the 11th points race was certainly full of drama, caused by the weather. We have no control over it, but I was happy to hear that the racing action had been postponed, in order to allow several drivers the opportunity to arrive in time for qualifying. I can’t imagine the stress level, sitting on I-5 for three hours, waiting to get to your pit, to settle down, breath deep, and get ready for the night. chaussures homme adidas adi racer The points’ race is getting tight, and with two races left, anything can happen. Chase Majdic, in the Open class, had a rough night and even though Wheeler had a decent night he wasn’t able to take advantage of it. By all appearances Tanner Holmes, 250/Intermediate Class driver, was going to lose points to second place driver, Carsen Perkins. Goedkoop Nike Air Max He qualified well, but got into some trouble in his heat race, after getting upside down, and had to race in the B. He transferred, but started towards the rear of the field. No matter what he did, he just wasn’t able to get around the driver’s, but then he worked his way up through the field and with a last lap incident, he got the win! By far it was the most exciting race of the night. BEGINNER BOX: With a time of 11.010, Connor Grasty set fast time. Second through sixth was: Rowdy Gramps, Chevy Schroer, Jake Myers, Austin Anderson, and Luke Hayes. Trophy Dash Results: Luke Hayes started on the pole and led from the drop of the green to the drop of the checker flag. Second through sixth was: Rowdy Gramps, Connor Grasty, Austin Anderson, Jake Myers, and Chevy Schroer. Heat 1results: Austin Anderson, Chevy Schroer, Jaxon Coughlin, Connor Grasty, Kiley Grimes, and Malia Owens. Heat 2 results: Jake Myers, Luke Hayes, Rowdy Gramps, Zachary Risch, and Freddie Furr. A Main: On lap one Jaxon Coughlin hit the outside wall, coming out of turn one, getting upside down, bringing out the red. oakley femme pas cher A caution was brought out when Coughlin hit the inside wall, out of turn 1. He entered the hot pits, but was able to return to action. Nike Air Lebron 13 Ep Freddie Furr spun going into turn 4, bringing out the only other caution of the evening. Once again, Connor Grasty got the win, adding a couple more points to his lead. Second through eleventh was: Rowdy Gramps, Luke Hayes, Jake Myers, Austin Anderson, Chevy Schroer, Zachary Risch, Freddie Furr, Jaxon Coughlin, Kiley Grimes, and Malia Owens. BOX STOCK: Chance Grasty, with a time of 9.595, qualified first. Second through sixth was: Blake Burgess, Preston Carr, Conner Mewhirter, Rylinn Renaud, and Tyler Fox. Preston Carr edged out the other competitors, for the dash win. Chance Grasty, Conner Mewhirter, Tyler Fox, Blake Burgess, and Rylinn Renaud, finished second through sixth. Heat 1 result: Conner Mewhirter, Chance Grasty, Trevor Grimes, Joel Myers, Jr., Brayden Williams, and Blake Martin. Heat 2 Results: Tater Reich, Evan Gunderson, Rylinn Renaud, Blake Burgess, Garrin McNary, and Jace Lafferty. Heat 3 results: Makenna Gannon won her first heat race, followed by; Tyler Fox, Alan Pyszora, Preston Carr, Carly Holmes, and Kai Sorensen. Transferring out of the B into the A Main was: Brayden Williams, Jace Lafferty, Kai Sorensen, and Garrin McNary. A Main: The first caution came out for Trevor Grimes and MaKenna Gannon, they spun in turn 4, getting into each other. nike air max 2015 hombre Grimes and Alan Pyszora got tangled up coming out of turn 2, bringing out another caution. Pyszora spun for the third caution. Chance Grasty got into the back of Rylinn Renaud, who was leading at the time, spinning him coming out of turn 2. Grimes and McNary had issues on track, bringing out another yellow; both exited the track, ending their night of racing. Renaud got into the outside wall going into turn 2, for another caution. One lap later Pyszora brought out a caution, also, getting into the outside wall going into turn 2. Tater Reich stalled on the front stretch on the last lap, and coming to the checkered flag Evan Gunderson and Jace Lafferty got together on the front stretch. 250/Intermediate: Carson Sousa set fast time, with a time of 8.601. The other top qualifiers were: Raymond Baldez, Tanner Holmes, Kaiden Butler, Lexi Raudman, and Maximos Mittry. Mittry got out front early, getting the win. Raudman, Holmes, Sousa, Butler, and Baldez finished second through sixth. Heat 1 transferors were: Carsen Perkins, Kaiden Butler, Carson Sousa, and Blake Carrick. Kyle Hendricks Authentic Jersey Heat 2 transferors were: Daniel Whitley, Brody Armtrout, Raymond Baldez, and Lexi Raudman. Heat 3 transferors were: Tanner Pettit, Maximos Mittry, Anissa Curtice, and Colby Fox. Transferring out of the B Main into the A were: Tanner Holmes, Skyler Cole, Tyler Matheny, and Trace Adams. Utah Utes A Main: Raudman got into the back of Perkins, Perkins swerved and gathered Sousa and Carrick, coming out of turn 2, bringing out the first caution. A lap later; Fox, Raudman, Carrick, Matheny, Holmes, Pettit, and Cole got together in the outside wall between turns 1 and 2. Jordan Jumpman The following lap Curtice and Armtrout went into the outside wall in turn 2, Armtrout stalled. Another caution was out for Curtice, when she spun going into turn 2. Several laps later the red came out when Armtrout and Perkins got together coming out of turn 2, with Perkins landed on his side. Perkins entered the hot pits, and Armtrout was sent off track, ending his night. Carrick was hit from behind, stalling, ending