Outlaw Karts by Gary Jacob…Red Bluff, CA…Dec 3…
Having chased outside front row starter Reyna Krueger for the first 12 laps, Sean Becker took advantage of a Krueger spin to lead the final half of the 25 lap Open Outlaw Kart A Main Saturday night at the Red Bluff Winter Indoor Kart Series. S Becker was both the Golden State Challenge Series winged 410 sprint car champion and track titlest at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico in 2005. Pavement late model star Ryan Foster made an outside pass on fast timer Brett Miller racing to the white flag to take second. B Miller capped his big night with a third place run ahead of Tyler McCain and Daniel Becker. Garrett Mills made it three wins in seven races in the Open Intermediate class as he led all 20 laps from an outside front row start. Another point title hopeful Keith Bloom Jr was second ahead of Derek Copeland. Oregon star Seth Nunes has had a tough season in Red Bluff so far, but turned things around to lead all 20 laps from his pole start in the Intermediate A Main. Colby Copeland gained ground on point leader Brian Southers with a second place run ahead of Kyle Larson, who was subbing for an injuried Max Adams for a second straight race.

              Brett Miller again was the fastest of the 44 Open Outlaw teams in time trials with an 8.725 qualifying run. That outpaced point leader Tyler Wolf who ran 8.787, Brandon Aldred's 8.800  and T McCain who had a 8.803. Outside front row starter Brent Hamilton took dash honors ahead of Aldred and T McCain. The highly competitive heat race action sees only two transfers from each of the five events. The lineups are invert fives, but B Miller still battled to a win in heat 1 over Foster and Richard Weststeyn. Michael Hubert III won heat 1 over David Tarter and Wolf as Bryce Sandhagen flipped. John Michael Bunch won heat 3 over Krueger and Brian McCain. Aldred spun fighting for third in heat 4 and Scott Morton flipped as S Becker outraced brother D Becker for that win. T McCain ran third. Previous race A Main winner Beau Perkins won heat 5 ahead of Steven Gannon and Hamilton. Aldred had to open his night in the D Main and he won that ahead of Pete Johnston and Tony Sousa. Steven Rogers was the C Main victor ahead of Dean Bare and A J Kerns. Jason Schuppert ran fourth in the C Main and also earned one of the four transfers in the 20 lap B Main. T McCain and Wolf ran 1-2 all the way in the B Main. Hamilton took third from Bubba Hill on lap 15 and Schuppert was fourth one lap later. Tyler Ritcheson flipped on lap 3 and Hill had a late race tangle with C W Tiner. T McCain beat Wolf, Hamilton and Schuppert with Rogers ending up fifth ahead of Emalee Ramirez and Hill.

            The lineup for the 25 lap A Main put S Becker and Krueger on the front row ahead of Hubert, Foster, B Miller and Tarter. Krueger raced into the lead over S Becker and B Miller. A pair of tangles forced a lap 2 yellow. Bunch and D Becker were in one and Schuppert, Wolf and Gannon in the second. Hubert lost fifth to Perkins when he stalled in a tangle with 4th place Foster. Gannon was unhurt when he flipped for a lap 6 red flag. Hubert, Hamilton and Schuppert tangled for a lap 13 yellow flag. Red Bluff races to the caution and Krueger spun as she tried to dive under the melee in turn 3. Krueger had to restart in the rear after leading 12 laps. S Becker was the new leader over B Miller, Foster and Tarter. Tarter flipped for a lap 14 red flag, but was able to continue from the rear. Wolf also pitted and restarted in the back. T McCain was now fourth over D Becker. Two more cautions slowed the action as Bunch, Hamilton, Wolf and Krueger got tangled on lap 21 and Hubert spun on lap 23. As they raced to the white flag, Foster was able to make an outside pass on B Miller take over second. Foster could only chase S Becker for that final round to the win. S Becker's QRC house kart won ahead of Foster, B Miller, T McCain, D Becker, Schuppert, Hamilton and Bunch. Wolf settled for 9th.

