Red Bluff Outlaws – Race #11 Wrap-Up

February 12, 2010 NewsAdd Comments

As we come screaming into the final races of this historic season, the racing just keeps getting better. Even after a 2 week hiatus from action to accommodate the Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale in the facility, the drivers don’t seemed to have gotten rusty. In fact, there was simply amazing racing in all division.

Starting the day the Beginner Box Division hit a very green track track to qualify. Out of the twenty-four young superstars Colton Raudman set the fastest lap at 10.656 seconds. Continuing his night Raudman took the win in Heat #1. Jayden Bartlett won the second heat, Ryan Williams; Heat #3, and Blake Carrick took the win in the final heat over a hard-charging Lexi Raudman. C Main action was topped with a win by Erik Nelson. A 12 car B Main Event saw Bailey Martin power thru to take the win over current points leader Angelo Cornet. But by the end of the night it was all about Brad Dolin in his beautiful newly painted kart. But it was not to be an easy win for the “Pepper Jack Kennels” sponsored kart. In fact, an absolute photo-finish ensued with Jayden Bartlett as they crossed the line – but Dolin’s kart was barely 3 inches ahead of Barlett as he won the A Main Event.

Twenty-five Box Stock racers clocked in for the 11th round of racing this season. Despite the still-green track the qualifying times were very fast with Michael Kofoid setting quick lap at 9.685 seconds. Last week’s Perpetual Trophy winner Jesse Colwell took second spot in the qualifying. Four great heat races ensued with Dakota Cardenas nabbing the win in #1, and Jesse James Colwell winning the second one. Brandon LaChance edged out Ren Eberhart in Heat 3 and brother Trenton LaChance held off Derek Stone for the win in the 4th round. Brian McGahan Jr., fresh off his Perpetual Trophy win at Lakeport during the break from Red Bluff tagged in first in the B Main ahead of Tanner Carrick and Michael Ing. Current points leader, Colby Cate, who clocked in 4th fastest during qualifying kept up his momentum by winning a second-in-a-row Trophy Dash, this week over “Lil’ Feed” Ryan Robinson. Cate went on to also win the A Main Event, again with Robinson laying in second spot.

Still eighteen strong even this late in the season, the Intermediate 250cc division presented some of the very best racing of the year. Jeremy Doss started the action by setting fast time with a run around the track at a mere 8.487 seconds. Tony Rossi had one of his best qualifying efforts this year by taking the second spot. Three great heat races were lined out from the results of qualifying. Tanner Thorson who tows in from the great state of Nevada each week took the win in Heat One over top competitor Jake Morgan. Heat #2 saw Brenna Johnson having a great run as she out-ran Casey McClain and Rico Abreu to take the flag first. Logan Seavey edged out Wesley Dougherty for the win in Heat #3. A short-stack B Main saw Rossi continue his late season charge as he held off Chase Majdic who is sporting a new look and sponsor this week. His traditionally blue and white kart has been surplanted by the trademark bright red of the Glen Haven Beach Resort sponsorship. Rico Abreu flew to a great Trophy Dash win beating Tyler Seavey and Morgan Sandhagen. But, it was the A Main action that left spectators slack-jaw in awe. One of the hottest battles of the year saw a front-running pack of drivers working every line of the now seasoned and smoothtrack. With just a few laps to go, Morgan Sandhagen made a breath-taking move from the 4th spot to pass two karts in a swoosh which pushed her to the lead where she held off the racing karts behind her to take an awesome A Main win. Jake Morgan and Tyler Seavey finished second and third.

But one of the best battles of the night came in the last race of the day as the Sportsmen ran their A Main Event. Earlier in the day twenty-two Sportsmen clocked in with long-time Red Bluff Outlaw Donny Ritcheson hitting fast time at 8.603 seconds. Three heat races were run with Eric Pettinger taking the win in #1, Demo Mittry in #2 and Evan Johnson winning the third. Brandon Mansfield took his #89 kart to the win in the B Main race. Points leader Andy Cumpton added another Trophy Dash win to his record as he triumphed over Brian Sperry. Yet, despite being the last race of the night the A Main event featured an epic battle between Eric Pettinger and Todd Boyd. It started as Todd had to skillfully work every angle of the track so he could get a clean run at the lead kart of Pettinger. But it didn’t end with his eventual pass, the two seasoned drivers ran side-by-side, nerf-to-nerf lap after lap, pretty much defying logic as they managed not to tangle and wreck. The crowd watched wide-eyed and probably just as white-knuckled as the drivers must have been as Boyd finally gained a safe distance which he held to take the win.


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