By JACK WATERMAN-Special to the DN
Winner breaks out of a month-long dry spell

Race 5 in the Red Bluff Outlaws Winter Series witnessed veteran track champion Brian McCain shake a month of rough luck to take the win in the Open 500cc Division last weekend. 

Over the past decade Brain and his brother Tyler McCain have gathered a record number of track championships, both at Red Bluff and other Outlaw Kart tracks. Brian led most the furious feature event just ahead of Brett Miller the 16-year-old driver from Chico. 

Miller had his first and very successful foray into sprint cars this past summer as he ran his first race during the Gold Cup races at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico. Also finishing in the top five were legendary Outlaw and Sprint Car racer Sean "The Shark" Becker winner of both the Silver Dollar Speedway Championship and the "King of California" titles this past summer, and NASCAR Southwest Tour racer Ryan Foster who had set the fast time lap for the night at a 8.686 seconds. 

After nearly a decade of racing with the Red Bluff Outlaws, Josh Chartier from Cottonwood ran his final race before entering full time service in the U.S. Air Force. Chartier leaves with a number of championships and the highest respect from his fellow racers as a great competitor and a sportsman of the highest caliber. 

In the Open Intermediate class, Dillon Silverman made a spectacular showing in the feature event for the class by charging past the leaders to take point and hold it to the checkered flag. #22 Mason Moore set the fast time lap for the class for the fourth weekend in a row with a 8.568 second circuit. 

In the Intermediate 125/250cc division, it was Thomas Bruckenstein that dominated the action by winning both the Trophy Dash and the feature event just ahead of Tyler Reddick and last week's winner Colby Copeland. Kenny Allen from Chico made the fast lap during qualifying at 8.722 seconds.

The F200 Class saw the largest turnout to date and Vic Hannan had his first event win by taking a commanding lead in the A Main Feature and running a smooth line throughout the 25 lap event.

In the younger divisions, Box Stock fast time was set by Kellcy Bell from Carson City with a 9.781 second lap. Mason Millard led the six fastest karts of the night in the Trophy Dash to take the win. Tanner Thorson #88 took the right groove for the 30 lap Main Event to win the race.

As the season has progressed, the young drivers are settling into the track and their karts proven by virtually Yellow Flag-Free Main events in both the Box Stock and the Beginner Box Stock divisions.

The Beginner Box Stock results are still under review and the outcome should be posted this weekend.

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Race 6 is on Saturday, Nov. 19 at the Pauline Davis Pavilion in the Tehama District Fair-ground. Trophy Dashes and A Main Events start at 6 p.m.

Outlaw Karts by Gary Jacob…Red Bluff, CA..Nov 12…Snapping his string of tough luck heat race incidents, former Red Bluff Indoor champion Brian McCain from Redding got his first Open Outlaw Kart A Main win of the 2005-2006 season Saturday night. He timed in 11th quick, ran second in his heat and won the feature to climb into tenth place in points after five weeks of action. After earlier beating B McCain in their heat race, 16 year old Brett Miller ran a solid second in the A Main ahead of Sean Becker, who was the Golden State Challenge winged 410 sprint car champion in 2005. Point leader Tyler Wolf ran fifth behind fast timer Ryan Foster. Wolf increased his point lead to 40 points when Tyler McCain, younger brother of the feature winner, ran 11th. The championship fight in the Open Intermediates tightened when point leader Mason Moore ran last in the 13 kart feature after earlier setting fast time, winning his heat and placing second in the dash. Feature winner Dillon Silverman is fifth in points, only 26 tallies behind Moore. Garrett Mills ran second and stands just 22 tallies back. Silverman made a late charge for the win, taking second from Kyle Larson on lap 18 and beating Mills around an incident to pace the final 3 laps of the 25 lap feature. Third place finisher Larson leaped into second in points, 15 behind Moore. Keith Bloom Jr could not take advantagew of Moore's bad luck as he ran 9th in the B Main and is 18 points out of the lead. Thomas Bruckenstein won both the dash and feature for the Intermediate class and stands just 31 points back of point leader Brian Southers. Young Tyler Reddick ran second and Colby Copeland's third left him just 13 points out of the point lead as Southers settled for fifth place this week. Nevada's Tanner Thorson won the Box Stock A Main ahead of James Edens and fast timer Kellcy Bell. Young female racer K Bell came out of the night just 6 points out of the point lead as young Logan Seavey holds a 4 point lead over his older brother Tyler Seavey and the 6 point margin over K Bell. The top 8 in points are separated by only 30 points with T Thorson in 7th, 25 points behind the leader. Fourth quick Devin Lee won his second straight Beginner Box Stock main event, but ranks 8th in points. Point leader Richie Carrel ran second after earlier winning his heat and the dash. Point runnerup Chase Majdic was third ahead of rookie Samantha Schultz and stands 20 tallies behind Carrel. Rookie Vic Hannan got his first F200 feature win in front of point leader Alyssa Hogan and newcomer Damen Rogers. Hogan holds a one point lead over Braedon Enos as defending champion Kevin Acosta fell from title contention by sitting out the event.

