Red Bluff Outlaw Karts 2020/2021 Winter Series
October 30, 2020
Beginner Clinic Outline

  1. Welcome
    1. Introduction – all staff including information on their duties and authority
  2. History of the Red Bluff Outlaws
    1. Karts and Track
      1. Early Kart Design
      2. Track Configurations
      3. Subaru Motor Program (must have our seal on it – No other seals allowed, not even on play day)
  3. Racing Etiquette
    1. Treat other as you would like to be treated
    2. Respect all other drivers, crews, officials, fans
    3. Rules – Penalties run from warnings to fines, suspension and expulsion
      1. No swearing, no finger, no speeding in pits, no riding quads, scooters, or skateboards in pits
    4. If parents have questions about procedures or calls do not discuss in front of young drivers if possible. Consider – WAIT, THINK, DISCUSS.
  4. Hot Pits
    1. Location and Boundaries
    2. Number of Crew in Hot Pits
    3. Spectator and Crew Safety
    4. The dangers of Hot Pits
      1. Speeding Karts going on and off
      2. Flying Dirt and Rocks
      3. Kart Parts Flying out because of centrifugal force.
      4. Fumes and exhaust
      5. No Leaning on Walls, or crossing Chalk Line
    5. Use intelligent hand signals – practice hand signals with driver
  5. Good Sportsmanship
    1. Definition
    2. Consequences
    3. Treat others with respect
  6. Rules
    1. The Staging Area
      1. When to line-up
      2. Listen for Announcements
      3. Video monitor for Qualifying Times
      4. Line-Up Sheets
      5. How to line up
    2. Starts
      1. What constitutes a good start
      2. Single File or Double File
      3. Where the race begins – Lights or leaders
      4. Restarts
        1. When, Why, How, Positions
        2. Racing Back to the Yellow (hold your position and race to the yellow)
    3. Cautions
      1. Yellow Flag Cautions
        1. Why, When, What to do
      2. Red Flag Cautions
        1. Why, When, What to do
        2. Closed Red, Open Red
        3. Do Not Come On to Field
        4. Do Not work on Karts from fence
        5. Do not touch karts or hand things to drivers
    4. Flags
      1. Green, White, Checker, Yellow, Red, Black, Blue Dot, etc.. etc.
      2. Verbal Quiz
    5. Lights
      1. Green, Yellow, Flashing, Red.
    6. Officials hand signals
      1. Swap positions
      2. Go to back of pack
      3. Stop
  7. Clinic certificate of completion awarded

Thank you for your participation and have a great racing season!