West Coast Nationals March 18th, 19, 20th, & 21st


  • Please review the rule book in its entirety and be sure you are in compliance specially the safety items.
  • If you would like to run two classes you must first seek approval from the promoter and fill out a separate entry form for each class. You may not move down a class.
  • All drivers must be age eligible for their perspective class. All exceptions must be approved. Call promoter. 530.806-5265
  • All participants must purchase and use Track Specified fuel only available at the track.
  • Burris or Hoosiers tires can be run. Sportsman class must run a 33 compound on the right rear.
  • Track Noise level of 95 decibels at 100’ must be met, if not you must purchase and install an approved specified muffler at the track.
  • All racing minors not on file with us be prepared to present birth certificate upon request. (NO COPIES OR ELECTRONIC PHOTOS. WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT ORIGINAL COUNTY PRODUCED DOCUMENTS)
  • All minors entering the pits must be accompanied by a parent, if parent not present a notarized letter from the parent is required giving permission and guardianship to the individual accompanying the m

Pit  Pass – At track only