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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I understand that many of you didn’t have a weekend off from racing, with The Turkey Night Grand Prix in Ventura and Roseburg, Oregon holding events. I’d love for you to share your adventures of this past week.

Welcome to Race # 6, the first of three races until our Christmas/New Years break. We won’t return until February. Don’t forget the Gary Jacobs Memorial Race will be held next Saturday night. It’s a great time to remember a man, who even though he personally didn’t race, racing was a rather big part of his life.

The girls dominated Points race #5. They showed up to win and win they did. In the Box Stock class, Carly Holmes qualified 3rd, claiming the win in the trophy dash; finished 1st in her heat and was fighting for the win in the A, until she got caught up in a last lap incident, finishing 9th. The Open class heated up with the three girls, that race every week, qualifying 4th, 5th, and 6th. Amanda Moore got the win in the trophy dash, her second of the season, Brenna Johnson finished 2nd, and Morgan Sandhagen, 4th.

We have some birthdays to celebrate this week. Give a shout out to:

Open Class: Michael Ing December 8th and

Sportsman: Sal Calderon, December 7th.

Last week I forgot to give a Birthday shout out to ‘The Boss,’ Theresa Abassi. Wish her a belated Happy Birthday, when you see her. Without her, the tedious things that bring our Saturday nights racing together wouldn’t run as smooth as they do.

I want to give a special mention to Hunter Mason, she is new to the 250 Class, and she just got closer to fulfilling her dream of winning a heat race this season. She came in 2nd in her heat race, upping her game, and also giving her a ride in the A Main.

I would like to take this time to recognize Buddy Kofoid, who has transitioned into a 360 Sprint and has been doing quite well. He was a regular here in Red Bluff until he began his adventure in sprint cars. He’s won a couple of races and has received many atta boys and is seen as the face of the future in sprints.

I’d also like to congratulate Logan Seavey; he received a phone call, and will be racing at the Chili Bowl in Tulsa in January.

For those of you who are new to the Bull Ring, Tanner Thorson, raced here for years. Red Bluff was one of the many tracks that he honed his skills on. For the second year in a row, he won the USAC National Championship. Who says dreams can’t come true.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone who sits in the seat of any type of race car, whether it is a go-kart, sprint car, legend, etc. will advance to the ‘big leagues.’ On the other hand, you never know where it will lead you. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that your dreams are silly.






Beginner Box Stock: Connor Grasty qualified on the pole with a time of 10.68. Second through sixth qualifiers were: Zachary Risch, Austin Anderson, Kiley Grimes, Jake Meyers, and Chevy Schroer. Connor Grasty continued to show his winning ways by taking the trophy home.

Heat finishing order was:

Heat 1: Connor Grasty, Jake Meyers, Austin Anderson, Malia Owens, and Rowdy (Sub-Ethan Franck) Gramps.

Heat 2: Zachary Risch, Chevy Schroer, Kiley Grimes, and Jaxon Goughlin.

A Main: For the most part the race was uneventful. There were a few yellows, but nothing serious.

Connor Grasty collected more points than any other driver. With his excellent qualifying efforts, winning his heat, he then won the A Main. Second through ninth was: Zachary Risch, Chevy Schoer, Austin Anderson, Jake Meyers, Malia Owens, Rowdy Gramps (sub), Jaxon Goughin, and Kiley Grimes.


Box Stock: Qualifying first was Chance Grasty, with a time of 9.311. Second through sixth was: Joel Meyers, Jr., Carly Holmes, Rylinn Renaud, Wade Whitman, and Tyler Fox.

Carly Holmes moved from the middle row, rather quickly, for the win. This was her second trophy dash win, this season.

Heat 1: Carly Holmes, Preston Carr, Jace Lafferty, and Tyler Fox.

Heat 2: Blake Burgess, Rylinn renaud, Conner Mewhirter, Chance Grasty.

Heat 3: Wade Whitman, Joel Meyers, Jr., Clinton Andrego, and Eli Adams.

The B Main started slow, with two complete restarts. Once under way the race was finished without any major incidents. Transferring into the A Main was: Tater Reich, Alyssa Foster, Trevor Grimes, and Garrin McNary.

The first of six yellows was brought out when Foster stalled on the back stretch. With Fox comfortably in the front he got a ‘nudge’ from behind, sending him into the back stretch wall. Adams and Mewhirter got together in turn 2. McNary and Reich got together out of 2. Foster stalled out of 1, and the night got a bit worse for Reich and McNary as they got into Foster. Mewhirter got ‘attached’ to Lafferty when he tried to pass him, on the back stretch. With the checked flag in the air, Grasty drove under it first for the win. Second through fifth was: Wittman, Lafferty, Meyers, Jr., and Renaud.


250/Intermediate Class: Maximos Mittry qualified first, with a time of 8.611. Second through sixth was: Tanner Holmes, Daniel Whitley, Raymond Baldez, Kaiden Butler, and Carson Sousa.

Starting on the pole was Sousa, who pulled away from the others, getting the win.

Heat 1: Landon Brooks, Hunter Mason, and Kaiden Butler.

Heat 2: Tanner Pettit, Blake Carrick, and Tanner Holmes.

Heat 3: Anissa Curtice, Lexi Raudman, and Mason Smith.

Heat 4: Carsen Perkins, Skylar Cole, and Raymond Baldez.