his night. Nike Air Presto Homme Raudman and Baldez got together coming out of 4, with Raudman stalling on the front stretch; she entered the hot pits for repairs. Butler and Mittry spun, in unison, going into 2, bringing out another caution. Sousa got into Pettit with both drivers’ sliding through the infield, Pettit in the middle of the infield and Sousa clear up in turn 1 narrowly missing the officials. Pettit stalled. After the yellow was displayed, Perkins, Whitley, and Butler got tangled out of turn 1. Cole came into the hot pits for a mechanical issue. Raekwon McMillan Jerseys On the final lap Baldez and Adams got together, and with drivers scrambling, in order to avoid the two drivers, Tanner Holmes and Colby Fox, persevered and got around the incident, with Holmes getting the win and Fox second. Mittry, Matheny, and Sousa were third through fifth. OPEN: Knocking Majdic off the top spot was Amanda Moore, who set fast time, with a time of 8.264. Jay Bromley Majdic was second, followed by Maria Cofer, Tyler Seavey, Chase Hill, and Ren Eberhart. Chase Hill got his first dash win of the season. goedkoop nike air max nederland Transferring into the A Main out of the heats were: Heat 1; Michael Tarter and Tanner Carrick. Heat 2: Michael Call and Chase Majdic. Heat 3: Logan Seavey and Keith Bloom. Heat 4: Sean Becker and Tyler Seavey. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Heat 5: Chase Hill and Angelo Cornett. Transferring out of the C into the B was: Casey Schmitz, Brandon LaChance, Jimmy Elledge, Brenna Johnson, RJ Johnson, Lucas Ashe. Transferring out of the B into the A was: Mike Wheeler, Amanda Moore, Ren Eberhart, Brandon LaChance, Morgan Sandhagen, and RJ Johnson. CORTEZ A Main: Keith Bloom got into Chase Majdic spinning him coming out of 3, into the outside wall. Majdic entered the hot pits. A couple of laps later the red came out when Bloom got upside down coming out of turn 1. Michael Tarter, Morgan Sandhagen, and Michael Call were victims of the red, with Tarter taken off of the track on the hook. Both he and Sandhagen entered the hot pits. Bloom got into Ren Eberhart, bringing out another caution, Eberhart got loose and with nowhere to go Tarter got into him. Both drivers entered the hot pits. For an unknown reason, Angelo Cornett entered the hot pits and then exited the track. Eberhart stalled on the front stretch bringing out the caution and entered the hot pits. He was able to get back out on the track, but reentered the hot pits. With the race action back under way Call and Johnson had a meeting on the front stretch, with Tarter getting into the outside wall coming out of turn 2. Madjic entered the hot pits after the chain came off. LaChance slid into Moore, bringing out another caution, coming into turn 3. Sandhagen stalled out in turn 4. Majdic reentered the race, but shortly after the green he stalled on the front stretch, bringing out another caution. Bloom got into Carrick, bringing out the caution. Bloom was sent off the track. With two laps left Call stalled out of turn 3 into the outside wall. AIR PRESTO Flyknit Ultra Coming across the finish line first was Logan Seavey, for his first win of the season. SPORTSMAN: Shawn Fogarty set fast time, 8.625. Only the second time this season that Daniel Thorson was knocked off the top of the board. Daniel Thorson qualified second, Kris Renaud, Michael Helwig, Justin Reinolds, and Bubba Hill qualified third through sixth. Helwig took home the trophy. Driver’s transferring out of their heats into the A Main was: Heat 1: Travis Lynch, Mallorie McGahan, Shawn Fogarty, and Michael Helwig. Heat 2: Justin Reinolds, Beau Perkins, Daniel Thorson, and Darin Spencer. Heat 3: Braedon Enos, Kris Renaud, Bubba Hill, and Kevin Hartnet. Transferring out of the B Main into the A was: Wade Kennemore, Adam Schroer, BJ Martin, JoJo Owens. A Main: Justin Reinolds brought out the first yellow when he spun coming out of 2. Several laps later Bubba Hill got into Reinolds with both getting into the outside wall in turn 1, and Beau Perkins going for an upside down ride, bringing out the red flag. The other drivers involved were: BJ Martin, Shawn Fogarty, and JoJo Owens. Hill entered the hot pits with a chain off, Perkins and Reinolds also entered the hot pits, with Perkins leaving the track. Owens and Enos brought out the caution with Owens coming into the hot pits with an apparent muffler issue, after they get into the outside wall in turn 1. Owens was black flagged and sent off track. With McGahan, securely in third, she was lapping Hill, when they tangled in turn 4, bringing out another caution. Martin spun into the outside wall in turn 4 when he tried to avoid hitting McGahan and Hill. He exited the track. Kyrie 2 Shoes Another red flag came out when Adam Schroer hit the wall on the back stretch and got upside down. On the last lap of the race, Travis Lynch got into the back stretch wall, flipping three times, while airborne. It was quite a site to see, but most importantly was the fact that he got out of his kart and walked away. Kris Renaud got the win, his first this season. Texas A&M Aggies Michael Helwig, Daniel Thorson, Shawn Fogarty, and Wade Kennemore finished second through fifth. Birthdays to celebrate the next couple of weeks are: Beginner box driver: Kiley Grimes, February 26th. Canotta Brooklyn Nets Box Stock driver: Rylinn Renaud, March 7th. Open driver: Rudger Worley, February 22nd. Open driver: Bennett Gooch, March 8th.