds.

Heat Race competition saw Carsen Perkins flip on the opening lap of Heat #1 and come back to win the race in exciting fashion. Heat Race #2 was claimed by Carson Sousa. Heat Race #3 saw the #22K of Kaiden Butler score the win. While the fourth and final Heat Race win went to the #24K of Koa Crane.

Trophy Dash action saw the #57 kart of Daniel Whitley pull into victory lane for his first Trophy Dash win of the season.

Heading into Points Race #10, the Championship points race still shows the RFC Karts #01 of Carson Sousa atop the charts. He currently holds a 40-point advantage over the #46 of Preston Carr.


The Open Class has seen it’s share of up’s and down’s so far this season. Points Race #9 was one of the high points of the year as we some some great racing at the front of the field between three of the veteran drivers of the class. When the dust settled though it was the #9B of Brandon Lachance who came away the victor for the first time this season and the third time in his career.

                The night kicked off with Time Trials for the 29 kart field. It looked as though Chase Hill was poised to score the Fast Time after establishing a great lap in the first group on the racetrack. That would not be the case though as Sean Becker’s maiden voyage of the season would get off to a hot start. Becker went out in the final group of Time Trials and laid down the fastest lap of everyone with a lap time of 8.457 seconds. That ended Chase Majdic’s streak of four Fast Time’s in a row. Championship contender Casey McClain had a dismal qualifying effort as he slotted in 25th of the 29 kart field, losing a lot of ground in the points as a result.

Heat Race competition is always jaw dropping in the Open Class as the top two finishers lock themselves into the Main Event. Heat Race #1 was claimed by the #25S of Morgan Sandhagen, her fifth Heat Race win of the season. Chase Hill continued his Heat Race domination as he picked up his sixth Heat Race win of the year in the second Heat Race. He leads all drivers in that category. Heat Race #3 saw Angelo Cornet pick up his first Heat Race win of the season. The young driver from Willows, CA had a solid night all around. Casey Schmitz piloted his Ed Brown Trucking #35 kart to the win in Heat Race #4, his fourth of the season. The fifth and final Heat Race was claimed by the Evan Johnson Construction #99X of Brenna Johnson, as she held off some heavy hitters for her fourth Heat Race win of the season.

With Qualifying and Heat Races completed, the stage was set for the Main Events. The 15-Lap C-Main Event was up first. The race was won by the #2X of Chase Majdic who had issues in his Heat Race. He was able to pick up the win and move on to the B-Main along with Brian McGahan Jr., Aiden Spiers, Brian Hubert, Nate Jones, and Tristan Spiers.

The B-Main Event was an absolute dogfight as none of the drivers on the racetrack seemed happy with where they were running whether they were in a transfer position or not. Sean Becker led much of the race but youngster Kinden Peacock had other ideas and battled extremely hard with The Shark for the top spot. That would result in Becker loosing the handle entering turn one and causing a melee behind them. Becker would eventually get knocked around all the way out of a transfer position. At the conclusion of the 20 Lapper it was the #91 of Tyler Seavey who would come away victorious sending him to the A-Main along with Chase Majdic, Casey McClain, Kinden Peacock, Brian McGahan Jr, and Garrett Brown. Becker would finish 7th one spot out of the transfer. On the final lap some fireworks went on in the final corner as Brian Hubert drove into the side of Michael Call, causing Call to crash into the outside wall. One can’t help but think that this was a retaliatory move from Hubert after these same drivers had an altercation in the same spot six weeks ago during Points Race #8. I guess time doesn’t heal all wounds. Hubert was disqualified for his actions in the B-Main event.

The Trophy Dash would follow the B-Main. Logan Seavey led the whole way to pick up his second straight Trophy Dash win. It was the highlight of the night for the veteran driver. He had just competed in the B-Main prior to the Dash and it did not go to plan. Early in the race, contact on the backstraight caused Seavey to get out of shape and instead of come to a stop in the middle of the track he exited the kart to the pit area. The Trophy Dash win took some of the sting away but you could see he was still very disappointed to not get a shot at running the 25 Lap Main Event.

