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Today, December 17, 2016, will be the last race of the year. Michigan State Spartans Enjoy your six weeks off, from the Bull Ring. I know that many of you will be racing at other venues during this time. ADIDAS YEEZY BOOST 350 I wish you luck and safe travels, especially those of you who will be attending the Chili Bowl in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before we wish a Happy Birthday, to the many drivers, who share a December birthday with me and a racing grandma, Jami Benson Petrie, let’s all give a shout out to Ali. He celebrated his Birthday, yesterday, December 16th. Beginner Box Stock: Arron Slightom, December 18th, and Bentley Ritcheson, December 21st. Open: Brenna Johnson, December 31st. Sportsman: Brandon Grissom, December 24th, and Austin Osenga, December 27th. Because we’ll be gone the month of January, let’s wish the following driver’s a happy birthday: Beginner Box: Rowdy Gramps, January 14th, and Jake Meyers, January 15th. 250: Anissa Curtice, January 1st. Open: Chase Majdic, January 6th, Casey McClain, January 7th, Tanner Carrick, January 17th, and Austin Bauer, January 18th. Sportsman: Derek Matthews, January 9th, and Ethan Rohner, January 26th. This week’s driver was only four weeks old, when he attended his first race. Albeit, however, that he had no idea where he was, who he was with, or who he was ‘rooting’ for. Many of us believe that sometimes a sport is in the blood. For this young man that may be true. Charlie Seavey, is the younger brother to Tyler and Logan Seavey. Yes, he attended his first race when he was only 4 weeks old. No, he didn’t root for anyone and didn’t know where he was. He is the newest driver in the Beginner Box Stock Class, here at Red Bluff. He has been watching his brothers race his entire life. It was his idea to begin racing. Now that he has made the commitment his older brother, Tyler, has been ‘training’ him like a “Chinese Olympian’ his dad, Keven said. “He never wants to get out of his kart,” Keven mentioned. The sign of a true racer, at heart. Charlie turned six years old this past September. I asked Keven where else he has raced. “He’s been to Lakeport and Chowchilla. This past weekend was the fourth time in his kart,” Keven said. Adidas Original Zx Flux Homme I, and many around me, was impressed by how he’s progressed the past three weekends. He really stepped up his game. This past Saturday, he shaved off nearly 3 seconds on his qualifying time, from the previous week. “We weren’t ready for him to go that fast yet. So, we didn’t tune the kart like we should have, Keven reiterated. “Hence, the chain falling off, twice, that was my fault. Charlie constantly says he just wants everyone to have fun, win or lose. We defiantly are.” Keep your eyes out for the number 91, in beginner box stock. nike air foamposite one mirror price I think he has a great chance of being a champion.

                Connor Grasty clocked in with the fast time, in Beginner Box, with a time of 11.641. The other drivers who qualified for the trophy dash were: Austin Anderson, Luke Hayes, Rowdy Gramps, Zachary Risch, and Chevy Schroer. Coming to the green, for the dash, Anderson stalled out of turn 4, rolling into the infield, bringing out the only yellow. Grasty got the lead on lap one and lead the driver’s to the checkered flag, for yet another dash win. Heat 1 results: There were no yellows, the race was run from green to checkered, with Zachary Risch getting the win. Second through seventh was: Connor Grasty, Luke Hayes, Jaxon Coughlin, Alison Becker, Kiley Grimes, and Bently Ritcheson. Heat 2: Charlie Seavey and Malia Owens brought the drivers to the green. NIKE AIR ZOOM VOMERO 12

