The Eagles Have Landed; West Coast Nationals Draw Red Bluff Outlaws Season to a Close

By: Elijah Jones


                (March 23rd, 2018)……….In Outlaw Kart Racing there are a few prestigious races across the country, many of those races though focus solely on one or two classes. That is what sets the West Coast Nationals aside from every other race. The West Coast Nationals features all five classes that run on a weekly basis. The Beginner Box Stocks, Box Stocks, 250 Intermediates, Opens, and Sportsman Classes all compete in a full three day show that is unlike any other Outlaw Kart Race in the country. At the end of Sunday’s Main Events the Champions are each awarded their trophy; an Eagle. When you think of an Eagle you think power, strength, and courage. It takes all of those to become a West Coast Nationals Champion and five drivers did just that last weekend.

                The Beginner Box Stock Class saw a familiar face pick up the victory. Merced, CA youngster Aiden Larimer piloted his Cornaggia Farms #5 kart to his 10th win of the season with the Red Bluff Outlaws. Larimer was spectacular all season long and put himself into the record books. He now holds the second most wins in the Beginner Box Stock Class of any driver in the history of the Red Bluff Outlaws, behind only Cyle Allison who had 12 wins before moving into the next class. Larimer will make the move into the Box Stock Class next season where he will hope to continue his winning ways.

                In the Box Stock Class we saw somewhat of a surprise winner. Not only because of who won the race, but how he won the race. On Lap 8 of the Main Event the red flag came out as two cars got upside down in Turn 4. One of those cars was the Whitchurch & Sons #14 of Rowdy Gramps. Gramps would get turned back over and rejoin at the tail of the field. From there he would mount a charge to the front of the field that will not soon be forgotten. The young driver from Oroville, CA would get to the lead late in the Main Event and drive away to the West Coast Nationals Championship, his second win of the season in the Box Stock Class.

                Another surprise victor came in the 250 Intermediate Class. Anissa Curtice came into this weekend having never won a race at the Red Bluff Outlaws. In an eventful Main Event that saw many different leaders, Curtice would hang around in the top five until it was her turn to take over the top spot. Once out front, the Eureka, CA driver would power away to the West Coast Nationals Title. While it was announced during the event that she was the first female to win a West Coast Nationals Title, research proved that to be incorrect. She is actually just the second female to get it done as Lexi Raudman is actually a two-time West Coast Nationals Champion (Beg. Box & Box). Anissa Curtice has shown much improvement on the race track over the last two years, and her driving will only continue to improve. Look for this to be a breakthrough weekend for her as it will kick down the door to many more victories for this young lady.

                The Open Class was extremely competitive all weekend long. We saw many different drivers show a lot of speed. Once the Green Flag flew on the 30 Lap Main Event though, it was all one driver out front. Tyler Seavey started outside the front row for the Main Event. He jumped out front on the opening lap and never relinquished the top spot. In such a way as we have seen already this season Tyler Seavey looked unstoppable at the front of the field. Restarts were where he excelled the most. He would launch off the restart and take off to a big lead. That meant that even if someone strung together some laps and attempted to close in, they had a lot of work to do to get to his bumper let alone pass him. Jake Park tried early in the race, then Brandon LaChance, then even younger brother Logan Seavey. None were able to make anything happen as Tyler wheeled his Amber Norman Racing #91 kart to the victory leading all 30 Laps in the process. It was a very impressive run for a driver who had a very impressive season. A Red Bluff Outlaws Championship and West Coast Nationals Championship in one winter is no simple task, but Mr. Seavey made it look a lot easier than it was.

                The Sportsman Class was once again the Tyler Ritcheson vs. Kris Renaud show as it was all season long. I have personally never witnessed a Championship battle as good as the one these two put on. That resulted in Tyler Ritcheson winning the Track Championship by way of holding off a last lap charge in the last points race of the season. Fast forward to the West Coast Nationals Main Event. Same story as the week before. Tyler Ritcheson leads with Kris Renaud second, less than five laps to go and an eagle on the line. This time when Renaud reels in Ritcheson he is able to complete the pass in a tattered and torn race car with two laps remaining. Kris Renaud finally became a West Coast Nationals Champion as he piloted the Gary Perkins Racing Development #35 to the victory. The kart looked like it had been through World War Three, but the smile on Kris Renaud’s face in Victory Lane told the tale of someone who just flat out enjoys racing and that is why we show up each and every week.

                With the 2017/18 race season in the books at the Red Bluff Outlaws, the doors to the Pauline Davis Pavilion close for Outlaw Karts until October. The drivers and teams will go race elsewhere during the Spring and Summer months. The officials will go work at other racetracks, and the fans will watch other races. Come October though, we will all find ourselves together again as we begin yet another Red Bluff Outlaws Season. Until then, be safe, and be good people. We will see you next year at the Red Bluff Outlaws.