          Pavement late model star Ryan Foster turned quick time for the 45 Open Outlaws with a 8.686 lap. Brandon Aldred ranked second at 8.714 and Wolf nipped S Becker for third. Wolf had a 8.723 and S Becker a 8.750. Also making the dash were John Michael Bunch and B Miller. Bunch won the dash from the pole ahead of S Becker and B Miller. Only the top two finishers in the five heat races advanced into the A Main action. B Miller came from fourth to win heat 1 over B McCain and Josh Chartier. This was Chartier's last night of action before entering the Air Force. Cody Braund won heat 2 from the pole over Aldred and 7th quick T McCain. Nevada's Christian Steele turned a pole start into a win in heat 3 ahead of Wolf and female star Reyna Krueger. Michael Hubert III won from the pole in heat 4 as Daniel Becker nipped Beau Perkins for second. Joe Weststeyn used an outside front row assignment to beat Bubba Hill in heat 5 as Tyler Ritcheson ran third. Former track champion Tony Sousa timed in 9th quick, but had problems in his heat and had to start his night in the D Main. He won the D Main ahead of Shawn Amos and Sunnyvale long tow Emalee Ramirez. Tyler Schaaf also advanced with a fourth while Michael Tarter just missed in fifth. Chris Rytting was the C Main winner over David Tarter, Steven Gannon and Eureka's Troy Combs as Pete Johnston's tough indooor season continued with a  non transferring fifth ahead of Schaaf. Sousa was the first kart to fall out of the C Main. The always competitive B Main found fast timer Foster posting the win ahead of S Becker, dash winner Bunch and T McCain. Just missing the move into the A Main were Brent Hamilton and double feature winner C W Tiner. B McCain rounded out the night with his first A Main win of the winter ahead of B Miller, 12th starter S Becker, 11th starting Foster and Wolf. Braund ran sixth ahead of D Becker, Hubert III, Aldred and Steele. B Miller climbed into third in points, 69 behind Wolf and just 2 ahead of Foster. T McCain is just 3 behind B Miller and Hamilton dropped to 6th when he failed to get out of the B Main.

          Princeton's Moore was the fastest of the 28 Open Intermediates with a 8.568 lap. Larson ranked second at 8.655 and Bloom was third quick at 8.687. The top 16 were all in the 8's with Robert Marcos holding down fourth ahead of Nevada female racer Mackena Bell and Andrew Cumpton. Cumpton won the dash from the pole over Moore and Larson. In this class, three karts each advance from three heat races and Moore's near perfect night continued with a win in heat 1 over Brannon Asch and Derek Copeland. Jonny Lentz has had a tough Red Bluff season but won heat 2 over Larson and M Bell. Silverman previewed his feature win with a victory in heat 3 over Mills and Jake Park. Dash winner Cumpton had problems in his heat, but won a small C Main ahead of Camron Mendes and Marcos. Female racer Alissa Geving captured the B Main ahead of Mathew Davis and Michael Forslund. Mills and M Bell held down the front row for the A Main with Larson and Moore in row 2. Mils took a quick lead over Larson and D Silverman had advanced from 7th to 3rd in the first 8 rounds. Moore spun for a  lap 8 yellow. Moore's third caution on lap 14 ended his race. Larson hooked a rut in turn 2 on lap 18 and Silverman drove by him for second. Lentz spun in turn 3 on lap 23. Mills went high to avoid him and D Silverman jumped to the bottom. D Silverman outraced Mills to the caution flag and 12th quick D Silverman was the A Main winner ahead of Mills, Larson, M Bell, D Copeland, Geving, Daniel Thorson and Forslund.

