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Race #2 is in the record books.  For anyone, who doesn’t believe in the passion that we call Red Bluff Racing, you missed a night full of that passion. The beating and banging continued from Race #1.

I’ve never driven an outlaw kart, so I may not understand the thrill or the desire to win in one, but I know the drive to win. I would hope that the driver’s would take a lesson from a conversation that I heard about. The point of the conversation was to apologize for driving over their head and taking a first place kart out of a transfer position. The driver immediately apologized. A little bit of, I’m sorry, goes along way. It was a class act.

I have enjoyed watching the Beginner Box Stock driver’s transform themselves. I would hope that we’d all remember that these little ones are new to racing, and they are young. Let’s be patient with them.

The top six qualifiers were: Connor Grasty, with a fast time of 10.933. Second through sixth were: Austin Anderson, Rowdy Gramps, Jake Myers, Zachary Risch, and Chevy Schroer.

The trophy dash was stalled, due to a red, when Zachary got upside down. After the race resumed Rowdy Gramps, coming from the back row, got the win.

Heat 1 was clean with Rowdy Gramps getting the win. Second through fifth was: Connor Grasty, Zachary Risch, Bently Ritcheson, and Kiley Grimes.

Heat 2 was, also, without incident. Austin Anderson got the win, followed by; Chevy Schroer, Jake Myers, Jaxon Goughlin, Malia Owens, and Freddie Furr.

The A Main was also without incidents. It proved to be a perfect night, of racing, for Rowdy Gramps, who not only won his heat, and the trophy dash, but he also got the win in the A Main.  Second through tenth was: Connor Grasty, Austin Anderson, Chevy Schroer, Jake Myers, Jaxon Goughlin, Malia Owens, Zachary Risch, Kiley Grimes, Bently Ritcheson, and Freddie Furr.


Box Stock top six qualifiers were: Chance Grasty, with a time of 9.671, was fast qualifier. Second through sixth was: Wade Whittman, Rylinn Renaud, Connor Mewhirter, Clinton Andrego, and Preston Carr.

After taking ‘center stage’ on track the box stock drivers trophy dash got underway, with Preston Carr getting the win. Second through sixth were: Wade Whittman, Clinton Andrego, Chance Grasty, Rylinn Renaud, and Connor Mewhirter.

Heat 1 was raced clean with Chance Grasty coming out on top. Connor Mewhirter, Trevor Grimes, Carly Holmes, Tater Reich, and Evan Gunderson; finished in that order; second through sixth.

Heat 2 was clean, Joel Myers, Jr., got the win. Tyler Fox, Natalie Richard, Clinton Andrego, Alyssa Foster, and Wade Whittman finished in that order, second through sixth.

Heat 3 had three restarts. Drivers in row one jumped the start, sending them to row two, and drivers that were in row two came on point.  They also jumped the start, sending row two back to row three and row three were now on point. In the end the two drivers who were to start in row one, finally brought the field to the green. After the three attempts to start the race, it finished clean, and Kevin Franck saw the checkered flag, first. Preston Carr, Rylinn Renaud, Garin McNary, Jace Lafferty, and Nathan Griffin, finished second through sixth.

There were six drivers, in the B Main, vying for the four transfer spots. Nathan Griffin spun into the infield, bringing out the first yellow of the race, sending him into the hot pits for some minor repairs. Unfortunately for Nathan his night ended, early, when he stalled, slowing into the infield, bringing out the yellow.  His issues were too much for a quick repair, ending his night. The drivers who transferred were: Wade Whittman, Tater Reich, Evan Gunderson, and Jace Lafferty.

The A Main was retiled with yellow flag laps. The first yellow was in the air; when Chance Grasty, Trevor Grimes, Jace Lafferty, and Tater Reich got together going into turn one. Shortly, after the green was shown to the pack Joel Myers, Jr. got sideways and ran into Rylinn Renaud and Clinton Andrego, sending them into the infield. Andrego made a short appearance in the hot pits, before he rejoined the field. With the leaders lapping several karts, Garin McNary spun coming out of turn four and took Connor Mewhirter with him, into the infield. Both drivers spent a short time in the hot pits, and were able to get back on the track, before the green flag dropped for the rest of the drivers.

Meanwhile Carly Holmes was busy up front holding off Preston Carr. Several times he put the pressure on and when they returned to racing, after being under yellow, Preston was on a mission to take the lead.

