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Beginner Box Trophy Dash qualifiers were: Rowdy Gramps, clocking in with a fast time of 10.878. Connor Grasty, Arron Slighton, Luke Hayes, Austin Anderson, and Kiley Grimes were second through sixth.

Rowdy Gramps won the dash with a time of 10.902.

Beginner Box Heat 1 ran clean with Chevy Schroer got the win, followed by: Rowdy Gramps, Zachary Risch, Luke Hayes, Kiley Grimes, Malia Owens, and Jaden Allec.

Heat 2 ran clean from the drop of the green flag to the checkered. Jake Myers won; followed by Connor Grasty, Austin Anderson, Koen Irwin, Bently Ritcheson, and Arron Slighton.

Beginner Box A Main ended with an almost perfect night for Rowdy Gramps. He won with a fast lap time of 10.789. Second through thirteenth was: Connor Grasty, Zachary Risch, Jake Myers, Austin Anderson, Koen Irwin, Luke Hayes, Arron Slighton, Chevy Schroer, Kiley Grimes, Malia Owens, Bently Ritcheson, and Jaden Allec.

Box Stock Dash qualifiers were: Chance Grasty with fast time at 9.422. Second –Sixth was; Rylinn Renaud, Joel Meyers, Jr., Clinton Andrego, Carly Holmes, and Preston Carr.

Winning the dash was; Joel Meyers, Jr. with a time of 9.490, on his fastest lap.

Heat 1 came to a stop, briefly, when the red flag came out for Grasty, who was battling with Natalie Richard, for the last transfer spot.

Pulling away from the pack, Tyler Fox  got the win, with a fast lap of 9.608. Second – seventh was: Conner Mewhirter, Chance Grasty, Clinton Andrego, Natalie Richard,

Kevin (sub Seth Standley) Franck, and Cadyn Smith.

Heat 2 ran from the green to the checkered. The real battle was up front between Carly Holmes and Rylinn Renaud, crossing under the checkered first was Carly, fastest lap time was 9.553. Close behind her was Rylinn. Third  - sixth was; Evan Gunderson, Trevor Grimes, Nathan Griffin, and Tater Reich.

Heat 3 also ran green to checkered, with Joel Meyers, Jr., winning with a fast lap of 9.579. Second – sixth was; Wade Wittman, Blake Burgess, Preston Carr, Jace Lafferty, and Alyssa Foster.

Drivers transferring out of the B Main into the A were: Kevin (Sub Seth Standley) Franck, Jace Lafferty, Tater Reich, and Alyssa Foster.

There were five yellows in the A Main. Tater Reich entered the hot pits under one of the yellows, but due to mechanical issues left the track. Alyssa Foster had to enter the hot pits under a yellow but was able to reenter the race.

Chance Grasty got the win with a fast lap time of 9.299. Finishing order behind Grasty was: Joel Meyers, Jr., Rylinn Renaud, Preston Carr, Blake Burgess, Jace Lafferty, Wade Wittman, Carly Holmes, Trevor Grimes, Conner Mewhirter, Tyler Fox, Clinton Andrego, Kevin (sub Seth Standley) Franck, Alyssa Foster, Evan Gunderson, and Tater Reich.

Intermediate/250 Trophy Dash qualifiers were: Daniel Whitley with a fast time of 8.769. Second – sixth was: Carsen Perkins, Landon Brooks, Tanner Holmes, Brock Butterfield, and Maximos Mittry.

Going home with the trophy was Tanner Holmes, with a time of 9.161.

Heat 1 was won by Daniel Whitley, after a complete restart when Jaiden Curfan-Levy spun coming out of turn 4, coming to the green flag. Second – eighth was: Tanner Pettit, Trace Adams, Jaiden Curfan-Levy, Savanna Cardenas, Daniel Dekeyser, Brock Butterfield, and Matt Robinson.

Heat 2 was won by Kaiden Butler; followed by Carsen Perkins, Tyler Matheny, Maximos Mittry, Solomon Fogde, Blake Carrick, Devon Felix, and Hunter Mason.

Heat 3 was won by Lexi (Sub, Angelo Cornett) Raudman; followed by Carson Raudman, Brody Armtrout, Dominic Tadiello, Mason Smith, Brendan Bartlett, Landon Brooks, and Drake Standley.

Heat 4 was won by Tanner Holmes; followed by Carson Souza, Raymond Baldez, Colby Fox, skylark Cole, Kinden Peacock, and Anissa Curtice.

Drivers that transferred out of the C Main into the B Main were: Landon Brooks, Anissa Curtice, Matt Robinson, and Drake Standley.

Drivers that transferred out of the B Main into the A were: Blake Carrick, Brendan Bartlett, Landon Brooks, and Kinden Peacock.

