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We gather today for point’s race # 6, The Gary Jacobs Memorial. I’d like to say good luck to everyone, race fair, play fair, but have a great time!

Today’s race is the next to the last of 2016! Many of us will be taking the month of January off, and many others will participate in racing activities across the country. Whatever activity you participate in, I hope that you have a great Christmas, a Blessed New Years, and are ready to rock ‘n roll when we come February 4th.

On to Birthday celebrations. Help me in wishing the following driver’s a Happy Birthday.

Beginner Box: Wade Whittman, December 17th.

Sportsman: Beau Perkins, December 17th.

A very special shout out to Amanda Moore, one of the top Open division driver’s, she’ll be celebrating her 21st birthday on December 11th.

A new driver debuted in the beginner box stock class. Charlie Seavey, the half-brother to Logan and Tyler. I, believe, that once he gets his bearings at the track, he will be as competitive as his brothers. I’d like to welcome you, Charlie, to the toughest kart track to tame. I wish you many years of success.

Approximately ten years ago, a dark haired, big eyed little boy, walked into the Pauline Davis Pavilion for the first time. I doubt that he would have ever thought that a dream, of a boy, would come true. Tanner Carrick has fulfilled a dream, I suspect, with his move to midgets, just around the corner.

I asked Tanner what his experience, at the Bull Ring, has been like. “It has been pretty good,” he said. He was the 250/Intermediate track champion last season.

“I’m looking forward to being able to race with one of the best midget teams across the states,” he told me.

I was curious as to what he’d miss when he transitions into racing midgets. As any young man, who cut his teeth, racing, locally, Tanner said, “I will miss being at Cycleland this summer.”

Sometimes it’s tough making ‘grown up’ decisions, as a teenager, but, what an opportunity for a young man. I was also wondering if he’d be able to race a full season, here at the Bull Ring.

“I think so,” Tanner mentioned.

Wish Tanner good luck when you see him. He’s a bit shy, but I’m sure that he’d like to hear from everyone. I, for one, hope that another racer who cut his racing teeth here; finds a ton of success.

We’ve been blessed to watch racers, such as Kyle Larson, Rico Abreu, and Tanner Thorson find success. They, too, had a dream. Others who’ve raced here are finding dreams coming true. More on them at a later time. No, not everyone will be a star in NASCAR, or have the privilege of getting a ride in a Sprint Car, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow that dream. Without dreams, what do we have to look forward to?

Our nights seem to be getting shorter here at the Bull Ring, with all of the racing activities ending at 7:48 p.m. Twenty minutes earlier than the previous race.




Beginner Box top six qualifiers were: Connor Grasty, with a fast time of, 10.859. The other drivers who qualified for the dash were: Rowdy Gramps, Austin Anderson, Chevy Schroer, Zachary Risch, and Luke Hayes.

Starting on the pole Luke Hayes brought the driver’s to the green with Zachary Risch along side of him, however, there was a complete restart when Risch jumped the start. This moved Schroer and Anderson on the front row. After the restart it took less than one lap for Gramps to take the lead and the win, his fourth this season.

The finishing order for the heats was:

Heat 1: Connor Grasty, Zachary Risch, Austin Anderson, Jake Myers, Bently Ritcheson, Malia Owens, and Freddie Furr.

Heat 2: Rowdy Gramps, Kiley Grimes, Chevy Schroer, Luke Hayes, Jaxon Goughlin, and Charlie Seavey.

Continuing his winning ways was Rowdy Gramps, who got the win in the A Main. The finishing order behind Gramps was: Connor Grasty, Zachary Risch, Chevy Schroer, Jake Myers, Luke Hayes, Austin Anderson, Kiley Grimes, Jaxon Goughlin, Malia Owens, Charlie Seavey, Freddie Furr, and Bently Ritcheson.


Box Stock: Trophy Dash qualifiers were: Chance Grasty, fast qualifier with a time of 9.437. Rylinn Renaud, Preston Carr, Carly Holmes, Trevor Grimes, and Joel Meyers, Jr. were second through sixth.