Coming around turn 4, Charlie didn’t get a run and was quickly over taken by the other drivers. It was a clean race, with Jake Meyers getting the win. Second through sixth was: Austin Anderson, Rowdy Gramps, Chevy Schroer, Charlie Seavey, and Malia Owens. Ritcheson and Owens brought the thirteen drivers’ to the green. Several laps into the race Seavey got loose and up into the outside wall in turn 4, bringing out the yellow. Risch, had the pole, coming back to the green. Several laps later Grasty came up on him, quickly, hitting him in the rear, causing him to stall on the back stretch, bringing out the yellow again. Risch entered the hot pits, attempting to get his mechanical issue resolved. Coughlin and Meyers collected each other up, coming out of turn 3. With nowhere to go Grimes got into Meyers. Coming to the checkered flag, Grasty got, yet, another win. Second through thirteen was: Hayes, Anderson, Meyers, Gramps, Schroer, Coughlin, Owens, Grimes, Seavey, Becker, Ritcheson, and Risch. 10.123 was the fast time set, by Chance Grasty, in the Box Stock Class. The other drivers who qualified for the trophy dash were: Rylinn Renaud, Preston Carr, Blake Burgess, Carly Holmes, and Alyssa Foster. The dash was led from green to checker by Miss Carly Holmes, after Foster, who was on the pole, stalled coming out of turn 4, for the green flag. The finishing order, behind Holmes, was: Carr, Grasty, Renaud, Burgess, and Foster. The heats were free of any yellow flags. The finishing order was: Heat 1: Tyler Fox, Preston Carr, Carly Holmes, Chance Grasty, Wade Wittman, Joel Meyers, Jr., Kevin Franck, Tater Reich, and Orlando Chilton. Heat 2: Trevor Grimes, Alyssa Foster, Rylinn Renaud, Blake Burgess, Blake Martin, Conner Mewhirter, Garrin McNary, and Jace Lafferty. Joel Meyers, Jr., and Trevor Grimes brought seventeen drivers to the green, in the A Main. Tyler Fox and Carly Holmes got together in turn 4, coming to the green flag. They were unable to take the green, and after a short yellow, they were sent to the rear of the field. While under yellow, Wittman, entered the hot pits. The yellow was in the air, again, when McNary spun. Fox came around turn 2, and with nowhere to go, ran into him. Nike Air Max Baratas The red flag came out when Wittman got upside down in turn 4. Mewhirter and Grasty brought out the next yellow. Chilton got loose between turns 1 and 2 and got into the inside wall. With tight racing, Fox and McNary were unable to avoid him. McNary went into the hot pits for repairs, but his night ended there. Chilton rolled into the infield, bringing out the yellow. Martin and Foster brought out the final yellow. Passing under the checkered flag first was Joel Meyers, Jr., his second win of the season. Second through fifth was: Rylinn Renaud, Carly Holmes, Wade Wittman, and Chance Grasty.   With a time of 9.261, Carsen Perkins got yet another fast time in the 250 class. The other drivers who qualified for the dash were: Tanner Holmes, Kaiden Butler, Brody Armtrout, Tanner Pettit, and Carson Sousa. Sousa and Pettit brought the driver’s to the green, but with a bobble by Sousa Butler took the lead and the win, his first of the season. Transferring out of the heats was: Heat 1: Perkins, Whitley, and Pettit. Heat 2: Baldez, Holmes, and Curfman-Levy. Heat 3: Mittry, Butler, and Peacock. Heat 4: Smith, Fox, and Armtrout. In the 250 B Main Cardenas and Carrick got together coming into turn 2, bringing out the yellow. louboutin chine Holding her own was Mason, in third place, when C. Raudman got into the back of her spinning her out. Unfortunately it ended her night, leaving the track on the hook. Sousa, Cole, and Matheny were fighting for position. They were in 4th, 5th, and 6th, when Sousa came up on Fogde, quickly, running into the back of him, when he lost 8 positions on the track. The yellow came out and Fogde entered the hot pits. The next yellow was brought out when Cardenas and Curtice got together. Prior to the green flag waving, Fogde stalled on the front stretch, ending his night. Cole got upside down out of 2, bringing out the red, losing his transfer spot. He spent a short time in the hot pits before reentering the race. His problems didn’t end there, going into turn 1, on the checkered flag lap he hit the outside wall. The driver’s who transferred into the A Main were: Lexi Raudman, Carson Sousa, Blake Carrick, and Brock Butterfield. Kaiden Bulter brought out the first yellow, in the A Main, when he got up into the outside wall in turn 4. Butler had a rough ending to his night, when he was part of the next yellow, when Sousa and he got together in turn 3. Peacock and Butler got together in turn 4, ending Butlers night. The most impressive driver of the night was Colby Fox, who has struggled to make A Mains. Barely missing a transfer spot, he was solidly in 2nd, when a bobble dropped him down to 4th. In the end he finished an impressive 3rd. Once again, Tanner Holmes, impressed. He started the race in 5th, quickly working his way to the lead, getting yet another A Main win, while pulling away from the other drivers.   