With Trevor Grimes bringing out, yet another yellow, the racing resumed with Preston in the lead, for all of a ¼ lap, when once again, Miss Carly got the lead back. It wasn’t long before another yellow was brought out, this time when Natalie Richard, Connor Mewhirter, and Evan Gunderson got together coming out of turn four, on the back stretch.

Carly, continued to lead, when the yellow came out, for Mewhirter and Franck who got together coming out of turn four. Coming to the green, Andrego hit the wall, out of turn four, bouncing around, but miraculously he was able to continue.  However, the yellow was brought out to check on him.  When he hit the wall, he got airborne and landed hard.

Gunderson and Franck spun coming out of turn four, they were able to continue, without assistance. But trying to avoid the spin Trevor Grimes and Rylinn Renaud spun, needing assistance to get back under way.

With only a few laps left, the race went clean from there, and no matter what moves Carr tried, he was unable to pass Carly, giving her her first win in the Box Stock class.

250/Intermediate trophy dash qualifiers were: Maximos Mittry, with fast time of 8.625. Carsen Perkins, Tanner Holmes, Raymond Baldez, Anissa Curtice, and Lexi Raudman, qualified second through sixth.

At the drop of the green Lexi Raudman got the lead, with hard charging Tanner Holmes moving up to second. Anissa got loose and got into Holmes, running him up into the wall out of turn one.  Holmes was able to continue, without assistance, but Curtice had to be pushed off. With five laps to go, and the green back in the air, Raudman continued to lead.  There were a couple of turns that it appeared that Perkins was going to be able to overtake her for the lead. In the end, when they crossed under the checkered flag, Raudman came out as the winner.

Heat 1 had a clean start and a complete race, without a yellow lap. Whitley got the win, followed by; Mittry, Bartlett, Curtice, Butler, Fogde, Matheny, and Cardenas.

Heat 2 had a complete restart when Skylar Cole and Mason Smith were coming around for the green flag, but weren’t aligned. They were moved back to row two with Raudman and Perkins bringing the drivers to the green. In the end Raudman won the race, with Perkins a close second, which would prove to be reminiscent of the trophy dash. The finishing order behind the top two drivers was: Cole, Adams, Smith, Robinson, Felix, and Dekeyser.

Heat 3 was clean from the drop of the green to the checkered. Getting the win was Blake Carrick.  Finishing behind him was; Holmes, Souza, Carson Raudman, Fox, Dylan Holmes, and Hall.

Heat 4 was also a clean race. Tanner Pettit won with drivers Baldez, Peacock, Butterfield, Curfan-Levy, Armtrout, and Mason finishing second through seventh.

For the first time, in a long time, the 250 class had a C Main event. Six drivers competed for the four transfer spots. Felix spun into Hall bringing out the only yellow of the race. Dekeyser, spun out of turn four coming to the green, but was able to continue.  The four drivers that transferred into the B Main were: Matheny, Cardenas, Felix, and Mason.

The B Main saw its first red of the season, when Dylan Holmes got upside down. Mason spun trying to avoid Holmes. Felix hit the wall in turn one, making a visit into the hot pits. Shortly after the racing had restarted Cardenas, Carson Raudman, Fogde, and Felix got together.  Mason spun trying to avoid the accident, but was able to restart without assistance. Raudman slowed coming out of turn four and Curfan-Levy stalled in turn two, he was sent off track.

A second red came out when Fogde got upside down. Curfan-Levy and Butler got together on the front stretch, at the flag stand. Curfan-Levy exited the track on the hook.  Butterfield had an issue and exited the track, ending his chances of a transfer spot. Armtrout brought out the yellow. Holmes hit the wall coming out of four, while under yellow. Armtrout exited the track into the pits and Holmes had to be taken back to his pit on the hook.

The four drivers who survived and transferred into the A Main were: Adams, Curtice, Smith (sub-Brian Hubert), and Robinson.

On lap two, of the A Main, Souza spun going into turn two. Curtice got sideways trying to avoid hitting Souza, losing control and hit the wall on the back stretch. Since the yellow had already been shown, Curtice got her position back. For an unknown reason Whitley exited the track, going into the hot pit. On the restart Peacock spun out of turn four. Baldez was taken off the track on the hook. Carrick and Robinson brought out the next yellow.

