Rules Bulletin

2018/2019 Rules Bulletin – UPDATE 4/13/18

Date 4/10/18

Update Type: Effective Immediately, Non-impactingClick here for update


March 7, 2018 For Immediate Release;

Briggs & Stratton 206 – official Motor of National Racing association

Red Bluff, California, National Racing Association, Inc. the original and biggest stage for Outlaw Kart dirt oval racing announces its partnership with Briggs & Stratton, the world’s largest manufacturer of small engines.

The National Racing Association, Inc. with its home track the Red Bluff Outlaws (aka the Bull Ring) has been the fabric of Outlaw Kart racing since it was founded in 1981, and today is announcing that it has adopted the Briggs & Stratton 206 motor as the specified sealed motor mandated to be run in the Beginner Box and Box Stock classes in its racing curriculum.

After working out all the logistics, this program will start in late March of 2018 at Cycle Land Speedway and move forward at all other affiliated tracks across the nation.

“This indeed shall mark a historic partnership with two top ranking associations to promote excellence and fair play in the Outlaw Kart industry” said Ali Abbassi the president and CEO of the National Racing association. Adding, “by introducing the state of the art Briggs & Stratton motors, we are excited to begin this new chapter in our grass roots racing to train and bring up the stars of the future”. Go see this partnership in a track near you. Click here for rule package

For additional information please contact;

Ali Abbassi

National Racing Association, Inc.

V 530.567.5286

F 530.527.2477


2016/2017 Rules Bulletin – UPDATE 01/14/2017

Box Stock class, this message is update you as to the new carburetor rule. As it was communicated to you at our pre event meeting at the last December race on 12/17/16, that instead or replacing the existing Mikuni VM26 with the sealed Subaru carburetor, we will install a new program begging on February 4th, where you must run a track assigned Mikuni VM26 stock Carburetor.

Here is what you can expect upon arrival.

1. At registration, you will need to buy in to the new carburetor program at the rate of $75 for the remainder of the season or #25 per race.

2. You then will be assigned and given a carburetor for that event/race night.

3. The carburetor will include, air filter adapter, manifold rubber hose/boot and one clamp that secures the hose/boot to the carburetor. (You may not alter or replace any of these items).

4. You will install the assigned carburetor directly to the manifold sealed on to the motor. No additional extensions allowed. You may apply additional external bracing to better secure the carburetor if you need to.

5. You will connect your throttle cable on the slide and your air filter on to the air filter adapter. No modification of these items allowed.

6. At the end of your nights event, B main or A main, you must stop at the impound area just outside the exit door and surrender the carburetor to our track tech. Please have tools on hand at this time as you will have to disconnect your throttle cable, take off your air filter and take the carburetor off of kart and off you go.

7. Failing to observe these directions could result in complete disqualification for the race/event.

Please be advised, make sure to be early on February 4th, to ensure adequate time for this instillation to take place properly.

LORD bless you!!!

Team RBO


2016/2017 Rules Bulletin

All Box Stock class teams running the National Racing Association’s

sealed Subaru motor program nationwide.

The following rule will be placed into effect by this rule bulletin during the 2016/2017 racing season and will be incorporated in to the 2017/2018 Rule Book.

A decision has been reached to replace the existing standard carburetor Mikuni VM26 with the stock OEM Subaru carburetor newly packaged and retrofitted for the Box Stock class application.

Though testing has been done, additional testing will be done once the season has begun to fine tune the transition. This change will be put into effect following the last December race on 12-17-2016 and must be completed prior to the first scheduled race at the Lakeport indoor on January 13, 2017. Also, upon returning back to RBO for the 2nd half of the 2016/2017 winter series.

  • The details of the new carburetor package will be in place and on display early November 2016 along with the parts needed and associated costs.
  • The new application will use the OEM carburetor as used in the beginner box stock class and will be sealed as part of the engine assembly.
  • If you own an OEM carburetor, you can apply it to your retrofit once it has been inspected by an authorized builder.
  • To save time, you may submit your carburetor for inspection at any time. Contact your builder for more information.
  • The retrofit package will be available December 1, 2016. 

The above information is subject to change per National Racing Association, Inc.

2015/2016 Rules Bulletin

Substitution Rule Amendment –  As per the officiating committee, It has been amended that a driver who is competing in a given class shall not substitute for another driver in that same class during the same event.

New Open weight rule – Following the new weigh in on the first points race the new established weight for the Box Stock class is 277 lbs and for the 250 class 390 lbs.

New Open weight rule – Amended 10/19/15. There has been a revision raising the open weight to 440 lbs. effective immediately. All Open class participants must meet this new weight beginning at the 1st points race on October 24th 2015.

California Starts – it has been amended the 2nd place kart shall have lane choice.

Lapped Karts – No karts shall get their lap back by doping to the back of the pack. All laps must be raced to and earned back. Karts 2 or more laps down shall go to the back of the pack on each ensuing restart. Karts 1 lap down shall remain in position in competition. Should there be a caution 5 laps or less to go even single lap karts shall restart in the back of the pack.

Start Zone –  will be instituted back as per rule book in turns 3 & 4

2014/2015 Rules Bulletin

  • 2-7-15 / Karts 2 or more laps down will start in the back of the field on each ensuing restart.
  • 1-7-2015 / On California Starts, 2nd place position is allowed to choose lane. (inside or outside)
  • 12-7-2014 / Start Zone is moved from between turns 3 & 4 to between turn 4 and midway down the front stretch to the flagman.
  • 10-26-2014 / New weight for Box Stock and 250 Int.

Box Stock – 286 lbs.

250 Intermediate – 388 lbs.

Hey there RBO, as the season opener play day is fast approaching we just wanted to drop a note to remind you of some of the pertinent points to observe. A detailed play day schedule will be posted on line soon.

  • Please be sure to read the rule book in its entirety and if you have questions call 530-567-5286.
  • Please be sure your driver is age eligible for the class you are planning to run.
  • RACEceiver one-way communication devise will be mandatory as standard equipment for all classes excluding the Beginner Box Stock. (Beginning on Oct 25, point race 1)
  • Beginner Box & Box stock must have a Subaru motor with a genuine NRA motor seal on it to run. Event for play day no exceptions. No other sealed Subaru motors will be allowed.
  • All classes must meet the noise requirement of 95 dba at 100’. If in doubt have us check you on play day.
  • Box Stock and 250 classes a new weight will be stablished after the first race when we weigh every one. You must meet the weight listed in the rule book coming in to the first race.
  • Track spec fuel must be purchased at the track and run. Empty tank and cans out of all you other stuff and leave it at home.
  •  Burris Tiers only, no exceptions even on play day.
  • Minor releases will be required from everyone under the age of 18. Also, if you are new or have not submitted your minors birth certificate please bring a copy so we can put it on file.
  • California Starts will be implemented in all events (i.e. heats, trophy dash, lower mains, A mains) in all classes excluding the Beginner Box Stock.
  • To be eligible for point standing and parking reservation you must be a licensed driver.

You all have a wonderfully blessed weekend and we’ll see you all on play day. Please call if you have any questions what so ever.

GOD Bless

NRA, Inc. team