West Coast Nationals March 15th, 16th & 17th 2019.

Thursday 3-14-19 pit parking – from noon to 11pm. All spaces are numbered, so please do not park in a space unless it is yours if you don’t know, the security staff will be present and can direct you. (no open fires anywhere in the pits or on the grounds) (parking reservations – Open Feb 18-2019)

  • Please review the rule book in its entirety and be sure you are in compliance specially the safety items. (click here for rule book)
  • If you would like to run two classes you must first seek approval from the promoter and fill out a separate entry form for each class. You may not move down a class.
  • All drivers must be age eligible for their perspective class. All exceptions must be approved. Call promoter. 530.567.5286.
  • All participants must purchase and use Track Specified fuel only available at the track.
  • Burris Tiers only no other tire brand no exceptions. Sportsman class must run a 33 compound on the right rear.
  • Track Noise level of 95 decibels at 100’ must be met, if not you must purchase and install an approved specified muffler at the track.
  • All racing minors not on file with us be prepared to present birth certificate upon request. (NO COPIES OR ELECTRONIC PHOTOS. WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT ORIGINAL COUNTY PRODUCED DOCUMENTS)
  • All minors entering the pits must be accompanied by a parent, if parent not present a notarized letter from the parent is required giving permission and guardianship to the individual accompanying the minor.

On-line Registration – Closed (All registration will be at the track now)

General information  – Click Here

Detailed information – Click Here

Pit  Pass – At track only

Fill-in Registration Form – Click Here

Qualifying order will be established by a pill draw on Friday 3-16-18 at registraion.

You may mail in entries at any time or enter on line.