Souza, Adams, and Curtice brought out the next yellow, and Whitley, once again, enters the hot pits, with possible muffler issues. Robinson spun out of turn one, and Carrick spins trying to avoid him. With Lexi Raudman in clear control of the race Bartlett got around Perkins, for a brief moment, for second position. Curtice spins out of turn four, bringing out another yellow. On the restart Raudman got a jump on second through fourth place drivers. Perkins, Bartlett, and Souza were in a tight battle for second place with Bartlett drawing the short straw. He got up into the wall in turn one.  Bartlett is taken off the track on the hook, and Robinson exits, ending their night. With only ten karts left on the track, and coming to the checkered, Souza was right on the tail of Raudman.  He got into the back of her, losing control, he spun into the infield. He put on a brave move, but in the end went from second position to fourth, crossing the finish line in the infield. The win went to Raudman.

Open Class trophy dash qualifiers were: Mike Wheeler, with quick time, at 8.304.  Tanner Carrick, Ryan Foster, Jesse Colwell, Amanda Moore, and Chase Majdic were second through sixth. The dash was fairly clean, with Amanda Moore getting out front coming out of turn one, pulling away from Majdic. Foster tried to get around Moore, several times getting on her rear bumper, but he was unable to make a move, giving Amanda Moore her first trophy dash win of the season. As a reminder, Moore, led last season in the most trophy dash wins.

As a side note; due to the large amount of driver’s trying to qualify for the A Main there are five heats with only the top two drivers transferring into the A. The following two go to the B, the next two into the C, and the remainder of the driver’s into the D.

Heat 1: Colby Copeland and Morgan Sandhagen transferred into the A.

Mike Wheeler and Keith Bloom transferred into the B.

Cyle Allison and Chase Majdic transferred into the C.

Taylor Nelson, Austin Bauer, and Kinser Endicott into the D.

Heat 2: Chase Hill and Tanner Carrick into the A.

Aiden Spiers and Bricen James into the B.

Michael Call and Joey Brazil into the C.

Rudger Worley, Travis Henry, and Brenna Johnson into the D.

Heat 3: Casey McClain (sub Nate Lynch) and Jake Park into the A.

Ryan Foster and Brian McGahan, Jr. into the B.

Ren Eberhart and Cooper Desbiens into the C.

Devan Whitlock and JoJo Owens into the D.

Heat 4: Brandon LaChance and Steve Gannon into the A Main.

Shawn Milligan and Bennett Gooch into the B Main.

Christian Osborne and Brent Hamilton into the C Main.

Jesse Colwell into the D Main.

Heat 5: Tristen Spiers and Michael Tarter into the A Main.

Lucas Ashe and Amanda Moore into the B Main.

Dakota Cardenas and Shane Hopkins into the C Main.

Justin Reinolds and Casey Schmitz into the D Main.

There were eleven drivers who transferred into the D Main, but only six of those drivers would transfer into the C Main. The drivers who transferred into the C were: Schmitz, Nelson, Johnson, Henry, Worley, and Endicott.

Sixteen drivers were vying for the six transfer spots out of the C, into the B Main. The drivers who transferred were: Majdic, Allison, Nelson, Call, Henry, and Hamilton.

With sixteen drivers, also trying to transfer out of the B, into the A main, it would prove to be an action filled race, as always. The first yellow of the race went red, when 8 karts spun in turn one. The drivers involved were: Bricen James, Taylor Nelson, Travis Henry, Brent Hamilton, Bennett Gooch, III, Michael Call, Aiden Spiers, and Shawn Milligan. When racing resumed Amanda Moore was out front, and as in the trophy dash, Foster was close behind, but he and Wheeler were fighting for position with Wheeler getting the lead. The next flag that was in the air was another red when Shawn Milligan got upside down in turn two. Just prior to the red Moore took the lead, but due to the red she had to drop back down into second, with Wheeler still in command of the race. Milligan entered the hot pits. Spiers spun in two and Ashe hit the wall on the back stretch. The next yellow was for Henry, Gooch, Majdic, and Hamilton, as they crashed on the front stretch. Hamilton was taken off track on the hook. With several incidents on the track Gooch was sent to his pit, ending his chance for a transfer spot. Majdic brought out the next yellow, ending his night. With Moore and Wheeler battling for first, Moore drove it down low between turns three and four, Wheeler misjudged her location and got into her. Sending her to the rear of the field on the restart, with four laps to go would she be able to get a transfer spot that was the question.  After three laps she had moved into the seventh position, but after crossing under the checkered flag, she finished seventh and was unable to transfer into the A Main. The drivers who transferred were: Bloom, Wheeler, James, Foster, McGahan, Jr., and Nelson.