Coming around to the green, pole sitter, Meyers, Jr. jumped the start, moving the front row back to the second row. Holmes took the pole position with Carr next to her. As they rounded turn four, to take the green, Holmes got an early lead, which she held the entire race, getting her third dash win of the season.

The first yellow in the A Main happened when Mewhirter hit the inner wall coming out of turn 4. Several laps later Mewhirter and McNary got together coming out of turn 3, bringing out the yellow. Gunderson got sideways out of turn 2 coming to a stop, with nowhere to go, Mewhirter hit him. Unfortunately for him, it was his second incident, and he was sent off track.

Coming to the green McNary, Grimes, and Holmes tangled going into turn 4, with nowhere to go Renaud, Reich, and Franck entered into the equation, getting into the 3 other driver’s, bringing out another yellow.

Gunderson and Burgess brought out the next yellow, ending Gunderson’s night.

Coming out of turn 4, McNary, Franck, and Burgess spun out. Wittman entered the hot pits, under the yellow, and McNary was sent off track, due to his second yellow.

Grasty was the night’s winner, followed by: Carr, Renaud, Holmes, Grimes, Lafferty, Fox, Foster, Reich, Wittman, Meyers, Jr., Franck, Burgess, Martin, McNary, and Gunderson.


250/Intermediate: Dash qualifiers were: Brody Armtrout, with a fast time of 8.772. Second through sixth was: Blake Carrick, Maximos Mittry, Jack Phillips, Trace Adams, and Carson Sousa.

Sousa and Adams brought the driver’s to the green in the dash. Adams got an early lead, pulled away from the other driver’s, getting the win.

Transferring out of Heat 1 was: Tanner Pettit, Tanner Holmes, and Brody Armtrout.

Heat 2: Skyler Cole, Blake Carrick, and Kaiden Butler.

Heat 3: Carsen Perkins, Maximos Mittry, and Raymond Baldez.

Heat 4: Jack Phillips, Jaiden Curfan-Levy, and Daniel Whitley.

B Main: The yellow was in the air when Colby Fox was tagged from behind in turn 4, stalling. Brock Butterfield, Bella Hall, Anissa Curtice, and Savanna Heath got together out of turn 4, bringing out another yellow. Colton Raudman, subbing for Solomon Fogde, entered the hot pits. Antonia Boscacci brought out the next yellow, and once again, Raudman went into the hot pits. Hall got sideways coming out of turn 2 and was able to right herself, but trying to avoid her was Boscacci, Raudman, and Heath, who all stalled. Fox was making up ground, that he had previously lost, but spun in turn 2 and was sent off track.  Lexi Raudman, Curtice, Savanna Cardenas, Hall, Raudman, Carson Raudman, and Mason Smith piled up out of turn 1, bringing out the yellow. Coming to the green, Curtice, Smith, and Hall tangled in turn 4, Smith and Hall were sent off track.

After racing resumed Curtice tagged Mason from behind, Mason lost several spots. Once again, the yellow was out when L. Raudman, C. Raudman, and Savanna Cardenas got together. C. Raudman was sent off track. The driving was getting rough, and only 7 drivers were on track racing for the four transfer spots.

The four driver’s who saw the checkered were: Carson Sousa, Trace Adams, Raymond Baldez, and Lexi Raudman.

The A Main had 11 yellows, too many to detail. Lining up in the tenth position didn’t discourage Tanner Holmes. With Carsen Perkins starting on the pole it would be a pivotal race for both Perkins and Holmes, who are in a tight race for the championship. Perkins and Carrick brought the driver’s to the green, with a clean start. With a yellow, quickly in the air, Holmes had already moved up two positions. By the time the driver’s lined up, after the third yellow, Holmes had moved up to the third position. With Perkins still leading the driver’s to the green, it all quickly changed when Perkins and Maximos Mittry got together out of turn 4, racing back to the yellow, dropping Perkins from the lead. Bringing the driver’s back to the green, Holmes took off, leading the race thereafter, and getting his third win of the season and gaining a few more points for the lead in the championship.