Chase Majdic went to the top of the board, once again, with a time of 8.414, in the Open Class. Second through sixth was: Michael Call, Logan Seavey, Amanda Moore, Mike Wheeler, and Tyler Seavey. Wheeler started on the pole with Seavey along side of him. Wheeler got the early lead, but after a slight bobble Tyler Seavey got the lead. Moore, who started fourth, worked her way around Logan Seavey for second. Taking the trophy home was Tyler Seavey, followed by Moore, Wheeler, Logan Seavey, Madjic, and Call. Transferring into the A Main out of the heats was: Heat 1: Steven Gannon and Chase Madjic. Heat 2: Casey Schmitz and Taylor Nelson. Heat 3: Brain McGahan, Jr. and Logan Seavey. Heat 4: Jesse Colwell and Amanda Moore. ugg 2017 Heat 5: Brandon LaChance and Jake (sub Sean Becker) Park. Open D: Tyler Seavey, Casey McClain, Rudger Worley, Morgan Sandhagen, Tanner Carrick, and Colby Johnson. Open C: Mike Wheeler, Kalib Henry, Shawn Milligan, Keith Bloom, Michael Call, and Holly Shelton. Open B: Keith Bloom, Mike Wheeler, Chase Hill, Ren Eberhart, Brenna Johnson, and Angelo Cornet. Open A: Taylor Nelson and Jesse Colwell sat on the front row, bringing the driver’s to the green. Nike Solarsoft Majdic brought out the first yellow of the race when he spun into the infield coming out of turn 4. Hill stalled on the back stretch, entering the hot pits and Wheeler spun in turn 4. Both brought out the yellow. Shortly after racing resumed Johnson spun coming out of 3. The yellow that affected many driver’s came out when Bloom got into the back of Moore in turn 4 taking with him, besides Moore, LaChance, Hill, Johnson, Eberhart, and Gannon. All driver’s in the lead pack. Hill entered the hot pits. The final yellow, with 3 laps to go, came out when Colwell, who had the pole, jumped the start, setting him back two positions. With Becker restarting up front he pulled away, getting the win.   No driver has been able to knock Daniel Thorson off of the pole. He set a 7th straight fast time in the Sportsman Class, with a time of 8.626. Second through sixth was: Michael Helwig, Beau Perkins, Justin Reinolds, Shawn Fogerty, and Ethan Rohner. The dash was clean, Fogerty got the early lead and led from green to checkered, taking home the trophy. Transferring out of the heats into the A Main was: Heat 1: Reinold, Lynch (sub Hartnett), Thorson, Chad Duprey, Hill, and Matthews. Heat 2: Helwig, Fogarty, Justeson, Joel Duprey, Adam Schroer, and Wyatt Brown. Heat 3: Rohner, Martin, Perkins, Salamy, and Angela Rohlfs. Only 17 drivers qualified, so there wasn’t a B Main, all driver’s made the A. The A Main had as more yellow flag laps then laps racing. There was a red flag when Rohner got into the outside wall out of turn 1, then he got upside down. Rohner’s flip was a true testament to the quality of how these karts are built. Perkins and Fogarty, during the middle run of the race, got together on the front stretch, spinning into the infield. Fogarty needed assistance to get back under power, but Perkins was able to collect himself and continue. Fogarty dropped to the back of the field. When the smoke settled and the checkered flag flew in the air it was Perkins and Fogarty who finished One-Two. It has been an interesting first half of the season. air jordan 5 I’m looking forward to seeing where the final weeks will take us. NIKE FREE RUN KOPEN

I’d personally like to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and a safe New Years.

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