B Main: First yellow was brought out when Bascacci and Robinson got together our of turn 1. Dekeyser went into hot pits. C. Raudman spun out of 1 and Bascacci and Phillips stalled trying to avoid him. Peacock stalled on the front stretch sending him into the hot pits and Phillips stalling trying to avoid Peacock. Peacock went to the hot pits. With Mittry strongly in the lead, and only a few laps left the last yellow came out when C. Raudman and Fogde got together out of turn 1, ending Raudman’s night.

Transferring into the A Main was: Maximos Mittry, Carson Sousa, Daniel Whitley, and Colby Fox.

The A Main was chock full of yellows, 28 in all. Whitley was solidly in second when he spun out in 1, but he righted himself and was able to continue, a yellow was brought out anyway. Lexi bounced down the front stretch, when she hit the outside wall, near the flag stand, ending her night. With a few laps left there was a lot of beating and banging going on, for position, Curtice and Mittry got together and Sousa got caught up in their ‘battle.’ Sousa entered the hot pits, restarted in 12th. The last yellow was brought out when Smith spun and stalled out of turn 3.

With the checkered flag in the air, it was Tanner Holmes getting the win. It proved to be pivotal in the points race. Entering the night Holmes and Perkins were tied for first. Perkins fought all night to get to the lead, but Holmes was able to pull away from the others, with Perkins finishing in 4th.


Open Class: Top qualifier was Chase Majdic, with a time of 8.401. Johnson and Moore started on the front row, Johnson got an early lead, but was quickly overtaken by Moore. Once getting the lead, she pulled away and got the win, her second of the season.

Heat 1: Chase Majdic and Mike Wheeler.

Heat 2: Dakota Cardenas and Jake Park.

Heat 3: Casey McClain and Lucas Ashe.

Heat 4: Tyler Seavey and Brain McGahan, Jr.

Heat 5: Brandon LaChance and Steven Gannon.

D Main: There was a red flag when Whitlock got upside down, ending his chances of transferring. Schaff and Cates got together with Cates getting up side down, bringing out another red flag. Cates brought out the yellow, ending his night. Schaff entered the hot pits while under a red and was sent off track. At the end there were only four drivers left on the track. Those who transferred into the C were: Karsyn Elledge, Bennett Gooch, Brian Hubert, and JoJo Owens.

C Main: Weststyn and Owens got together in turn 1. Elledge spun out of 3, and Hopkins and Reinolds slid into her. Hopkins was injured and taken off track. Reinolds exited the track. Becker spun taking Tarter and Elledge with him. On the white flag lap Becker got into Endicott, who was solidly in a transfer spot, ending his night. The six who transferred were: Chase Hill, Ren Eberhart, Michael Tarter, Travis Henry, Brian Hubert, and Bennett Gooch.

B Main: There was a yellow on the green flag lap when someone got into Brenna Johnson, spinning her out on the front stretch, before she was able to take the green. She restarted in the rear of the field. Milligan spun out of 3 and Henry and Desbiens stalled trying to avoid him, Hill went into hot pits. Johnson stalled under yellow, ending her chances of transferring into the A. Desbiens into hot pits with Hill exiting the track. Desbiens stalled in 1, off the track. Tarter brought out the last yellow, ending his night. Transferring into the A Main was: Tanner Carrick, Amanda Moore, Casey Schmitz, Jesse Colwell, Morgan Sandhagen, and Ren Eberhart.

A Main: Colwell and Eberhart brought out the first yellow, when Colwell got into Eberhart out of turn 2. Another yellow was in the air when Colwell got into the Cardenas on the back stretch. Colwell into Schmitz, who flipped, but landed on all fours. There was extensive damage bringing him into the hot pits. Ashe, Cardenas, McGahan, and Schmitz brought out a yellow, with Schmitz being sent off track. Eberhart stalled out of 3, off track. McGahan into hot pits. Park and Moore brought out the yellow with a spin out of 2, Park into the hot pits. Wheeler got the win with a strong run. Several times LaChance got him in the turns but Wheeler was too strong and pulled away on the straights.


Sportsman Class: Daniel Thorson qualified at the top, once again, with a time of 8.712. Second through sixth was: Shawn Fogarty, Beau Perkins, Michael Helwig, Travis Lynch, and Darin Spencer.

Travis Lynch got the win in the dash. His first for the season.

Heat 1: Michael Helwig, Bubba Hill, Brandon Grissom.

Heat 2: Travis Lynch, Shawn Fogarty, Adam Schroer, and Alec (Sub-Cody Eskew) Justeson.

Heat 3: Angela (Sub Wyatt Brown) Rohlfs, Darin Spencer, Cody Glenn, and Derek Matthews.

B Main: Mike Hansen entered hot pits, but was unable to get back out onto the track before the green flag was in the air. Bobby Butler spun out bringing out the yellow and Hansen exited the race. Butler’s night got a worse when he flipped, bringing out the red. Jared Ridge, Beau Perkins, BJ Martin, and Wade Kennemore transferred into the A Main.

Bubba Hill got sideways taking Daniel Thorson with him, bringing out the first yellow of the A Main. Even though they were able to continue Hill stalled on the back stretch. Cody Glenn brought out the red when he got on his side at the flag stand. Schroer, Ridge, Glenn, and Kennemore into the outside wall in turn 1. Schroer, Martin, Kennemore, and Brown bring out another yellow, with Martin into hot pits. Points leader Thorson had a rough night when his chain came off twice. Helwig got the win, his first of the season.

Our night ended at an early 8:04p.m.

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