Open: Dash qualifiers were: Chase Majdic, top of the board with a time of, 8.190. Mike Wheeler, Amanda Moore, Chase Hill, Tyler Seavey, and Michael Call, were second through sixth.

Seavey got an early jump on Call, getting the win. His first of the season.

Transferring out of the heats into the A Main was:

Heat 1: Chase Majdic and Brandon LaChance

Heat 2: Brian McGahan, Jr. and Cyle Allison

Heat 3: Amanda Moore and Tristen Spiers

Heat 4: Jake Park and Dakota Cardenas

Heat 5: Aiden Spiers and Tyler Seavey

D Main results: Michael Call, Travis Henry, Bennett Gooch, III, Brian Hubert, Joey Brazil, and Jo Jo Owens.

C Main results: Maria Cofer, Chase Hill, Casey Schmitz, Ren Eberhart, Michael Call, and Shawn Milligan.

B Main results: Mike Wheeler, Maria Cofer, Chase Hill, Tanner Carrick, Michael Tarter, and Morgan Sandhagen.

The A Main was rather interesting, mostly a clean race. However, a lot of aggressiveness. This seemed to be the theme of the evening, in all classes, with the exception of beginner box. There were three yellows and a red flag situation, when Wheeler got airborne, flipping several times. Thankfully, he got out and walked away. I would bet he’s a bit sore.

The real race was up front, between Brandon LaChance and Brian McGahan, Jr. Once LaChance was able to pull away, he began lapping karts. The final yellow came out when Hill got around out of turn 1, gathering Sandhagen with him. Once racing resumed there was only a couple of laps left. McGahan, Jr. caught up to LaChance and coming around turn 4, with the checkered flag in the air, LaChance having the slight edge, the two drivers got into each other. Both lost the chance at the win. Taking home the win was a tween from Idaho, Aiden Spiers.


Sportsman: Daniel Thorson, qualified fast time, yet once again, with a time of 8.631. Second through sixth was: Michael Helwig, Justin Reinolds, Bubba Hill, Shawn Fogarty, and Jason Throop.

Throop and Fogarty brought the driver’s to the green, but with a false start, the restart brought Hill and Reinolds to the front. Fogarty brought out the yellow when he spun out of 4. Helwig and Throop brought out the next yellow when they spun out on the back stretch. Fogarty, with mechanical issues, entered the hot pits. He was unable to continue, going to his pit. Thorson had moved from 6th to 2nd, but at the restart Reinolds was able to pull away from him and the other driver’s, getting the win.

The driver’s who transferred out of their heats into the A Main, were:

Heat 1: Daniel Thorson, Beau Perkins, Travis Lynch, and Bubba Hill.

Heat 2: Sal Calderon, Michael Helwig, BJ Martin, and Shawn Fogarty.

Heat 3: Justin Reinolds, Darin Spencer, Jason Throop, and Brandon Grissom.

B Main: The first yellow came out when Angela Rohlfs got turned around out of 4 when she hit the inside barrier. Unfortunately, it ended her night as she was taken off track on the hook. Cynthia Wagner stalled on the front stretch bringing out the only other yellow of the race. The four drivers’ that transferred were: Adam Schroer, Wade Kennemore, Kody Hunderman, and Mike Moore.

With a tight point’s race, and the top qualifiers in the A Main, and Thorson managing to get around other driver’s, I was looking forward to seeing where this would shake out.

Coming to the green Jason Throop jumped the start. He and Fogarty had to relinquish the front row to Hill and Reinolds, which would prove to be all the luck Reinolds needed.

Coming out of turn 4, Calderon stalled, bringing out the yellow.

Hunderman, who is new to Red Bluff, brought out the red with a flip that was side over side, on the front stretch, just beyond the flag stand.

From there the race was clean, Thorson was moving through the pack, but was unable to catch Reinolds. It was Reinolds first win of the season.


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