With preliminary action completed it was now time for the 25 Lap Open A-Main Event. Casey Schmitz lined up on the Pole Position with Angelo Cornet to his outside. Surprising just about everyone in the building, Cornet would get the jump and lead the opening lap before he encountered problems dropping him deep in the field. Casey Schmitz would then take over the top spot and looked really good up front. There was just one problem though, and that problem had a big #91 on the side of the top wing. Tyler Seavey had worked through the field quickly and was reeling in the #35 of Schmitz. Around Lap 15 is when Seavey made the move to take over the race lead. Schmitz wasn’t letting him get away though as they continued to race for the top spot. The entire complexion of the race would take a drastic turn on Lap 19. Two karts tangled in front of the leaders in turn four. Without having much time to react, Seavey went to the outside of the stopped karts, and Schmitz followed suit. Not only did that kill their momentum but third place running Brandon LaChance saw his opportunity and took it. LaChance had enough time to react and drive to the bottom of the racetrack past the wrecked karts and take over the race lead before they got back to the yellow flag. That would prove to be the race winning move as he withstood two late race restarts to score his third career Open Win with the Red Bluff Outlaws. Tyler Seavey would have to settle for a second place effort and another solid points night. Casey Schmitz came across the line in the third position for his fifth top five of the season. Chase Majdic came all the way from the C-Main to finish fourth in the Main Event. The top five was rounded out by the #77X of Jake Park, just his second top five of the season.

As we now head into the final four Points Races of the season Tyler Seavey continues to show the way in the Points Standings. Second place though changed hands this week as Casey McClain struggled all night. Chase Hill scored the same amount of points as Tyler Seavey so their difference stayed the same as it was coming into the night at 23 points. McClain came into the event second in the standings just 8 points out. By the end of the night he had dropped to third in points 33 markers out of the top spot. Chase Majdic continues to close the gap as he is trying for back to back Championships in the #2X kart. He is fourth in points just 61 markers out. Amanda Moore rounds out the top five in Points.


 The Sportsman Class continues to be the most competitive class each and every week. The Points battle is extremely close, and the on track racing is even closer. This week we had a lot of drama and excitement on and off the racetrack. The on track excitement culminated into another victory for the #98 of Pete Johnston as he snuck past a final lap crash between the leaders to score his second win of the season.

                The Main Event kicked off with the #17 of Mallorie McGahan getting the jump. She would lead until Lap 5 when Demo Mittry’s persistence paid off and he took over the top spot. He would lead it until Lap 11 when McGahan got her mojo back and took over the top spot yet again. There were many yellows and red flags in between all of this excitement and that resulted in the race being shortened to 19 laps. That meant we would have a one lap dash on the restart to determine the winner. McGahan was the race leader with the #6 of Shawn Fogarty in second. McGahan chose the top spot for the start. When the race went green Fogarty got a great restart on the bottom and slid to the inside of Mcgahan. McGahan still had the top line and some momentum worked up. The two went side by side down the back stretch with Pete Johnston pushing them both to the limit. What happened next is of differing opinions. The facts of the matter are Shawn Fogarty had the lead going into turn three. McGahan tried to go to the inside and contact ensued between the two coming to the checkers. They would come to rest about 50 feet from the start finish line while the rest of the field scrambled to find a way by. Pete Johnston was able to sneak to the inside and make the winning pass as he crossed under the Checkered Flag first. Wyatt Brown has been in the right place at the right time on multiple occasions this year and it worked into his favor once again as he restarted with one to go in 6th and he crossed the line second. Tyler Ritcheson had a good points night as he scored a third place finish and took over the top spot in the standings. Adam Schroer would finish fourth, with Zachary Kavert rounding out the top five in fifth.

In total 18 different drivers signed into the pit area for Points Race #9 in the Sportsman Class. In Time Trials it was the Sanders Motorsports #45 kart of Tyler Ritcheson scoring Fast Time with a lap time of 8.714 seconds. That marked the second Fast Time of the season for Ritcheson.

Heat Race competition saw Devan Whitlock pick up the win in Heat Race #1. Heat Race #2 was claimed by the #98 of Pete Johnston. The third and final Heat Race was claimed by the #6 of Shawn Fogarty.

Heading into Points Race #10,Tyler Ritcheson broke the tie atop the standings and leads second place driver Kris Renaud by 12 points heading into the final four races. Shawn Fogarty is currently third in the standings at 53 markers back. Demo Mittry and Mallorie McGahan round out the top five in the current points standings.