As always, the Open A can be full of drama.  Brandon LaChance and Jake Park brought the sixteen drivers to the green flag, but with Park asleep at the wheel and not aligning at the start on time he and LaChance were sent to row two.  On the second attempt at a green start it was called a clean start. Questionable! Bloom got into the wall and flipped, bringing out the red flag. Tarter, Wheeler, and Nelson got into each other with Wheeler stalling, bringing out the yellow. The next yellow was for Tarter, Sandhagen, and Gannon, who got together. As luck would be with Tarter all evening, he was able to continue without assistance. The next yellow was for Tarter, who needed assistance this time.

Seems that some of these drivers need to play nice, after a driver, who thought another driver had gotten into him decided it was his ‘duty’ to slam into him, while under yellow.

Carrick lost control coming out of three, bringing out the next yellow.  While racing to the flag McGahan, Jr., Bloom, and Tarter got caught up in Carrick’s incident. Prior to the green, Nelson stalled and entered the hot pits. On the checkered lap, Gannon and Tarter got together in turn three. Colby Copeland got the win. Second through fifth was: Jake Park, Tristen Spiers, Brandon LaChance, and Chase Hill.


Daniel Thorson qualified on the top of the board, for the second week in a row, with a time of 8.662, in the Sportsman Class.  The other drivers who qualified for the dash were: Beau Perkins, Travis Lynch, Joe Arrowsmith, Michel Helwig, and Chad Duprey.  Shortly after taking the green Duprey flipped on the front stretch, in front of the flag stand, bringing out the red. Thorson entered the hot pits, for an unknown reason, restarting fourth. Lynch came into the hot pits, but left the track. With a commanding lead Perkins got the win. Helwig, Thorson, Arrowsmith, Lynch, and Duprey finished in that order.

Heat 1: With only a lap down Mike Hubert, Jr. exited the track, not returning. With Hamilton and Young in the lead, they got together giving Helwig and Thorson the opportunity to get around them, dropping back to 3rd and 4th. Helwig won the race, Thorson, Hamilton, Young, Hanson, Schorer, and Hurbert, Jr. finished in that order.

Heat 2: Matthews brought out the yellow with a spin out of turn one. Gebhart, Justeson, and Calderon got together in one, with Calderon stalling, bringing out the yellow. Perkins and Duprey swapped the lead for a couple of laps before Perkins got the advantage and the win. Duprey, Justeson, Gebhart, Matthews, and Calderon finished in that order.

Heat 3: was clean, with no yellows or incidents. Winning the race was Hill.  Second through seventh was: Lynch, Fogarty, Morton, Peacher, Grissom, and Rohlfs.

Heat 4: Hartnett stalled out of four, bringing out a yellow. Duprey and Arrowsmith got together out of turn three under the yellow. Ritcheson won the heat, followed by: Donaldson, Arrowsmith, Hammerdown, Duprey, and Hartnett.

Sportsman B: The red came out when Rohlfs got upside down, sending her off the track, ending her night. Herbert, Jr. and Grissom got together out of turn two with Herbert, Jr into the wall. Winning the race was: Calderon, followed by Hartnett, Young, and Peacher transferring into the A Main.

The Sportsman A Main had eight yellows. Hartnett, Hill, Ritcheson, and Donaldson got together in turn one. Calderon spun into the infield. Arrowsmith spun out of three into the outside wall. Lynch, Perkins, and Hartnett got together on the front stretch and Hamilton out of three into the outside wall. While all the incidents were going on Thorson and Duprey were busy battling for first. Once again the yellow came out for Perkins, Ritcheson, and Arrowsmith as they spun out of four. With Justeson, Hill, and Hamilton coming to the yellow they spun in four. The last yellow was for Perkins, Arrowsmith, and Lynch in turn one.

With the battle going on between Thorson and Guy, Thorson was able to pull away and get a rather large gap between him and Guy, taking home the win for the night.  Guy finished second. Third through fifth was: Helwig, Peacher, and Hartnett.

Past birthdays to celebrate are: Beginner box driver, Chevy Schroer, October 23rd. Box stock driver, Nathan Griffin, October 19th. Ryan Foster in Open, October 20th.

Upcoming November birthdays are: 250-Savannah Heath, November 4th and Bella Hall, November 5th. Open Class, Osborne, November 8th and Dakota Cardenas,

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