250 A Main was under yellow 8 times, one that went red. Whitley came to a stop on the back stretch when he slid into the wall backwards, going into the hot pits. Bartlett visited the hot pits, after spinning out in turn 2. Tanner Holmes got the win.

Open Class Trophy Dash qualifiers were: Chase Majdic with fast time, 8.323. Morgan Sandhagen, Tyler Seavey, Michael Call, Mike Wheeler, and Brian McGahan, Jr., were second through sixth.

Wheeler won the dash with a fast lap time of 9.058.

Transferring out of the heats into the A Main was:

Heat 1: Chase Majdic and Dakota Cardenas.

Heat 2: Casey Schmitz and Nate Lynch.

Heat 3: Jesse Colwell and Shawn Milligan.

Heat 4: Steven Gannon and Casey McClain.

Heat 5: Mike Wheeler and Jake Park.

Transferring out of the D into the C was: Ryan Foster, Brian McGahan, Jr., Kinser Endicott, Brian Eddy, Kolby Juarez, and Bennett Gooch, III.

Transferring out of the C into the B was: Tyler Seavey, Ren Eberhart, Morgan Sandhagen, Rudger Worley, Ryan Foster, and Michael Tarter.

Transferring out of the B into the A was: Tyler Seavey, Chase Hill, Brandon LaChance, Brenna Johnson, Michael Tarter, and Cyle Allison.

There were a total of six yellow laps for the Open A Main. Chase Hill was the first driver with issues, ending his night early. McClain made a brief appearance in the hot pits, while Milligan also saw an end to his night during the early part of the race. Shortly thereafter, Park left the track with brake issues.

Colwell started on the pole and lead every lap, getting the win. Second through fifth was: Brenna Johnson, who drove up from the B, followed by Brandon LaChance, he also made his way in from the B, Mike Wheeler, and Tyler Seavey, who also came out of the B Main.

Sportsman fast qualifier was Daniel Thorson, with a time of 8.655. Second through sixth was; Beau Perkins, Sawn Fogarty, Mark Hamilton, Michael Helwig, and Travis Lynch.

Michael Helwig won the dash with a time of 9.205.

Transferring out of Heat 1 into the A was: Cody Miller, Daniel Thorson, Michael Helwig, and Shawn Fogarty.

Heat 2 transferors were Kevin Hartnett, Beau Perkins, Travis Lynch, and Blake Donaldson.

Daniel Thorson won the A Main; followed by Beau Perkins, Michael Helwig, Travis Lynch, and Mark Hamilton.


With transponders turned in, karts at home, being prepared for the next race, we said goodbye to Race #3.

The driver’s that transitioned to another class have been quite impressive the last couple of weeks. I believe that we are seeing some real champions in the making. I’m looking forward; I hope you are too, to seeing how some of the driver’s in the 250 Class will transition into the Open Class. How about the Beginner Class? Box Stock?

Celebrating a birthday this week are:

Beginner Box: Jaxon Coughlin, Nov. 15th

250: Trace Adams and Carson Raudman, both celebrate on the 17th.

Open: Ryan Whitley, Nov. 15th, Kinser Endicott, Nov. 18th.

Sportsman: Travis Lynch, Nov. 11th.

With all the tension and passion that runs deep here at The Bullring, when push comes to shove, the racing community is there for one another.

This past Saturday, while on their way to the track, the Franck family was involved in an accident. Traveling northbound on 99, a lady heading south, turned left directly in front of them.  Mark slammed on the brakes, in hopes that they could avoid her. Apparently she was going so slow that it was inevitable

that they would collide. Several people, in our racing community, stopped to assist. Mark and Elaina were taken to the hospital. Ethan was brought to the track by Drake Standley’s dad, Tyler Matheny’s dad took Kevin with them, Russell and Nicole Moore left Mark and Elaina their vehicle to drive. Garrett Gramps drove the Moore’s to the track.

Unfortunately, the Franck vehicle is totaled, with minimal damage to the race trailer and kart.

Elaina would like to remind everyone of the importance of securely fastening your children into their car seats. She knows that her children did not sustain any injuries due to being properly belted in.

Pray for their healing. Mark and Elaina were lucky to not have sustained any broken bones, but they are bruised and sore.

Could you also continue to pray for Connie Jones, the grandma of Dustin and Savannah Heath.  She has stage 2 melanoma on her foot. Surgery has been postponed twice.

I spoke to Logan Seavey, briefly, this past Saturday. He is still healing from open heart surgery. I asked him if he knew when he’d return and he currently doesn’t have a timeline. Keep him in your prayers as well.  It’s a tough surgery to go through, at any age

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