           Incoming point leader Mason Moore paced the 23 Open Intermediates in time trials with an 8.872 lap. Keith Bloom Jr was second at 8.909 ahead of Mills' 8.927, Kyle Larson at 8.932 and the 8.952 of Michael Forslund. Brannon Asch was the final dash qualifier. Moore won the first heat in front of James Sweeney and Nevada's Mackena Bell as an early race spin relegated Larson to a 4th. Forslund flipped in heat 2 which was won by D Copeland ahead of Andrew Cumpton and Bloom. Dillon Silverman won heat 3 ahead of late arriving Jonny Lentz and Mills. Moore had a basketball conflict and turned his kart over to Justin Grant for the dash and feature action. Grant won a wild dash from last starting over Larson and Forslund. Larson had the pole for the B Main and was never headed. Brannon Asch ran second for five laps before spinning. Jake Park was second for the remainder of the race. A late caution tightened the field and third place duelers Brad Patchen and Kenny McArthur got tangled up on the last lap. That allowed Alissa Geving to climb to third ahead of Robert Marcos. Sweeney and Mills shared the front row for the 20 lap feature ahead of Bloom, Grant, Cumpton and Silverman. Mills led Sweeney and Grant on the first scored lapped as Cumpton and Bell got tangled with Park and Geving in a separate tangle. Second place duelers Sweeney, Grant and Silverman got locked together for a lap 2 caution with Bloom now second over D Copeland. Larson settled in to fourth and Lentz gained fifth on lap 3. Lentz took fourth from Larson on lap 11 and Sweeney spun for a lap 13 yellow. Lentz' attempt to pass third place D Copeland on the outside saw him get into the fence for a lap 16 yellow flag. Larson was now fourth over Cumpton. Grant crashed for a lap 17 yellow and then Bell tangled up with Silverman. On the final restart, Larson slipped into the infield and fell from the top five. Mills stayed out front for the win over Bloom, D Copeland, Cumpton and Geving. Larson ran sixth over Sweeney, Park and Silverman.

              Trevor Tennison surprised by pacing 28 Intermediates in time trials with his 8.856 effort. Cameron Millard from Nevada was second quick at 8.958 ahead of the substituting Larson who ran a 8.964. Thomas Bruckenstein, C Copeland and R J Johnson also made the dash. Larson won the dash honors over C Copeland and Tennison. Southers spun out of second in heat 1 as Tyler Taylor won ahead of Bruckenstein and Chase Hill. C Copeland beat Justyn Cox and Nunes in heat 2 and Nicholas Bellamy won heat 3 ahead of Larson and Kenny Allen. R Johnson flipped in heat 3 while racing in third and Jason Mittry lost second in a tangle with a  lapped kart. Mittry rebounded to win the C Main over Shane Graham and Stephanie Yannazzo. Johnson was a wire to wire winner in the 20 lap B Main. Southers made a late move around Millard for second. Millard settled for third and Mittry overcame a spin while 4th on lap 15 to take fourth from Graham on the a late race restart. Graham ran fifth ahead of Jeremy Andreason. The A Main grid had Nunes and C Copeland on the front row ahead of Bruckenstein, Larson, Bellamy and Taylor. Nunes raced into the lead over C Copeland and Larson. Bruckenstein settled into fourth. Taylor lost fifth to Bellamy when he got tanlged up with Cox on lap 3. Mittry flipped for a lap 5 red flag and Bellamy had moved ahead of Bruckenstein for fourth. Bruckenstein, Bellamy, Hill and Southers got tangled up for a lap 9 yellow with Johnson now fourth over Allen. The last caution came on lap 11 as Cox spun and Bellamy fell out. Allen made a late move around Johnson for fourth and Nunes checked out in the closing rounds. Nunes won ahead of C Copeland, Larson, Allen, Johnson, Hill, Southers, Millard and Mittry.

              The Outlaw Kart All Star Tour closes it's 2005 season in Red Bluff on December 10th so the regular Red Bluff point races take that weekend off. In the open division for the tour, Pete Johnston is 14 points ahead of Bloom and 29 up on Grant. Larson is only four points behind Grant and 11 ahead of B Miller. In the Intermediates, Larson holds a solid 45 point lead on Moore with Josh Keheley another 17 points back in third. C Copeland is 17 behind Keheley and 23 up on Mittry.