            Kenny Allen from Chico paced the 25 Intermediates with a 8.772 clocking. Point leader Southers was just a tick back at 8.779 and C Copeland a very close third at 8.814. Trevor Tennison, Bruckenstein and Reddick completed the dash field as the top 12 were all in the 8's. Bruckenstein won the dash from the front row over C Copeland and Southers. Again, three transfers each out of three heat races. Tenth quick Seth Nunes from Oregon won heat 1 over Tennison and Wyatt Pruitt. Southers out dueled Bruckenstein and Tyler Taylor in heat 2 and young Max Adams won heat 3 ahead of Josh Keheley and Reddick. Allen ran 8th in his heat, but won the C Main in front of Nevada's Cameron Millard and Jacob Miller. Red Bluff rookie Justyn Cox outraced Bloom and C Copeland in the B Main. Bloom was subbing for Jason Mittry. Allen battled from 10th to get the final transfer in fourth ahead of Nicholas Bellamy. Bruckenstein was the A main victor ahead of Reddick, C Copeland, Nunes, Southers, Keheley, Allen, Cox and Bloom. Both Chase Hill and Dylan Pemberton lost ground in the point race by failing to transfer out of the B Main.

               K Bell was the quickest of the 29 Box Stocks with a 9.781 lap. T Thorson started his big night with second quick time at 9.824 and Brandon White ranked third at 9.829. L Seavey, Casey McClain and Nevada's Mason Millard rounded out the dash field with the fasted 8 karts all in the 9's. M Millard won the dash from the pole over L Seavey and McClain. The clean racing that this group puts out allows 16 karts to race in the A Main so four karts transfer from each of the three heat races. Lakeport champion Cameron Bartlett won heat 1 over K Bell and Nevada's Zachary Heinz. T Thorson ran fifth in the dash, but won heat 2 in front of Lain Baker and Edens. T Seavey beat Jake Morgan and Santa Rosa's Chase Johnson in heat 3. The B Main also had 16 starters and McClain got that win in front of M Millard, Wesley Dougherty and David Lee. Just missing the move up were Thomas Bellamy and Brittney White. Brandon White also missed in 7th. T Thorson finished off a huge night with a  feature win ahead of Edens, K Bell, Bartlett, T Seavey, J Morgan, Heinz, L Seavey and C Johnson. McClain ran 11th and stands fourth in points, 10 behind L Seavey. Edens is four more points back, two ahead of Bartlett. Heintz rounds out that tight top 8.

           Third ranked Brian Hubert was quickest of the 23 Beginner Box Stocks with a 10.996 lap. That easily paced the 11.227 for Zachary Rushing. Carrel ran 11.301 and Devin Lee a 11.312. First time visitor Miranda Chappa surprised with fifth fast time ahead of Majdic. Carrel came from the middle to win the dash over B Hubert and Chappa. Four heats only transfer two karts each in this class. B Hubert won heat 1 over Jesse James Colwell and Chappa. Katina Baker beat Rushing and Majdic in heat 2. Carrel was chased to his heat 3 win by female racers Schultz, Jessica Chambers and Brooke Silverman. Michael Call edged out Devin Lee in heat 4 with Ukiah's Lucas Tellstrom in third. Carley Dougherty beat Cory Combs and Ryan Robinson in the  C Main and 9th quick Taylor Matson won the B Main ahead of Majdic, C Combs and B Silverman. Jarrett Gillingwater just missed the move up in fifth. Devin Lee won his second straight A Main ahead of Carrel, Majdic, Schultz, Taylor Matson, K Baker, Colwell and B Hubert. B Hubert is 34 points back of Majdic and just 2 ahead of 12th place finisher Rushing. K Baker stands fifth, 14 points back of Rushing and five ahead of Colwell.

           There were 8 F200's. Feature winner Hannan failed to produce a qualifying time and Cody Smith was quickest at 10.260. Enos ran 10.287 and Hogan a 10.423. Enos beat Damen Rogers and Hogan in the dash. Hannan raced to the feature win ahead of Hogan, Damen Rogers, newcomer Nick Preston, Enos, JR Nobriga, Tony Mills and Smith. Smith ranks third in points, 31 points out of the lead and 9 ahead of Hannan.

           After racing for a sixth straight weekend on Nov 19, the track will be idle on Thanksgiving weekend.