Track Rule Book

2017-2018 Rule and Weight Information

Please study and consider the new rule book in its entirety as new revisions have been made.

There will be a weight rule in all classes. Weight rule must be met after each event with in a race. i.e. qualifying, heats, trophy dash and main events.

  • Open450lbs (Amended 07/01/2016)
  • Intermediate386 lbs Is the new set weight that must be met on 10-21-17, the 2nd points race . All class karts must weight in according to the new set weight as per the rule book.
  • Box Stock283 lbs Is the new set weight that must be met on 10-21-17, the 2nd points race . All class karts must weight in according to the new set weight as per the rule book.
  • Sportsmen – 475 lbs
  • Beginner Box – Kart Only 185 lbs

All karts must run Burris Tire and run track specified fuel at Red Bluff Outlaws NO EXCEPTIONS EVEN IF YOU ARE GOING TO RUN ONCE.


The National Racing Association, Inc., dba. Red Bluff Outlaw Karts is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all participants on and off the track. In an ongoing process of evaluation and quality improvement there are revisions which lead to additions to rules, in effort to conduct an organized and structured racing series providing an equal completion platform for all. There are new changes applied to this year’s program updating the rule book. One important note is to be sure to read the rule book in its entirety in order to be well familiar and in compliance with all the rules!

Rulebook – To be read by all drivers, kart owners and pit crew. Adults should be sure their minor drivers understand all rules and regulations. Please carefully read the details in the new Rule Book, and be sure to check the Red Bluff Outlaws’ website for updates and changes –

Noise Levels – Will be strictly scrutinized and enforced for Open, 250, Box Stock & Sportsman classes. All classes must comply with state regulations. This is an area that we cannot have any compromises. A specified muffler is available for all of the above mentioned classes.

A standard muffler has been developed that will reduce motor noise in all 4 stroke motors to an acceptable level. It is recommended every effort is made to quiet down your kart. Should you not meet the noise requirement during qualifying at the first point’s race, you must acquire and install the tested and approved (Dr. D) muffler before you may enter the track again for your heat and remainder of the night and throughout the season and beyond. This rule applies to all classes which are subject to noise level compliance.

– 2017/2018 Rule book  Revisions ;

As per officiating committee, it has been amended; Please read the rule book for detailed information as the bellow points are just briefs.

  • Kart numbers and letter as per the rule book shall be strictly enforced
  • HOT PITS will close 5 laps to go, in all main events only.
  • Double file Restarts, if upon fist attempt the field fails to start the ensuing restart shall be single file. Subsequent restarts revert back to Double-File.
  • Red Flag line up rule. Reverting back to previous rule. Upon a Red Flag the penalty shall be assessed only upon the flippers, all others shall retain their spot as the previous lap crossing. 

– 2016/2017 Rule book  Revisions ;

– Box Stock carburetor rule amendment 1-1-2017, must use track assigned carburetor. No modifications allowed except the main jet change. See details.


California Starts shall be replace with double file starts with leader making lane choice.

Heat and Trophy Dash points revision. (please see rule book).

RaceCeiver mandatory during all events including qualifying (excluding Beginner Box).

Weight rule 450 lbs for Open class. Weight rule penalty (Loss of time).

Red Flag, all karts involved will go the back even in the yellow to red conversion.

Original Starts, Karts not making it to the initial green flag will be go to the back.

Box Stock class, there will be a carburetor change mandated mid season following the last December race. Detailed Bulletin to come.

– 2015/2016 Rule book Revisions;

Substitution Rule Amendment –  As per the officiating committee, It has been amended that a driver who is competing in a given class shall not substitute for another driver in that same class during the same event.

California Starts – it has been amended the 2nd place kart shall have lane choice.

Lapped Karts – No karts shall get their lap back by doping to the back of the pack. All laps must be raced to and earned back. Karts 2 or more laps down shall go to the back of the pack on each ensuing restart. Karts 1 lap down shall remain in position in competition. Should there be a caution 5 laps or less to go even single lap karts shall restart in the back of the pack.

Start Zone –  will be instituted back as per rule book in turns 3 & 4

– 2014/2015 Rule Book Revisions;

RaceCeiver track communication radio –  shall be mandatory equipment in all Box Stock, 250 Int., Open and sportsman classes.

California Starts –  shall be implemented in all event restarts including the lower mains.

DON’T Exit your kart after crashes – formalizing a rule that is already there, if a Kart is involved in an accident and can no longer keep going – and no extenuating circumstances exist such as injury or fire – the driver should not loosen any personal safety equipment until directed to do so by safety personnel or a RBO track official. After being told to exit the car, the driver should proceed  as otherwise directed.

Kart Body parts; Carbon Fiber Hoods, Tail peaces & Floor Pans are permitted. All other items must be approved prior to use in writing.

– 2013/2014 Rule Book revisions;

Transponder location – It will be noted so in the rule book that all transponders must be located on the steering column closest to the driver seat. A diagram will be incorporated in the rule book to avoid any confusion.

Lead weights installation – For your safety and the safety of others, all lead weights must be bolted on, painted white with the driver name written on it. (Absolutely not zip ties or wire ties allowed).

Rookie Information: All rookies must register in writing to be eligible, in all classes except Beginner Box Stock Class. Please see new Rookie registration form in the rule book.

Minor Releases – Please be reminded as per our rule book, all minors (everyone under 18 years of age) who enter the pits must have a minor release form on file, completed and signed by the parents. In the event that the parents are not present, they may obtain a minor release form available on our website, then complete it and have the signature notarized or it is required that they submit a notarized letter from the parents authorizing the presenting individual as guardian, thus enabling them to sign the minor release completed at the track.

2017-2018 Rule Book

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